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The Kingdom Driven Life by Pastor Sunday Adelaja. Coming out October 2 on Amazon. The book some believe to be one of the top 3 books written in the last 1000 years. Pastor Sunday Adelaja is the founder and senior pastor of the Embassy of God in Kiev Ukraine – the largest church in Europe. He is known to be the ONLY person in the world pastoring a cross-cultural church where 99% of his twenty five thousand members are white Caucasians. Today, his church has planted over a thousand churches in over fifty countries of the world. Pastor Sunday has been widely reported by world media outlets like Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and the New York Times. He has had the opportunity to speak on a number of occasions in the United Nations. He has also spoken in the Israeli Knesset and Japanese parliament along with several other countries. Pastor Sunday is known as an expert in national transformation through biblical principles and values. His new book “The Kingdom Driven Life” is the most anticipated book. It is set to revolutionize people’s mindset towards the kingdom of God. To pre-order this book NOW and get 20% discount. Click here: Tags: purpose driven life, purpose of life, the purpose driven life, the purpose of life, purpose in life, jesus, church, christianity, gospel, bible study, christian books, god, bible verses, prayer, prayers, daily reflections, discipleship - PowerPoint PPT Presentation