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Kendra Steinhaus Material Lab in CET Designer Configura I AM KENDRA Went to MSU and graduated with a degree in Interior Design Farm girl who married a farm boy, but both of us work in the commercial world. User of CET Designer for about 5 years at a Haworth dealership before joining the Configura team! Twinner winner chicken dinner! (my twin also is an interior designer, but residentially) I do support and training at Configura Born and raised in Michigan, just outside Grand Rapids. Lets get started! Create a new file and set it to a existing category like wood or create your own file and save client standards just to name a few. Double sided identifies the missing polygons and replaces finishes on both sides of the object. Useful when the material is transparent or when the material is applied to a single sided surface. Choose a color or texture to edit. Rotate, scale and adjust offset and color intensity to get the perfect finish. Texture repetition Bad Good TIP || submit material request under the HELP pulldown to get a great HD quality finish added to CET Designers library. A texture is an image associated to materials Texture repetition Texture resolution Texture coordinates (not today) Material 500+ materials Carpet Stone Marble Wood How do I get sweet finishes ? MATERIAL PACK!!! Texture resolution Bad Good Specular is what applies a hot spot on your object and that finish. You can control the amount of specular and the area that it covers. TIP|| curious what your finish looks like at this point???? Render a preview in Material Lab that is quick and easy! Reflection controls how much of the object is reflected in the material. Adjust the amount and sharpness. Add fresnel to get better reflections. TIP || If you have a material that is very reflective, compensate by making the primary color of the material darker so it doesnt look to bright. Fresnel (frez-nail) ANGLE MATTERS.MORE ANGEL = MORE GLARE Create glass, mirrors and more with opacity. Use refraction index to control how much light is bent when entering and exiting material. The aplha mask allows you to control the transparency for specific parts of the material. TIP || use this for things that stand alone and dont require a background. Refraction index Air: 1.0 Water: 1.33 Glass: 1.5 Diamond: 2.4 Removing background materials (done in another software like Photoshop) will give true reflections. Bump adds texture to a finish. You can control the amount of depth or amount of texture. Bump requires normal map image, which you can convert. Make textured wall paper, variegated metal, etc. by rotating, scaling and offsetting your attached bump image. SAVE, SAVE ! Material Lab files save as.GM files..GM files are material files and can be loaded to your schemes, shared and modified. Big words Amaze us, share your work and check out the renderings here at the User Conference!! Any questions?