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  • 1. SOA & BEYONDFuture computingNarendra Nathmal, Chief Architect, CognizantTechnology SolutionsWSO2Con, Sep 15th , Colombo
  • 2. AGENDA Is SOA dead? What will drive SOA in the future WSo2 Con 2011, Colombo Open source SOA capabilities, WSO2 experience Future computing with SOA High Performance Architecture Semantics or Context driven Architecture Event & time driven Architecture Enterprise Future 2
  • 3. IS SOA DEAD? Infamous article enflamed passions how could it be? WSo2 Con 2011, Colombo Burton Groups Anne Thomas Manes on SOA Can a concept die? Was it misunderstood? Did someone highjack SOA? Is redemption possible? If not will the world end? 3
  • 4. WHAT WILL DRIVE SOA IN FUTURE Lets get some facts straight Customers are not gullible Fool them once but try twice you risk losing them! WSo2 Con 2011, Colombo Domain experts are tech savvy utilize their skills From eXcel spreadsheets to Business process modeling, they know it all Customers understand what it takes to build software They know waterfall does not work! They know Services are important They can no longer afford to work in silos. There is pressure to do things right They know not every thing has to be purchased Customers know there is open source technology, they need 4 serious help here
  • 5. OPEN SOURCE SOA CAPABILITIES So you thing SOA is not possible with open source think again WSo2 Con 2011, Colombo DEMO 5
  • 6. FUTURE COMPUTING IS SOA ENOUGH? Customers need Customers! And Customers are everywhere. They will not call you you need to connect with them? WSo2 Con 2011, Colombo How is that possible? Cloud, Mobile, Social networking . ? But these are just infrastructures or channels SOA will have to couple itself with future computing styles High performance architecture Intelligent (Semantic?) data processing Event & time driven architectures SOA style will have to address this Canonical modeling design time tools & run time transformations Robust Infrastructure services 1:many deployment styles EAI, Federation (Domain or Central) 6
  • 7. WHAT IS HIGH PERFORMANCEARCHITECTURE? SLA and Response times is only part of the problem The real challenge is how to create a efficient mix WSo2 Con 2011, Colombo of high performance pipes within enterprise and robust integration (with better security) for external world interaction Another challenge is integration of plethora of technology choices Microsoft, Java (Legacy) Deeply Entrenched (C++, PHP, Perl, Python) Promising (Groovy, Erlang) Exposing everything as a SOAP service is not the only acceptable solution often times 7
  • 8. WHO HAS BUILT HIGH PERFORMANCEINFRASTRUCTURES? eBAY, Facebook, Google etc Thrift architecture WSo2 Con 2011, Colombo High performance serialization Multi language support Client & Server size code generation IDL to define message structures & operations 8
  • 10. SAMPLE ADOPTION Manufacturer Shop floor WSo2 Con 2011, Colombo High speed High speed serialization serialization Real-time Enterprise portal Application Applications PHP Farms .NET JAVA Shop floor Shop floor Shop floor Shop floor Enterprise dashboard dashboard EIS DW 10
  • 11. SEMANTICS POWERED ARCHITECTUREBook me a holiday next weekend somewhere warm, not too faraway, and where they speak French or English Has meaning or semantic(s) namely a person wants to go on a holiday WSo2 Con 2011, Colombo Can Semantics be Cancer Ontology described as domain specific ontologys which Immunodeficiency machines can process? syndrome What is Ontology? Why is it important T-Cell imm. Where it is most applicable Use the ontology to retrieve the SOA & Semantics How diagnosis when can they benefit from each Immunodeficiency Syndrome other is the condition AIDS 11
  • 12. WEAVING SEMANTICS INTO A SERVICE Technical Context Financial Context WSo2 Con 2011, Colombo Non-functional ContextFunctional Context Service Service Average Cost to use ServiceCapabilities response the service access data times store Service Uptime / Metering Parameter Downtime Model Data Service Semantics Security Chargeback composition Service scenarios Policies Model Definition 12
  • 13. HIGH LEVEL VIEW Providers Consumers Semantic SOA Framework WSo2 Con 2011, Colombo UI Tooling Service Metadata Ontology Artifacts Non- Functional functional Financial Technical Service Registry Service Description Semantic SOA Engine Goals Processor Mediation Selection Reasoner Discovery Composition Service Bus Service Service Service 13
  • 14. SAMPLE ADOPTION Telecom operations support systems RDF based WSo

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