kidding around: designing digital activities (#mw2012)

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  • 1.Kid d ing arou ndD e s igning D igital Le arning Activitie s

2. H ow can p e op letake p art?O p e n d rop -insTim e d s lot d rop -insWorks h op sM u lti-d ay cou rs e s 3. O p e n d rop -insH igh ly fle xib le for fam ilie sH igh volu m eE as y s e t u p C an b e s im p lis tic & lack d e p th Varie d d we ll-tim e s C an b e ove rwh e lm e d M ore s taff ne e d e d 4. C re ate a com ic Dwell time 45-50 minutes Welcomeand selection10 minutes Create comicwith Comic Life 20-30 minutesDetail and polish 5-10 minutesPrint and storytime 5 minutes 5. S tory tim e is le arning tim e 6. G alle ry and s tu d io p h oto/ e s ignd 7. Danger of production lineHard to estimate slot lengthTime slot drop-insReduces overall capacityPreserves flexibility while reducing wait Non-optimal compromiseScale complex activities gracefully 8. H ard to s tand ard ize te ch niqu eD we ll tim e to 90 m inu te sMaxim u m nu m b e r of fam ilie s p e r s e s s ion 9. Fear the production lineC ou ld ch ild re n d o m ore of th e e d iting? Th ech ild re n we re ke e n to u s e th e com p u te rs m oreth e m s e lve s , b u t d id not h ave th e op p ortu nity. 10. WorkshopsAllows in-depth engagementCan include complex tasksProduces meaningful resultLength still limited (2 hours) Reduces capacityDisappointed visitors if busy Hard to setup 11. Greeks alive! animationIntro and review ofmyth storylines (15 minutes)Making puppets and backgrounds (15 minutes)Demo ofanimation software(5 minutes) Createanimation(60+ minutes)Screening(5-7 minutes) 12. S e s s ion form at: inte ractive com p u te r ins tallation cre ate d u s ing op e nF ram e works , th e s oftware was O p e n S ou rce dHellicar & Lewis - Mirror, Mirror 13. S om e th ings to ke e p in m ind 14. C om p le m e nt digital with analogueE xte nd ing th e d igitalP rovid ing an alte rnativeS u p p orting th e d igital 15. 1 ) D e s ign b le nd e d le arning e xp e rie nce s 16. I liked when I gotto take the photos. (Maria, Age 5)2) E ntru s t kid s (and p are nts ) 17. Instructions?What instructions? 3) Le s s ins tru ctions . M ore facilitators 18. Okay, where to next? 4) Integrate the galleries wisely. 19. We e nj d h aving th e p ictu re s take n and e d itingoyeth e p h oto. We d e cid e d to go b ack into th e m u s e u mto find th e arte fact we d h ad ou r p h oto take n with(th e d ragon).A m e m b e r of s taff in th e C e ntre s aid it wou ld b e inth e m u s e u m . We we re u nab le to find it d e s p iteas king s taff in th e C h ine s e and Jap ane s e s e ctions .M y nie ce , wh o is e igh t, was originally e xcite d atlooking for th e ite m s h e d h ad h e r p h oto take n with ,and th e n d is ap p ointe d th at s h e cou ld nt find it ands e e it for re al.Are you s u re th os e ob j cts are s tillein th e galle ry? 20. 5) E xp e rim e nt with alte rnative inte ractions 21. Got it.6) Bu t d ont knock th e u s u al s u s p e cts 22. P rinting is th e b om b !(or ticking tim e b om b )6) D ont forge t th e p ayoff or you re s u nk 23. D e s igning C onte ntcrowds Will How are the Is there easyand noiselight levels? access forinhibit video/voice Do you care?families?recording? Which objects Are photographs allowed?will kids like? 24. Wh at d oe s you r colle ction offe r? 25. P h otograp h y is you r frie nd 26. U nle s s 27. And one m ore th ing to watch ou t for! D e athSex Viole nce 28. Be p re p are d for s e arch ing qu e s tions !