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    Give a Copy to a Friend As a marketing experiment, this report is free. If you paid for it, you've been colleagues and customers by giving them a copy. This report must NOT be Hundreds of hours of exhausting research and analysis went into the prepa have made mistakes. If you spot any, please let me know so that I can fix t Jay Stockwell - Jay Stockwell B.Behav.Sci., BMM.

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    robbed. Impress your friends, sold.

    ration of this report. I'm human. I may hem in future editions.

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    CHAPTER 1 - Introduction → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → →

    CHAPTER 2 - Keyword Research 101 CHAPTER 3 - Different Tools, Different Reasons CHAPTER 4 - Important Keyword Research Concepts CHAPTER 5 - Why Pay For Keyword Tools? CHAPTER 6 - The Tools On Review CHAPTER 7 - Wordtracker CHAPTER 8 - Adwords Equalizer CHAPTER 9 - Niche Finder 2 CHAPTER 10 - Ad Word Analyzer CHAPTER 11 - Keyword Locator CHAPTER 12 - Keywords Analyzer CHAPTER 13 - Niche Keyword Analyzer Pro CHAPTER 14 - Keyword Results Analyzer For Wordtracker CHAPTER 15 - The Dowser CHAPTER 16 - SBI! Research Tool CHAPTER 17 - PPC Toolkit CHAPTER 18 - Pay Per Click Galaxy CHAPTER 19 - Rapid Keyword CHAPTER 20 - Keyword Discovery CHAPTER 21 - Web CEO CHAPTER 22 - Keyword Intelligence CHAPTER 23 - Keyword Country CHAPTER 24 - Adword Accelerator CHAPTER 25 - Keyword Burner CHAPTER 26 - Instant Keyword Research CHAPTER 27 - Keyword Bible CHAPTER 28 - My Recommendations

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    Hi, I’m Jay Stockwell. My background includes designing SEO methodology, search engine reverse engineering software, web hosting comparison software, and client relationship managers as well as recently developing click fraud prevention software. In mid-June I joined the team at as Special Projects Manager. This Keyword Research report is our first special project.

    Would you like to know more about me? Click here.

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    You may have heard that Amit Singhal, principal scientist at Goo that about 50% of the 200 million searches performed a day on G Initially I just passed this off as just another statistic. Then I stopp about it for a moment. Each day, about half of all searches are e something completely new, or they are looking for the same thin new way – that’s a LOT of unique phrases!

    This fact made me sit back and have a good hard look at what th for all of us trying to use the Internet to make a living. Initially I th have been Google’s hype broker and was peddling his wares in I realized that Amit is a scientist, not a salesman. This is exactly statistic that a scientist working at Google would get excited abo thing that gets these guys up in the morning. The realization blew

    So what exactly are the implications of 100 million unique search What does this mean to you and me when we’re building our we

    Well firstly, we should be very happy because this means that ea new ways to reach people to build our business. It also means th

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    gle, said recently oogle are unique. ed and thought

    ither looking for g but in a totally

    is statistic means ought he might my direction. Then the type of ut, the type of

    me away.

    es every day? b businesses?

    ch day we have at among those

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    100 million unique searches there will be many new evolving niches to pursue. This is fantastic, news that really excites me! Hey, it should excite you too! This is a fun and ever evolving business we're in, with new opportunities emerging every day. We just need to know how to tap into them.

    Secondly, it shows us the importance of understanding the way people find information. We’re not all the same, and we need to drill this fact into our minds when we’re trying to understand how people use the Internet to find stuff they want. Heck, even when we're searching for the same thing, we will do it in different ways. For example, we may both be looking for the latest DJ Format record, but I might try and find it using its title “If you can’t join them, beat them” and you might use “dj format latest album”. We’re both looking for the same thing, but in completely different ways.

    These variations are staggering in number. Some of us more nerdy folks discuss how this phenomenon affects us on the web by talking in terms of the “long tail”. No, we are not talking about our nerdy computer programmer friend’s ponytail. We’re using a term that helps us describe how many times only 10% of total search engine traffic is generated by the top 10 keywords. The rest is generated by either variations on these keywords or just random other words. Basically what this strange term means for Keyword Researchers is that we need to go beyond the top keywords. We must understand all of the variations on how people could potentially find our site. We have to get creative.

    Thirdly, the fact that about 50% of the 200 million searches performed a day on Google are unique highlights just how important Keyword Research tools have become. Quite simply, without quality Keyword Research we are up the creek without a paddle. We cannot understand either the specific things that people are trying to find, or the vast and variable ways these people go about trying to find them. Without good Keyword Research you’re like an explorer without a compass. The only way you will find anything of value is if you happen to stumble upon it by chance.

    Fortunately for us, we have plenty of compasses to choose from. Many software developers understand the importance of Keyword Research and are producing tools to make this process faster and more effective. Unfortunately, the sudden influx of these tools has created a new problem. People are asking: “Which tool should I use?”

    This report aims to answer that question for you. I've researched and reviewed every paid Keyword Research tool on the market. The findings in this report represent hundreds upon hundreds of hours of testing and unbiased reporting so you can quickly and easily decide which tool is best for you. I understood that people have different needs and the tools should operate differently to reflect those

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    needs. This report reflects this understanding and will continue to evolve as new tools are released and improved and others vanish.

    Let’s get started!

    For those short on time, you can head to the last chapter where you can get my recommendations.

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    Before we jump straight into things, I think it's worthwhile getting speed with exactly what Keyword Research is. If you already kn feel free to skip this chapter. I won’t be offended.

    Keyword Research describes the practise of looking at what use for and how they search for it on the Internet. More specifically, Research helps us understand the types of things people are try as the words they’re using. Using Keyword Research you can di turntables” are more popular than “numark turntables“ or if peop word “turntable“ or “decks“ or “wheels of steel” when they’re sea record players.

    The really cool thing about Keyword Research is that we can go with this information and use measures that help us find out if we to sell turntables at all. We can see how much competition we m and decide if in fact we should be targeting smaller markets such mats” instead. So we may find ourselves a popular little niche m competition – a little niche in which it will be easier for our websi among the “noise” of all the other websites.

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    Using Keyword Research, you can actually see all the different ways that people find products like “slip mats“. While many searchers use just the basic search term, others seek more specific items such as “butter rug slip mats“. Using Keyword Research, we can tap into these kinds of hot topics. I mean unless you were in the scene, how on earth would you find out that people actually use the term “butter” and “rug“ together to describe anything at all!

    The Internet sure does feel crowded at times d