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Intellectual materials are the property of Traders Point Christian Church. All rights reserved. Transcript January 10/11, 2015 Killer Marriage // Marriage Killer: Small Cracks, Big Problems Aaron Brockett | Ephesians 4:32-5:5 Alright, well it is good to see you today. How is everybody? If you have a Bible could you please go ahead and grab it and get to Ephesians 5. That is where we are going to be together today and for the next couple of weeks. Before we jump into that I just want to give a bit of a yearend update. I didn’t get a chance to do that last weekend because we had some special guests who were with us. But I wanted to give you an update on the Christmas Eve offering. If you are new around here, every year at Christmas Eve we collect an offering to give away 100 percent of it to one of our strategic partners. This year it was IJN and our Christmas Eve offering came in at $181,000, so just want to thank you for that. Thank you for your generosity. From what I understand they are going to be able to take that and use that to open up a field office to help a lot of people. I want to thank you. A number of you have come up to me and asked, “How many people did we have show up at Christmas Eve services?” This year we did four services, two on the 23 rd and two on the 24 th . We had over 8,700 people here in those four services. Just to give you a little context, this is how big this thing has gotten. In 2009 we had 2,000 people at Christmas Eve. How many of you were at the five o’clock on the 24 th ? How many of you are still bitter about it? I’ve never seen that many people in this building. This room seats about 2,600 people. We had 3,600 people in the building for the five o’clock hour. We were breaking all kinds of fire codes. It was awesome. Anywhere we had a TV monitor around the building we were huddling up chairs and people were watching. If that was you, if you didn’t get a seat in this room, I apologize for that. But I also heard a ton of stories about how many of you showed up and you saw how many people were here. You didn’t come to volunteer that hour but you went into volunteer mode. You began to serve others and a number of you gave up your seats. You said, “We’ll come back at 6:30.” If that was you I just want to thank you for that. Next year we’ll add a couple of services. But that was a great time. I also want you to know that in 2014 we ended our year well over our operating budget. You guys are the most generous church that I know of. I just want to thank you for that. And we are wrapping up our Generous Giants capital campaign this spring. If you are new around here you might not be familiar with that. But three years ago our church jumped into an 11 million dollar capital campaign. I know that because it was the very month that my daughter was born. It wasn’t very good timing – stressful. So we jumped into that and we were going to build a school in Nairobi, Kenya through that and we desperately needed children’s space here. We have about 13001500 kids that show up here every weekend. The space just wasn’t adequate for that. That whole wing over there to the south of the building and the indoor park, all of that is about a year old. That came out of a campaign that we did together as a church where we said, “We are going to raise 11 million for this.” You guys have given about 8.5 million to that so far and we’ve got a little over 2 million left to go in that. We are going to try to close that campaign down this spring. I just want to encourage you to finish that

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  • Intellectual  materials  are  the  property  of  Traders  Point  Christian  Church.  All  rights  reserved.    

    Transcript January 10/11, 2015

    Killer Marriage // Marriage Killer: Small Cracks, Big Problems Aaron Brockett | Ephesians 4:32-5:5  

     Alright,  well  it  is  good  to  see  you  today.  How  is  everybody?  If  you  have  a  Bible  could  you  please  go  ahead  and  grab  it  and  get  to  Ephesians  5.  That  is  where  we  are  going  to  be  together  today  and  for  the  next  couple  of  weeks.      Before  we  jump  into  that  I  just  want  to  give  a  bit  of  a  year-‐end  update.  I  didn’t  get  a  chance  to  do  that  last  weekend  because  we  had  some  special  guests  who  were  with  us.  But  I  wanted  to  give  you  an  update  on  the  Christmas  Eve  offering.  If  you  are  new  around  here,  every  year  at  Christmas  Eve  we  collect  an  offering  to  give  away  100  percent  of  it  to  one  of  our  strategic  partners.  This  year  it  was  IJN  and  our  Christmas  Eve  offering  came  in  at  $181,000,  so  just  want  to  thank  you  for  that.  Thank  you  for  your  generosity.  From  what  I  understand  they  are  going  to  be  able  to  take  that  and  use  that  to  open  up  a  field  office  to  help  a  lot  of  people.  I  want  to  thank  you.      A  number  of  you  have  come  up  to  me  and  asked,  “How  many  people  did  we  have  show  up  at  Christmas  Eve  services?”  This  year  we  did  four  services,  two  on  the  23rd  and  two  on  the  24th.  We  had  over  8,700  people  here  in  those  four  services.  Just  to  give  you  a  little  context,  this  is  how  big  this  thing  has  gotten.  In  2009  we  had  2,000  people  at  Christmas  Eve.  How  many  of  you  were  at  the  five  o’clock  on  the  24th?  How  many  of  you  are  still  bitter  about  it?  I’ve  never  seen  that  many  people  in  this  building.  This  room  seats  about  2,600  people.  We  had  3,600  people  in  the  building  for  the  five  o’clock  hour.  We  were  breaking  all  kinds  of  fire  codes.  It  was  awesome.      Anywhere  we  had  a  TV  monitor  around  the  building  we  were  huddling  up  chairs  and  people  were  watching.  If  that  was  you,  if  you  didn’t  get  a  seat  in  this  room,  I  apologize  for  that.  But  I  also  heard  a  ton  of  stories  about  how  many  of  you  showed  up  and  you  saw  how  many  people  were  here.  You  didn’t  come  to  volunteer  that  hour  but  you  went  into  volunteer  mode.  You  began  to  serve  others  and  a  number  of  you  gave  up  your  seats.  You  said,  “We’ll  come  back  at  6:30.”  If  that  was  you  I  just  want  to  thank  you  for  that.  Next  year  we’ll  add  a  couple  of  services.  But  that  was  a  great  time.      I  also  want  you  to  know  that  in  2014  we  ended  our  year  well  over  our  operating  budget.  You  guys  are  the  most  generous  church  that  I  know  of.  I  just  want  to  thank  you  for  that.  And  we  are  wrapping  up  our  Generous  Giants  capital  campaign  this  spring.  If  you  are  new  around  here  you  might  not  be  familiar  with  that.  But  three  years  ago  our  church  jumped  into  an  11  million  dollar  capital  campaign.  I  know  that  because  it  was  the  very  month  that  my  daughter  was  born.  It  wasn’t  very  good  timing  –  stressful.      So  we  jumped  into  that  and  we  were  going  to  build  a  school  in  Nairobi,  Kenya  through  that  and  we  desperately  needed  children’s  space  here.  We  have  about  1300-‐1500  kids  that  show  up  here  every  weekend.  The  space  just  wasn’t  adequate  for  that.  That  whole  wing  over  there  to  the  south  of  the  building  and  the  indoor  park,  all  of  that  is  about  a  year  old.  That  came  out  of  a  campaign  that  we  did  together  as  a  church  where  we  said,  “We  are  going  to  raise  11  million  for  this.”      You  guys  have  given  about  8.5  million  to  that  so  far  and  we’ve  got  a  little  over  2  million  left  to  go  in  that.  We  are  going  to  try  to  close  that  campaign  down  this  spring.  I  just  want  to  encourage  you  to  finish  that  

  • Killer  Marriage  //  Marriage  Killer:  Small  Cracks,  Big  Problems                                                                                January  10/11,  2015  


    Intellectual  materials  are  the  property  of      Traders  Point  Christian  Church.  All  rights  reserved.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            2  

    strong.  If  you  are  new  around  here  and  you  didn’t  get  in  on  that  you  can  certainly  give  toward  Generous  Giants  either  online  or  you  can  designate  that  on  your  check.  It  is  important  that  we  finish  that  strong  so  we  can  jump  into  the  next  season  of  ministry  and  what  the  Lord  would  have  for  us.      Well  we  are  in  the  middle  of  a  series  with  sort  of  an  ominous  title.  I  get  that  –  Killer  Marriage//Marriage  Killer.  I  never  thought  that  a  wedding  cake  and  a  tombstone  could  go  together  in  the  same  image.  But  when  our  graphics  people  showed  that  to  me  I  said,  “That  is  awesome.”  Here  is  the  gist  around  the  whole  thing.  The  things  that  will  give  us  a  killer  marriage,  when  neglected  or  ignored,  will  kill  our  marriage.      I  don’t  know  what  comes  to  your  mind  when  you  think  about  the  marriage  relationship.  I  know  this  is  tricky  ground  to  venture  out  on  because  not  everybody  is  married  in  this  room,  not  everybody  is  happily  married  in  this  room.  Some  of  you  think  this  is  way  off  in  your  future,  if  ever.  So  I  know  that  everybody’s  immediate  circumstances  are  a  little  bit  different.  Maybe  you  grew  up  in  a  family  where  your  parents  modeled  a  really  healthy  marriage  so  you  have  a  good  perspective  on  it.  Maybe  some  of  you  come  from  a  broken  home  and  there  is  a  lot  of  hurt  and  a  lot  of  resentment  around  that.      Here  is  what  I’ve  come  to  discover.  There  is  no  such  thing  as  a  perfect  marriage.  If  somebody  looks  like  they’ve  got  a  perfect  marriage  you  just  don’t  know  them  very  well.  We  have  this  continuum  where  there  are  healthy  imperfect  marriages  and  there  are  unhealthy  imperfect  marriages  and  all  of  us  are  kind  of  in  between.      We  have  a  tendency  as  human  beings  to  have  an  inordinate  romanticizing  of  marriage  thinking  that  if  we  could  just  find  the  right  person  then  it  would  be  smooth  sailing.  Or  we  have  an  inordinate  resentment  toward  marriage  and  both  of  those  things,  romanticizing  and  resenting,  can  cloud  our  vision  and  understanding  as  to  what  marriage  really  is  and  the  purpose  behind  it.      So  just  like  with  a  bunch  of  things,  I  was  an  expert  on  marriage  until  I  got  married.  I  remember  as  a  young  man  thinking  this  is  going  to  be  awesome  and  if  I  just  find  the  right  girl  then  everything  will  be  great.  I  can  remember  when  I  was  in  college  I  was  a  little  bit  of  a  hopeless  romantic.  So  like  every  girl  who  showed  an  interest  in  me  I  was  like,  “Maybe  she  could  be  the  one.”  I  would  just  kind  of  kill  the  relationship  because  I  would  just  hover  all  the  time  and  she  would  be  like,  “I  just  like  you  as  a  friend.”      I’ve  gotten  over  it.  But  that  happened  like  several  times  and  then  I  finally  met  this  beautiful  young  lady  who  would  become  my  bride.  One  of  the  things  I  discovered  about  that  was  that  she  just  didn’t  play  any  games.  She  was  just  straight  up.  It  was  just  easy.  I  didn’t  find  myself  straining  or  stretching.  I  found,  even  in  some  of  my  worst  moments,  that  she  would  actually  receive  me  and  love  me  in  that.  I  thought,  “Well  maybe  she  could  be  the  one.”    So  we  dated  for  a  year-‐and-‐a-‐half  to  two  years  or  so  and  we  started  to  begin  to  talk  about  marriage.  I  was  pretty  confident.  I  was  about  80  percent  sure  if  I  asked  her  the  question  she  would  say  yes.  So  I  called  up  her  dad  and  I  said,  “Can  I  come  over  and  talk  to  you.  There  is  something  I  need  to  ask  you.”  He  totally  knew  what  it  was.  So  he  was  like,  “Well,  I’ve  got  some  free  time  in  about  six  weeks  or  so.”      I  finally  get  over  there  and  I  get  over  to  their  house  and  I  walk  into  the  living  room  and  it  was  about  8:45  or  9:00  at  night.  Everybody  in  the  house  went  to  bed  and  it  was  just  the  two  of  us  in  the  living  room.  I  didn’t  waste  any  time  at  all.  I  just  got  right  to  the  point.  I  didn’t  do  any  small  talk.  I  just  came  right  out  of  

  • Killer  Marriage  //  Marriage  Killer:  Small  Cracks,  Big  Problems                                                                                January  10/11,  2015  


    Intellectual  materials  are  the  property  of      Traders  Point  Christian  Church.  All  rights  reserved.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            3  

    the  gates  at  about  9:03  and  I  said,  “Sir,  I  love  your  daughter  and  could  I  have  your  blessing  to  ask  her  for  her  hand  in  marriage?”      So,  skillfully,  he  just  deflected.  I  mean  he  changed  the  subject.  We  talked  about  weather,  and  sports,  and  politics.  When  we  were  done  exhaustively  talking  about  every  topic  under  the  sun,  we  just  circled  back  around  and  hit  it  again.  I  kept  coming  back  to  the  question  and  he  kept  deflecting.  It  was  beautiful.  I  took  notes  because  I’ve  got  three  daughters.  I  am  going  to  do  the  same  thing.  I  am  not  exaggerating  this.  Finally  I  got  an  answer  out  of  him  at  4  a.m.  Now  here  is  the  thing.  That  is  pretty  impressive,  isn’t  it?  I  am  going  to  try  to  beat  that  record.  But  when  I  finally  got  an  answer  out  of  him,  he  was,  “Well  I  guess  we’ll  give  you  our  blessing.”      Now  my  wife  has  two  younger  sisters  and  they  got  married  after  us.  Since  then  I’ve  talked  to  their  husbands,  my  brothers-‐in-‐law,  and  I  said,  “Hey  guys,  how  did  that  conversation  go  with  our  father-‐in-‐law?”  In  fact  both  of  them  even  came  to  me  for  advice  before  they  went  to  sit  down  with  him.  I  said,  “Take  a  nap.  You  are  going  to  be  up  all  night.”  Here  is  the  thing  that  is  so  unfair.  Lindsay’s  middle  sister,  her  husband,  he  only  kept  him  up  until  2  a.m.  Then  the  last  sister,  like  he  had  an  answer  by  10  o’clock.  What  is  the  deal  with  that?  I  don’t  know  what  is  going  on.      I  thought  I  knew  everything  about  marriage  until  I  got  married.  I  can  tell  you  this.  I  am  no  expert  on  marriage.  I’ve  been  married  for  about  15-‐and-‐a-‐half  years  and  it  is  much  more  work  than  I  ever  thought  it  would  be  and  it  is  much  more  rewarding  than  I  ever  thought  it  could  be  as  well.  Those  two  things  go  together.  There  is  significant  investment,  significant  work,  because  you  have  two  flawed,  imperfect  people  that  are  merging  their  lives  into  one.  It  is  just  inevitable  we  are  going  to  hurt  one  another,  we  are  going  to  misunderstand  one  another,  we  are  going  to  get  on  each  other’s  nerves,  but  there  is  something  much  more  beautiful  emerging  out  of  this  relationship.      I  just  want  you  to  know  I  am  hypersensitive  to  those  of  you  who  aren’t  married,  those  of  you  who  are  single  or  widowed  or  maybe  just  going  through  some  tough  stuff.  I  want  to  just  say  this  to  you.  Hang  with  me  for  the  next  three  weeks.  Because  when  the  Bible  teaches  us  about  the  marriage  relationship,  it  does  so  within  the  context  of  Jesus’  relationship  with  us.  If  you  hang  around  here  for  any  extended  period  of  time  at  all,  you’ll  hear  me  say  this  over  and  over  again  that  marriage  is  a  picture  of  Jesus  and  the  church.  Marriage  is  a  picture  of  what  He  has  done  to  sacrifice  and  to  reconcile  us  back  to  Him.      Over  the  years  I  have  read  hundreds  and  hundreds  of  books  on  theology  but  it  wasn’t  until  I  got  married  and  became  a  husband,  it  wasn’t  until  I  became  a  daddy  to  four  little  kids,  that  so  much  of  that  theology  came  to  life.  Here  is  the  thing.  Whenever  we  go  to  the  Bible  and  we  say,  “You  know  what?  Here  is  this  passage  of  Scripture  and  I  don’t  really  know  if  I  am  interested  in  really  reading  that,”  or,  “There  is  a  Bible  study  over  here  and  I  am  not  really  sure  if  I  want  to  go  to  that  Bible  study,”  or,  “There  is  a  sermon  series  at  church  on  marriage.  I  am  not  really  sure  I  want  to  sit  through  that  for  several  weeks,”  the  reason  why  is  because  of  our  immediate  circumstances.      If  it  is  too  painful,  if  we  feel  like  it  is  going  to  confront  us,  if  we  don’t  feel  like  it  is  going  to  be  relevant  to  us  we  dismiss  it.  But  God’s  Word  has  wisdom  that  goes  so  far  beyond  our  immediate  circumstances.  And  God  wants  to  teach  something  about  the  marriage  relationship  whether  you  are  in  a  good  one  or  not,  whether  you  are  in  one  or  not.  So  we  are  going  to  be  in  Ephesians  5  for  the  next  three  weeks  together.      Let  me  give  you  some  context.  The  book  of  Ephesians  is  a  short  letter  written  to  an  imperfect  group  of  people  who  were  having  some  problems.  The  Ephesian  church,  at  one  time,  was  a  really  great,  strong  

  • Killer  Marriage  //  Marriage  Killer:  Small  Cracks,  Big  Problems                                                                                January  10/11,  2015  


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    church  but  they  had  come  to  do  some  really  crazy  things.  Their  behavior  was  sort  of  jumping  the  rails  and  as  is  the  case,  whenever  our  behavior  gets  a  little  screwy,  it  is  because  we  have  come  to  believe  false  things.      So  Ephesians  is  six  chapters  long  and  you  can  divide  it  evenly;  three  and  three.  In  the  first  three  chapters  Paul  is  writing  some  things  to  us  to  try  to  help  us  come  to  right  belief.  Paul  says,  “You  guys  are  misbehaving  and  the  reason  why  is  because  you  are  believing  some  false  things.  So  let  me  try  to  clarify  for  you  what  the  truth  is.”  So  in  the  first  three  chapters  of  Ephesians  he  just  lays  out  the  gospel  as  beautifully,  and  as  clear,  and  as  straightforward  as  you  can.    In  fact,  in  the  first  three  chapters  of  Ephesians,  Paul  says,  “You  don’t  just  have  a  little  sin  problem.  You  haven’t  just  made  a  few  mistakes.  You  are  dead  in  your  sins  and  trespasses.”  In  fact  dead  people  can’t  do  anything  about  their  situation.  He  says,  “You  are  dead  in  your  sin.  It  is  graver  than  you  thought.  But  God,  being  rich  in  mercy  made  us  alive  in  Jesus  Christ.  This  isn’t  anything  you  did  for  yourself  so  you  can’t  take  credit  for  it.  This  is  unmerited  favor.”      And  Paul  uses  this  word  to  describe  what  the  gospel  is.  He  says,  “The  gospel  is  a  mystery,”  and  that  word  mystery  means  puzzling.  That  word  “mystery”  means  it  is  sort  of  unknown,  it  is  strange,  and  we  don’t  know  how  this  works.  That  is  because  we  live  in  a  society  where  you  get  what  you  work  for.  You  get  what  you  pay  for.  But  the  gospel  of  grace  says  something  dramatically  different.  It  says  you  get  something  you  don’t  deserve  because  of  what  Christ  did  for  you  on  a  cross.  He  said,  “That  is  the  mysterious  nature  of  the  gospel.”      So  after  Paul  goes  to  great  lengths  to  explain  all  that  in  the  first  three  chapters  of  Ephesians,  next  he  gets  to  practical  application,  especially  in  chapter  5.  In  chapter  5,  Paul  says,  “This  is  how  your  relationships  should  work  in  light  of  how  the  gospel  message  has  worked  in  your  lives.”  So  we  could  say  it  this  way.  Our  position  in  Christ  should  inform  our  practice  in  marriage.      One  thing  I’ve  got  to  be  clear  about  today  and  in  the  next  two  weeks  is,  when  I  talk  about  marriage,  when  I  teach  on  marriage  and  what  Paul  says  in  Ephesians  5,  we  are  talking  about  a  Christian  marriage.  I  am  not  talking  about  Christian  in  name  only.  I  am  not  talking  about  two  people  who  vaguely  believe  that  maybe  there  is  a  God.  I  am  not  talking  about  two  religious  people  who  get  together.  I  am  not  talking  about  you  getting  married  in  a  church  building.  I  am  talking  about  two  people  who  are  committed  to  the  Lordship  of  Christ  in  their  lives,  two  people  who  say,  “God  first,  then  you,  then  everyone  else.”  Two  people  who  say,  “I  am  striving  to  take  on  more  and  more  of  the  characteristics  of  Jesus  within  me.”      That  is  what  a  Christian  marriage  is.  That  is  what  I  am  talking  about.  Our  practices  in  marriage,  the  way  we  speak  to  one  another,  the  routines  that  we  get  into,  the  way  we  serve  one  another,  should  be  informed  by  our  position  in  Christ.  Our  position  in  Christ,  Paul  says,  is  unmerited  favor.  Our  position  in  Christ  is  you  didn’t  deserve  this  but  God  gave  it  to  you.  That  is  the  emphasis  of  chapter  5.  In  fact  next  week  we  are  going  to  get  into  some  really  dicey  material,  material  that  if  you  aren’t  operating  out  of  a  position  in  Christ,  it  will  downright  offend  you.      We  look  at  this  and  we  say  how  do  we  operate  in  this?  Paul  says,  “I  just  want  you  to  know  at  the  end  of  the  day  that  marriage,  just  like  the  gospel,  is  a  mystery.”  He  says  that  in  chapter  5.  He  says,  “Marriage,  these  two  people,  man  and  woman,  becoming  one,  merging  their  lives  together,  is  a  mystery.”  Anybody  who  has  been  married  longer  than  say  a  day  knows  that  to  be  true.  There  is  just  a  mystery.  Men  and  women  are  different.  The  way  they  process  information  is  different.  The  way  they  look  at  things  is  

  • Killer  Marriage  //  Marriage  Killer:  Small  Cracks,  Big  Problems                                                                                January  10/11,  2015  


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    different.  The  way  they  look  at  one  another  is  different.  That  is  part  of  the  beauty  of  it,  that  we  complement  one  another,  but  it  is  puzzling.  It  is  a  mystery.      I  thought  I  had  Lindsay  figured  out.  I  remember  the  very  first  argument  that  we  got  into  as  a  married  couple  was  on  our  honeymoon.  The  honeymoon  was  over  before  the  honeymoon  was  over.  We  go  away  and  we  are  in  this  beautiful  exotic  location  and  I  don’t  even  remember  what  it  was  we  got  into  an  argument  about.  In  fact,  my  wife  is  singing  this  weekend,  and  last  night  after  Saturday  night  service  the  two  of  us  decided  to  grab  dinner  before  we  went  home.  We  had  the  babysitter.  We  were  like,  “Let’s  have  a  date  night  afterwards.”  So  we  went  out  to  dinner.    I  told  this  story  last  night  and  she  was  like,  “Did  that  really  happen?  Did  you  make  that  up?”  I  didn’t  make  that  up!  We  had  an  argument  right  there.  Here  is  the  thing.  She  didn’t  remember  having  this  argument.  I  was  like,  “Score.  I  am  glad  you  don’t  remember,”  but  I  remember.  I  don’t  remember  what  it  was  we  argued  about.  I  don’t  remember  what  it  was  that  I  said,  but  we  were  sitting  on  the  side  of  the  pool  with  our  feet  in  the  water  and  I  said  the  wrong  thing,  whatever  I  said.  And  she  stood  up  and,  I’ll  never  forget  this,  she  walked  around  to  the  other  side  of  the  pool,  clear  over  directly  across  from  me,  and  then  sat  down.      Some  of  you  guys  are  like,  “I  feel  for  you  bro,  been  there.”  I  remember  muttering  this  to  myself.  It  was  the  first  time  I  ever  uttered  these  words  and  I  have  uttered  these  words  thousands  and  thousands  of  times  in  our  15-‐and-‐a-‐half  years  of  marriage.  “What  did  I  do?”  And  you  have  to  say  it  with  inflection  and  that  [questioning]  tone  of  voice.  I  have  no  idea  what  I  just  said  but  I  have  done  something  wrong.      You  see  if  a  marriage  is  going  to  work,  if  a  marriage  is  going  to  flourish,  you’ve  got  to  understand  you  are  going  to  offend  one  another.  You’ve  got  to  understand  you  are  going  to  hurt  one  another,  even  unintentionally.  If  it  is  going  to  thrive,  if  it  is  going  to  go  the  distance,  you’ve  got  to  be  willing  ahead  of  the  offense,  to  say,  “I  will  grant  you  unmerited  favor.  As  God  has  granted  me  unmerited  favor  in  Christ,  I  will  grant  you  unmerited  favor  out  of  my  response  to  Christ.”      That  is  the  only  way  this  thing  is  going  to  work.  I  am  just  telling  you.  You  won’t  want  to.  You’ll  think  of  every  reason  why  your  spouse  doesn’t  deserve  it,  and  you  will  probably  have  a  point.  But  that  is  the  only  way  this  covenant  survives.  The  purpose  and  function  of  marriage  has  to  go  beyond  your  own  personal  fulfillment  and  happiness.  I  know  that  so  many  of  us  get  married  because  that  is  part  of  our  desire.  We  want  to  get  married  because  we  think  this  will  fulfill  us,  we  think  this  other  person  will  do  for  us  what  we  are  looking  for  to  boost  our  self-‐esteem.      It  is  not  that  there  is  anything  wrong  with  that.  It  is  just  that  is  not  something  you  can  sustain  a  marriage  with.  The  primary  purpose  and  function  of  marriage  is  God  shaping  us  to  look  more  like  His  Son.  And  that  is  painful.  Any  instance  in  which  you  and  I  grew  in  life,  chances  are  it  came  through  the  valley,  not  the  mountaintop.  And  in  marriage  you  are  going  to  face  more  valleys  than  mountaintops.  In  marriage  you  are  going  to  have  to  grant  one  another  unmerited  favor.  You  know  what  that  requires?  It  requires  an  ever-‐increasing  Godly  character  within  you  and  your  spouse.    So  I  want  to  read  Ephesians  4:32  –  5:5  together,  just  six  verses  we  are  going  to  cover  this  morning,  as  sort  of  a  foundation  to  this  series.  This  is  a  straightforward  passage  of  Scripture.  It  is  not  complicated  to  understand.  I  want  you  to  know  that  Paul  is  addressing  this  to  the  church  first  and  then  he  is  saying,  “This  applies  to  your  relationships  but,  most  importantly,  it  applies  to  your  marriage  relationship.      

  • Killer  Marriage  //  Marriage  Killer:  Small  Cracks,  Big  Problems                                                                                January  10/11,  2015  


    Intellectual  materials  are  the  property  of      Traders  Point  Christian  Church.  All  rights  reserved.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            6  

    Beginning  in  Ephesians  4:32,  he  says,  “Be  kind  to  one  another,  tenderhearted,  forgiving  one  another,  as  God  in  Christ  forgave  you.  Therefore  be  imitators  of  God,  as  beloved  children.  And  walk  in  love,  as  Christ  loved  us  and  gave  Himself  up  for  us,  a  fragrant  offering  and  sacrifice  to  God.  But  sexual  immorality  and  all  impurity  or  covetousness  must  not  even  be  named  among  you,  as  is  proper  among  saints.  Let  there  be  no  filthiness  nor  foolish  talk  nor  crude  joking,  which  are  out  of  place,  but  instead  let  there  be  thanks  giving.  For  you  may  be  sure  of  this,  that  everyone  who  is  sexually  immoral  or  impure,  or  who  is  covetous  (that  is,  an  idolater),  has  no  inheritance  in  the  kingdom  of  Christ  and  God.”    So  if  there  was  an  idea  I  would  place  over  this  section  of  Scripture,  it  would  simply  be  an  urging  that  Paul  gives  to  us  to  grow  increasingly  in  Godly  character.  It  is  just  kind  of  straight  up.  He  is  like,  “Hey  guys,  be  kind,  be  tenderhearted,  be  forgiving,  be  imitators  of  God,  do  everything  that  you  can  to  remain  pure.”      Now  one  of  the  things  we  have  to  distinguish  is  the  difference  between  personality  traits  and  character  traits.  They  are  not  the  same  thing.  Most  often,  wherever  we  look  for  a  potential  spouse,  a  potential  mate,  we  look  at  the  personality  traits.  So  we  say,  “Okay,  does  this  person  have  a  sense  of  humor?  Does  this  person  like  the  same  style  of  music  I  like?  Does  this  person  like  long  walks  on  the  beach  at  sunset?  Is  this  person  an  extrovert?  Or  is  this  person  an  introvert?  Does  this  person  finish  my  sentences?”  We  are  kind  of  looking  at  all  these  traits.      Now  they  are  important.  Personality  traits  are  most  definitely  important,  but  we  are  often  blinded  by  the  personality  and  we  don’t  see  the  character.  Personality  and  character,  unfortunately,  are  very,  very  different  things.  Sometimes  your  personality  can  mask  your  character.  Sometimes  we  can  be  so  charismatic,  and  so  winsome,  and  so  personable  that  we  hide  who  we  really  are.  You  see  Godly  character  is  an  essential  ingredient  to  having  a  killer  marriage  but  corrupt  character  always  kills  marriage.      So  you  want  to  have  a  killer  marriage?  Work  on  your  character.  If  you  want  to  have  a  killer  marriage,  begin  to  submit  your  character  to  the  Lordship  of  Jesus  Christ.  We  see  this  in  what  went  wrong  in  the  very  first  marriage  back  in  Genesis  2.  By  the  way,  God  was  the  One  who  invented  marriage.  It  was  His  idea.  This  was  not  a  man-‐made  idea.  There  wasn’t  a  bunch  of  cavemen  who  sat  around  a  fire  one  day  and  said,  “Hey,  here  is  a  good  idea.  Let’s  get  married.”      Marriage  wasn’t  invented  in  Vegas  at  the  Little  Chapel  of  Love.  Marriage  was  God’s  idea.  What  that  means  is  He  mandates  it  and  He  regulates  it.  So  when  you  enter  into  a  marriage  covenant  you  enter  into  and  onto  His  turf,  whether  you  realize  it  or  not.  We  see  in  Genesis  2  that  God  creates  Adam  and  He  creates  the  rest  of  the  created  order  and  God  looks  back  and  He  says,  “Man  this  is  all  so  good  but  there  is  one  thing  about  this  that  is  not  good  at  all.  That  is  that  Adam  is  alone.”      So  God  creates  all  the  animal  kingdom  and  Adam,  I  am  sure  he  is  impressed  by  all  of  the  animals,  is  like,  “God  this  is  great  but  there  is  not  a  single  being  here  out  of  this  animal  kingdom  that  is  satisfying  this  deep  soulful  longing  I  have.”  So  God  saved  His  best  creation  for  last.  That  was  a  moment  when  you  guys  should  have  said,  “Amen.”  I  teed  that  up  for  you.  Are  you  kidding  me?  Bunch  of  rookies.  Gee.  Help  me  help  you.      Anyway,  God  saved  His  best  creation  for  last.  [Applause]  Alright,  there  we  go.  So  he  caused  Adam  to  go  into  a  deep  sleep  and  He  pulls  a  rib  out  of  Adam’s  side  and  He  forms  a  woman.  That  word  woman  comes  from  the  Hebrew  word  which  means  out  of  me  or  mine.  And  God  presents  the  woman,  God  presents  Eve  to  Adam.    

  • Killer  Marriage  //  Marriage  Killer:  Small  Cracks,  Big  Problems                                                                                January  10/11,  2015  


    Intellectual  materials  are  the  property  of      Traders  Point  Christian  Church.  All  rights  reserved.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            7  

    She  stands  there,  in  her  birthday  suit,  and  Adam  looks  at  her  and  I  love  the  two  words  that  come  out  of  Adam’s  mouth.  “At  last,”  I  love  that.  “God  you  did  some  impressive  things  over  here  with  the  animals.  The  horse  is  a  beautiful,  majestic  thing  and  the  giraffe  is  kind  of  crazy  but  it  is  beautiful.  But  God,  way  to  go!  At  last!  This  woman,  she  is  so  must  like  me,  but  whoa,  she  is  so  different  than  me.  She  compliments  me,  and  she  makes  me  better,  and  she  is  so  nice  to  look  at,  and  she  completes  me  Jerry  McGuire  style.”    Eve  is  like,  “Shut  up.  Shut  up.  You  had  me  at  hello,  Adam.”      Then  God  comes  out  with  it  in  Genesis  2:24-‐15,  here  it  is.  Here  is  the  marriage  relationship.  This  is  God  giving  us  this  definition,  “Therefore  a  man  shall  leave  his  father  and  his  mother  and  hold  fast  to  his  wife.”  I  love  that.  That  whole  idea  of  hold  fast  is,  “I  am  not  letting  go.”  Not  in  a  controlling  way,  not  in  an  abusive  way,  but  in  a  way  that  says,  “I’ve  got  such  resolve  I  am  not  leaving.  I  will  support  you,  and  I’ll  love  you,  and  I’ll  provide  for  you,  and  I’ll  protect  you.”      “And  they  shall  become  one  flesh.”  Now  clearly  that  is  a  description  of  physical  intimacy.  When  you  come  together  physically  with  your  spouse,  you  are  merging  your  physical  bodies  into  one.  But  it  is  an  illustration  of  what  happens  spiritually  and  emotionally.  There  is  a  bond  that  takes  place  there.      I  know  we  live  in  a  culture  that  likes  to  roll  their  eyes  at  that  and  say,  “That  is  old  fashioned,  and  that  is  traditional,  and  that  is  silly,”  but  it  is  true.  When  you  merge  your  body  with  somebody  else  you  are  fusing  your  soul  with  them.  That  is  why  sex  outside  of  a  marital  covenant  that  says,  “I’ll  hold  fast  to  you.  I’ll  be  there  for  you,”  is  so,  so  damaging.  That  is  why  adultery  is  even  more  damaging.  You  basically  ripped  apart  that  covenant  and  merged  with  someone  else.      God  says,  “The  man  will  leave  his  father  and  mother.  He  will  come  together  with  his  wife.  They  become  one  flesh.  And  the  man  and  his  wife  were  both  naked  and  were  not  ashamed.”  Now  naked  obviously  means  physical  but  it  is  more  than  that.  It  is  naked  spiritually.  It  is  naked  emotionally.  What  we  see  in  this  picture  of  Adam  and  Eve  is  that  they  are  standing  in  front  of  each  other  with  nothing  to  hide.  The  thing  that  will  kill  a  marriage  faster  than  anything  is  when  you  hide  things  from  one  another.      They  stood  in  front  of  each  other  and  they  were  not  ashamed  of  anything.  The  thing  that  will  kill  marriages  is  when  you  are  ashamed  of  something  and  you  just  don’t  come  clean  with  it.  They  stood  in  front  of  each  other  and  they  said,  “You  know  what?  I  fully  know  you  and  you  fully  know  me.  We  are  full  of  joy  at  this  good  gift  that  God  has  given  us  of  each  other.  So  we  are  going  to  be  together  and  we  are  going  to  be  fulfilled  in  one  another  for  the  Glory  of  God.”      You  know  that  image  there  in  Genesis  2  is  the  only  time,  until  Jesus  returns  again  and  makes  things  right,  that  marriage  was  perfect.  Marriage  was  perfect  in  that  moment.  What  it  was  is  that  two  people  stood  in  front  of  each  other  unashamed  for  the  Glory  of  God.      So  what  happened?  Well  Genesis  3  happened.  We  didn’t  even  get  two  chapters  into  the  Bible  before  sin  wreaked  havoc  on  the  created  order,  messing  up  not  only  our  relationship  with  God,  but  our  relationship  with  other  human  beings,  beginning  with  the  most  intense,  important  relationship  of  all.  That  was  the  marriage  relationship.      Satan  hates  marriage  and  he  hates  it  not  because  he  wants  you  to  stay  alone.  He  hates  it  because  it  is  God’s  idea.  He  hates  it  because  of  what  it  represents.  He  hates  it  for  what  it  does  to  shape  us  more  into  

  • Killer  Marriage  //  Marriage  Killer:  Small  Cracks,  Big  Problems                                                                                January  10/11,  2015  


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    the  character  of  Christ.  And  so  I  think  there  is  nothing  that  Satan  goes  after  harder  and  faster  than  marriage,  both  generally  and  specifically.      That  is  part  of  the  reason  it  is  so  hard.  You’ve  got  an  enemy  constantly  working  against  you.  You’ve  got  a  current  constantly  working  against  you.  I  want  you  to  know  every  married  couple  in  this  room,  I  don’t  care  if  you  are  newly  married  or  you  are  engaged  right  now  and  you  look  over  at  your  spouse  and  you  are  like,  “Not  us  baby.  Things  are  going  to  be  awesome  between  us.”  The  guy  is  like,  “I  don’t  know  what  he  is  talking  about  over  there  but  I  get  you  baby.  I  get  you.  Like  that  whole  pool  thing.  I  am  praying  for  our  pastor  and  his  wife.  That  will  never  happen  to  us.”      Every  marriage  will  walk  through  deep  water  and  you  can’t  wait  to  prepare  for  that  until  you  are  in  it.  You’ve  got  to  prepare  for  it  now.  Here  is  one  of  the  things  I  try  to  do  as  often  as  I  can.  I  have  four  kids.  I  have  a  boy  and  three  girls.  I  am  already  praying.  I  joke  about  my  girls  and  them  not  being  married  until  they  are  35.  But  actually  that  is  going  to  happen.      In  all  seriousness,  I  am  already  praying  for  their  spouses.  I  am  praying  for  the  parents  for  their  spouses  that  God  would  give  them  wisdom  in  how  they  parent  their  kids.  I  am  praying  for  the  three  young  men,  if  my  daughters  get  married,  the  three  young  men  who  may  become  their  husbands,  I  am  praying  that  they  don’t  get  wounded.  I  am  praying  that  God  would  shield  them  from  the  traps  of  pornography.  I  am  already  praying  for  them.  I  am  praying  for  the  young  lady  that  my  son  will  marry  one  day,  that  God  would  protect  her  little  heart,  and  mold  her,  and  shape  her.    We  are  in  a  war  and  marriage  will  war  against  your  selfishness.  Marriage  will  war  against  your  sinfulness.  So  if  you  are  in  a  marriage  right  now  and  you  are  going,  “Man  this  is  really  hard,”  you  are  right.  I  am  always  amazed  when  I  sit  down  with  married  couples  in  my  office  and  we  are  going  through  counseling  and  every  now  and  then  they  will  say  this.  “It  just  shouldn’t  be  this  hard.”  What  they  mean  is,  “If  we  were  truly  in  love,  if  she  was  truly  the  one,  if  he  was  truly  Mr.  Right,  then  it  wouldn’t  be  this  hard.  It  would  be  easy.”  I  am  always  like,  “Really?      Let’s  play  out  the  logic  of  that.  When  is  that  true  in  any  other  arena  of  life?  I  guarantee  you  this  afternoon  when  Coach  Pagano  gets  all  the  Colts  players  in  the  locker  room  he  is  going  to  say,  “Guys  we  really  want  to  win  the  super  bowl  but  you  know  what?  It  really  shouldn’t  be  this  hard.  The  other  team  should  just  lie  down.”  I  guarantee  you  he  is  not  doing  that.  What  he  is  doing,  if  you’ve  ever  seen  the  cameras  when  they  go  into  the  locker  rooms,  it  is  like  they  are  in  a  war.  It  is  like  he  is  lifting  his  voice  and  he  is  raising  it  up.  He  is  like,  “Come  on  guys.  We’ll  go  out  there  and  let’s  work  hard.”      The  same  thing  is  true  of  marriage.  There  are  going  to  be  moments  when  you  are  almost  going  to  have  to  have  that  mentality.  Satan,  you  can’t  have  this.  Because  he  hates  what  it  represents.  There  are  going  to  be  moments  where  the  only  thing  that  will  keep  you  in  it  is  your  character.      So  let  me  give  you  this  definition  of  marriage.  Marriage  is  a  permanent,  exclusive  legal  commitment  to  completely  share  your  life  with  someone  else.  That  is  a  tall  order  but  what  that  requires  is  Godly  character.  The  most  important  ingredient  to  the  marriage  relationship  is  your  individual  character.  What  I  mean  by  that  is,  “Who  am  I  as  a  person?  Do  I  tell  the  truth  always?  How  do  I  submit  to  authority  in  my  life  now?  When  I  get  stressed  and  tired,  how  do  I  react?  How  do  I  respond?”      Here  is  a  question.  Who  am  I  when  no  one  else  is  looking?  Your  character  is  the  thing  that  will  be  the  bedrock  through  the  storms  of  life  in  marriage.  Nothing  exposes  your  character  faster  than  marriage.  

  • Killer  Marriage  //  Marriage  Killer:  Small  Cracks,  Big  Problems                                                                                January  10/11,  2015  


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    Nothing.  You  can  hide  who  you  are,  you  can  put  your  best  foot  forward,  and  you  can  kind  of  put  on  a  mask  in  every  other  human  relationship.  You  can  do  this  with  your  boss.  You  can  do  this  at  job  interviews.  You  can  do  this  with  friends  and  neighbors.  You  can’t  do  it  in  marriage.      You  can  try  to  hide.  You  can  try  to  conceal.  We  call  that  dating.  Then  you  end  up  getting  married  and  who  you  really  are  will  stand  exposed  before  the  other  person.  Here  is  the  thing,  especially  for  those  of  you  in  this  room  who  are  maybe  25  years  and  younger,  those  of  you  who  are  single  and  think,  “Maybe  one  day  I’d  like  to  be  married.”  Now  is  the  time  to  work  on  your  character.  Don’t  wait  until  you  find  Mr.  Wonderful.  Don’t  wait  ‘til  you  find  Miss  Right.  Don’t  wait  ‘til  you  walk  down  the  aisle.  Start  working  on  it  now.      You  would  never  say,  “Hey  I’d  really  like  to  run  a  marathon.  I’ll  start  training  the  week  of.”  That  is  what  you  are  saying  when  you  are  like,  “I’ll  pay  attention  to  that  stuff  when  I  find  Mr.  Perfect  or  Miss  Wonderful.”  So  many  married  couples  go  into  the  marriage  relationship  with  all  this  baggage,  and  all  these  wounds,  and  all  this  hurt,  and  they  just  can’t  get  over  the  guilt  of  it.  They  impose  it  upon  their  spouse.  There  isn’t  anything  you’ve  done,  there  isn’t  anything  that  has  been  done  to  you  that  the  power  of  the  cross  of  Jesus  Christ  can’t  overcome  and  bring  healing  into  your  life.      I  remember  when,  as  a  young  man,  I  was  exposed  to  this  reality  for  the  first  time.  I  was  a  junior  in  high  school.  I  was  on  the  soccer  team  and  we  were  playing  in  a  tournament  out  of  town.  It  was  an  overnight  trip  so  after  we  played  one  game  we  went  to  the  hotel  and  the  school  was  trying  to  save  money  so  they  just  packed  as  many  of  us  into  a  hotel  room  as  they  possibly  could.  There  was  like  two  or  three  guys  in  each  bed.  There  were  several  guys  all  over  the  floor.      I  remember  late  into  the  night  we  turned  on  the  TV  and  we  turned  to  one  of  the  movie  channels.  It  was  either  HBO  or  Cinemax  or  something.  There  was  like  an  action  movie  on  and  so  we  were  watching  that.  We  turned  all  the  lights  off  and  we  weren’t  asleep  yet  but  we  were  starting  to  kind  of  get  quiet  and  drift  off.  The  movie  ended  and  the  very  next  movie  that  came  on  was  a  skin  flick.  It  was  one  of  those  deals  where  I  remember  immediately  kind  of  feeling  like,  “We  shouldn’t  be  watching  this  but  I  don’t  have  the  remote.”      I  kind  of  looked  over  at  the  guy  next  to  me  and  I  said,  “Do  you  have  the  remote?”  He  is  like,  “I  don’t  have  the  remote.”  What  are  we  going  to  do?  So  we  were  kind  of  like  laying  there  and  some  of  the  guys  were  like  pretending  they  were  asleep.  They  had  one  eye  closed  but  the  other  eye  open.  There  was  one  of  these  awkward  stretches  where  we  all  kind  of  knew  we  shouldn’t  be  watching  this  but  nobody  was  doing  anything  about  it.      Finally  one  friend  of  mine,  I  really  appreciate  him  even  to  this  day,  he  finally  spoke  up.  He  broke  the  awkward  silence  and  he  said,  “Guys  we  really  shouldn’t  be  watching  this,”  and  he  said,  “Who  has  the  remote?”  And  nobody  would  come  clean.  It  was  kind  of  one  of  those  weird  things  like,  “What  are  we  going  to  do?  How  are  we  going  to  turn  the  channel?  We  don’t  have  the  remote.”  It  was  like  we  could  have  gotten  up  and  gone  boop  [mimics  turning  off  a  TV],  but  it  was  like  we  were  a  bunch  of  dummies.      So  we  were  all  kind  of  sitting  there  and  finally,  nobody  would  fess  up  to  it  and  the  movie  is  still  going,  finally  my  friend  stood  up,  stood  right  in  front  of  the  TV  and  he  is  like,  “Fine  guys.  You  want  to  watch  this?  It  is  your  marriage.  I’ll  be  in  the  bathroom  with  my  pillow.”  And  I  remember  it  was  like  a  dagger  went  right  into  my  heart.  And  I  was  like,  “I  should  have  been  the  one  to  have  that  conviction.  I  should  

  • Killer  Marriage  //  Marriage  Killer:  Small  Cracks,  Big  Problems                                                                                January  10/11,  2015  


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    have  been  the  one  to  say  that.”  And,  actually,  on  the  way  to  the  bathroom  he  reached  down  and  he  unplugged  the  TV.  The  next  morning  the  remote  was  sitting  on  top  of  the  TV.      You  see  now  is  the  time  to  begin  working  on  this.  I  know  that  for  some  of  you  younger  people  –  the  last  time  I  preached  on  marriage  between  services  I  was  walking  through  the  lobby  and  there  was  a  bunch  of  14-‐15  year  old  guys.  They  were  all  huddled  up  together,  and  I  heard  them  talking.  As  I  was  walking  behind  them  one  of  them  said,  “I  didn’t  know  this  was  a  marriage  series.  This  doesn’t  apply  to  us.  You  guys  want  to  go  catch  a  movie?”      I  so  badly  wanted  to  go  over  and  embarrass  them.  No,  I  did  want  to  embarrass  them.  I  did.  I  so  badly  wanted  to  go  over  and  just  put  my  arms  around  the  guys  and  say,  “Hey  guys,  I  totally  get  why  you  would  think  that,  but  now  is  the  time  for  you  to  hear  this.  Don’t  wait  ‘til  you  blow  your  marriage  up  and  then  try  to  get  help.  Don’t  wait  to  try  to  meet  the  perfect  girl  and  then  try  to  get  your  character  cleaned  up.  Begin  working  on  this  right  now.  Even  if  God  doesn’t  call  you  to  be  married,  Godly  character  is  still  a  good  thing  and  it  is  still  an  illustration  of  God’s  picture  to  you.”      I  want  to  give  us,  just  in  the  brief  time  we  have  together,  just  a  couple  of  application  points  for  how  we  do  that,  how  we  build  character.  I  want  to  read  this  quote  from  Henry  Cloud.  He  says,  “Marriage,  while  it  is  an  utterly  unique  relationship,  was  never  intended  to  be  the  place  where  somebody  gets  all  their  needs  met.  An  unresolved  dependency  on  the  other  person  for  my  completeness  and  happiness  is  death  to  my  marriage.  I  need  to  stop  looking  for  the  spouse  that  I  want  and  start  loving  the  spouse  that  I  have  to  give  my  marriage  a  chance  to  be  great.”      That  is  character  right  there.  Everybody  is  going  to  have  imperfections  and  all  that.  The  answer  is  not  to  say,  “Well  I  guess  I  married  the  wrong  one.  I’ve  got  to  go  find  another  one,”  and  then  to  just  end  up  repeating  some  of  the  same  behavioral  patterns.      You  see  the  key  to  a  successful  marriage  is  not  to  find  the  one.  You  do  realize  there  is  not  just  one  perfect  soul  mate  for  you.  You  do  realize  that.  I  know  that  every  movie  fantasizes  about  that  and  says,  “There  is  one  perfect  person  for  everyone.  If  you  can  find  that  one  perfect  person  it  will  be  great.”  The  math  just  doesn’t  add  up.  I  think  there  are  more  women  in  the  world  than  men,  I  think.  So  somebody  is  losing  out.  All  it  takes  is  for  one  of  you-‐all  to  pick  the  wrong  person  and  you  jack  it  up  for  everybody  else.  So  it  can’t  be  just  one  person.      The  reality  is  that  you  could  probably  be  with  multiple  kinds  of  personalities  and  people.  Every  now  and  then  people  are  like,  “How  did  you  know  Lindsay  was  the  one?”  Lindsay  was  the  one  because  I  married  her.  That  is  why  she  is  the  one.  I  picked  her.  I  made  a  covenant  to  her.  And  let  me  tell  you  she  got  the  raw  end  of  the  deal.  Her  sanctification  is  much  greater  than  mine  because  she’s  got  to  put  up  with  more.      So  let  me  just  give  you  a  couple  of  things.  Here  is  number  one.  In  building  Godly  character  and  looking  for  someone  with  Godly  character  put  physical  attraction  in  its  place.  Put  physical  attraction  in  its  place.    Now  it  is  not  wrong  to  be  physically  attracted  to  somebody.  I  would  never  tell  you  that  you  should  marry  somebody  that  you  are  not  physically  attracted  to.  Just  put  it  in  proper  perspective.      Did  you  know  that  the  Bible  affirms  physical  attraction?  It  says  it  is  a  good  thing.  Adam  was  immediately  attracted  to  Eve.  It  probably  had  something  to  do  with  the  fact  she  was  naked.  In  Genesis  29  Jacob,  he  immediately  was  attracted  to  Rachel.  Just  read  Song  of  Solomon  sometime,  there  are  parts  of  that  that  will  make  you  blush.  It  is  x-‐rated.  But  what  it  is,  it  is  two  people  who  have  given  their  hearts  to  God  and  

  • Killer  Marriage  //  Marriage  Killer:  Small  Cracks,  Big  Problems                                                                                January  10/11,  2015  


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    they  enjoy  each  other  physically.  There  is  nothing  dirty  about  that.  There  is  nothing  disgusting  about  it.  God  made  our  bodies,  every  single  part.  What  has  been  damaging  is  when  we  use  our  bodies  in  a  destructive  sinful  way.  That  is  what  makes  sex  dirty.      So  God  says  to  us,  “Physical  attraction  is  a  gift  I  am  giving  you.  It  is  great.  But  put  it  in  its  place.”  The  Bible  warns  of  physical  attraction.  The  reason  why  is  because  somebody’s  outward  beauty  can  trick  you,  can  cloud  your  thinking,  and  keep  you  from  seeing  her  true  character.  So  Proverbs  6:25  says,  “Do  not  desire  her  beauty  in  your  heart  and  do  not  let  her  capture  you  with  her  eyelashes.”  Proverbs  31:30  says,  “Charm  is  deceitful  and  beauty  is  vain,  but  a  woman  who  fears  the  Lord  is  to  be  praised.”      Ladies  I  know  maybe  you  have  heard  those  passages  before  and  you  are  like,  “Is  that  saying  that  we  shouldn’t  put  on  makeup?  Is  that  saying  that  we  shouldn’t  try  to  look  beautiful?”  No,  that  isn’t  what  that  is  saying.  This  could  apply  equally  to  men.  The  reason  why  it  picks  you  ladies  out  is  because  you  look  better  than  us.  You  are  more  physically  attractive  than  us.  (That  was  another  time  for  an  amen  guys).  Men  have  a  tendency  to  be  a  little  more  visual.  All  this  is  protecting  your  brothers  in  Christ.      So  this  isn’t  that  you  shouldn’t  think  about  beauty.  Just  understand  that  beauty,  physical  appearance,  whether  he  is  tall,  dark,  and  handsome  or  she  is  a  knockout  -‐  what  happens  is  that  you  have  to  understand  that  outward  beauty  is  fragile  and  it  is  ever  changing.  How  many  of  you  have  ever  gone  back  to  a  high  school  reunion  and  you  are  like,  “Whoa,  what  happened,  I  mean  how  are  you?”      The  simple  fact  is  that  bodies  gain  weight,  skin  gets  wrinkled,  we  lose  hair  where  we  want  it,  and  we  gain  hair  where  we  don’t  want  it.  So  when  physical  beauty  fades  what  integrity  will  remain?  That  is  the  question.  So  in  1  Peter  3:3-‐4  it  says,  “Do  not  let  your  adorning  be  external  -‐  the  braiding  of  hair  and  the  putting  on  of  gold  jewelry,  or  the  clothing  that  you  wear  -‐  but  let  your  adorning  be  the  hidden  person  of  the  heart  with  the  imperishable  beauty  of  a  gentle  and  quiet  spirit,  which  in  God’s  sight  is  very  precious.”      So  how  do  you  assess  somebody’s  character?  How  do  you  look  beneath  the  surface?  It  is  so  practical  but  it  is  simply  this.  Don’t  underestimate  the  importance  of  friendship.  Marriage  should  be  the  most  intense  friendship.  In  fact  if  you  can’t  be  best  friends  with  the  person  you  are  thinking  about  marrying,  then  you  shouldn’t  marry  them.  Sometimes  the  only  thing  that  will  keep  you  in  it  is  the  bedrock  of  your  friendship.  Sometimes  the  thing  you  need  to  have  to  turn  your  marriage  around  is  just  to  work  on  the  friendship  again.      All  the  magazines  talk  about  the  latest  sexual  technique  or  the  moment  where  you  can  kind  of  setup  the  romance.  But  maybe  the  sexiest  thing  is  just  building  a  friendship  and  continuing  to  care  for  one  another.  So  many  people  neglect  their  friendship  in  the  courting  phase,  so  then  when  the  romance  fades,  when  bodies  change,  when  we  offend  each  other,  there  is  nothing  to  fall  back  on.      But  it  is  more  than  that.  In  friendship,  whenever  you  are  dating  somebody,  before  you  date  them  romantically,  you  should  become  a  good  friend.  Here  is  the  reason  why.  In  friendship  you  get  a  chance  to  objectively  assess  their  character  without  romance  clouding  your  vision.  Romance  blinds  us.  I  don’t  know  how  many  young  ladies  I  have  sat  down  with  who  are  going  through  turbulence  in  their  marriage  and  they’ve  said  to  me  through  tears,  “I  knew  this  about  him.  I  knew  this  about  him  but  I  overlooked  it  because  I  thought  he  loved  me  and  I  thought  I  could  change  him.”    

  • Killer  Marriage  //  Marriage  Killer:  Small  Cracks,  Big  Problems                                                                                January  10/11,  2015  


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    Now  guys  say,  “I  knew  this  about  her.  I  knew  this  was  in  her  past  but,  you  know  what,  I  was  just  so  smitten  I  just  couldn’t  wait  to  be  with  her.  I  overlooked  that  because  I  thought  she  would  change.”  In  friendship  you  get  the  chance  to  say,  “Okay,  do  you  tell  the  truth  always?  Are  you  adverse  to  commitments?  Do  you  keep  your  commitments  in  the  little  things?  Because  if  you  don’t  you  won’t  keep  your  commitments  in  the  big  things.  How  do  you  react  whenever  you  are  under  stress?”    Here  is  the  thing.  If  you  are  friends  with  somebody  and  you  are  kind  of  attracted  to  them  and  you  notice  that  they  can’t  keep  their  commitments,  they  tell  lies  over  little  things,  whenever  they  get  stressed  they  blow  up,  they  can’t  submit  themselves  to  the  authority  figures  over  their  lives,  and  you  are  still  attracted  to  them?  Ask  yourself  why.  Because  I  don’t  care  how  hot  they  are.  You’ll  be  miserable.      You  see  in  friendship  you  are  testing  the  waters  of  integrity.  You  are  looking  beyond  mere  physical  attraction  to  determine  if  the  character  of  the  other  person  can  perpetuate  and  sustain  the  kind  of  selfless  love  the  Bible  calls  us  to  embrace.  Marriage  is  already  difficult  enough  as  it  is.  Don’t  make  it  more  difficult.      Oftentimes  I’ll  get  this  question.  Is  it  okay  if  a  non-‐Christian  marries  a  Christian?  There  are  a  couple  of  ways  I  would  answer  that.  It  depends  on  what  you  mean  by  Christian.  If  you  just  mean,  “Well  I  believe  in  God  vaguely  or  I  come  to  church  when  it  is  convenient,  or  I  am  just  religious,  or  we  are  going  to  get  married  in  a  church,”  if  that  is  all  you  mean,  then  really,  honestly  it  is  no  big  deal.  Marry  whoever  you  want.      But  if  what  you  mean  by  Christian  is,  “I  am  submitted  to  the  Lordship  of  Christ.  I  want  Christ  at  the  center  of  my  life.  I  desire  to  look  more  and  more  like  Him,”  why  would  you  even  ask  that  question?  See  if  you  merge  your  body,  if  you  merge  your  life  with  somebody  who  is  not  submitted  to  the  Lordship  of  Christ,  chances  are  you  will  have  to  move  Jesus  out  to  the  suburbs  of  your  heart  because  it  will  be  too  painful  for  your  marriage.      So  marry  somebody  who  will  move  you  toward  Jesus,  not  away.  Missionary  dating  and  missionary  marriages  generally  are  not  a  good  idea.  Now  I  know  every  time  I  say  this  that  there  are  exceptions  to  that.  They  are  exceptions,  not  the  rule.  Here  is  the  thing.  Marry  somebody  who  will  urge  you  toward  Jesus.  Marry  somebody  who  is  a  few  steps  ahead  of  you  spiritually.      That  is  part  of  what  attracted  me  to  my  wife.  Not  only  was  she  beautiful  but  I  was  like,  “She  is  a  couple  of  steps  ahead  of  me  and  I’ve  got  to  run  to  keep  up,”  and  it  has  continued  to  stay  that  way.  Seven  years  ago  when  the  elders  sat  down  and  interviewed  me.  They  were  like,  “Look,  you  are  okay.  We  really  like  her.”  I  was  like,  “Alright,  here  we  go.”      So  if  there  is  even  a  question  in  your  mind,  “I  feel  like  if  we  get  married  he  will  change,”  or,  “I  feel  like  we  can  get  married  and  I  can  help  her,  help  her  grow  in  that,”  usually  that  is  a  bad  idea  because  of  the  Biblical  definition  of  marriage.  Here  is  the  thing.  You  know  you  are  going  to  go  through  a  storm.  Who  do  you  want  to  go  through  the  storm  with?  You  know  you  are  going  to  be  shot  at.  Who  do  you  want  to  be  in  the  foxhole  with?  You  know  life  is  going  to  be  difficult.  Who  do  you  want  to  be  partnered  up  with?  Somebody  who’s  got  a  character  that  is  kind  of  faulty?  Somebody  who  is  like,  “I  don’t  really  know  if  I  buy  into  the  whole  Jesus  thing?”  Or,  do  you  want  to  partner  with  somebody  who  is  committed  to  the  Lordship  of  Christ?      

  • Killer  Marriage  //  Marriage  Killer:  Small  Cracks,  Big  Problems                                                                                January  10/11,  2015  


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    Let  me  conclude  with  this  quote  by  Tim  Keller.  He  says,  “So  what  do  you  need  to  make  a  marriage  work?  Well  you  need  to  know  the  secret,  the  gospel,  and  how  it  gives  you  both  the  power  and  the  pattern  for  your  marriage.  On  the  one  hand  the  experience  of  marriage  will  unveil  the  beauty  and  depth  of  the  gospel  to  you.  It  will  drive  you  further  into  reliance  on  it.  On  the  other  hand,  a  greater  understanding  of  the  gospel  will  help  you  experience  deeper  and  deeper  union  with  each  other  as  the  years  go  on.  Through  marriage  the  mystery  of  the  gospel  is  unveiled.  Marriage  is  the  major  vehicle  for  the  gospel’s  remaking  of  your  heart  from  the  inside  out  and  your  life  from  the  ground  up.  The  reason  that  marriage  is  so  painful  and  yet  so  wonderful  is  that  it  is  a  reflection  of  the  gospel  which  is  painful  and  wonderful  at  once.  So  the  gospel  is  this.  We  are  more  sinful  and  flawed  in  ourselves  than  we  ever  dare  believe,  yet  at  the  same  time  we  are  more  loved  and  accepted  in  Christ  than  we  ever  dared  hope.”    Over  the  years  I’ve  officiated  dozens  and  dozens  of  weddings  and  I’ve  attended  dozens  and  dozens  more  weddings.  They  are  always  so  great.  Everybody  is  always  happy  at  a  wedding.  The  groom  comes  up  and  he  is  in  his  tuxedo  looking  really  good,  really  cleaned  up.  The  bride  just  looks  so  radiant.  She  is  in  the  dress  she  has  been  dreaming  about  since  she  was  a  little  girl.  And  the  two  of  them  stand  up  before  this  minister,  so  to  speak,  and  they  begin  to  exchange  vows  and  promises  to  each  other.      Do  you  know  what  they  are  doing?  That  is  just  a  dress  rehearsal  for  the  real  thing.  That  is  a  dress  rehearsal  for  one  day  when  we  will  stand  before  a  different  throne.  It  won’t  be  a  minister,  but  it  will  be  God.  And  we’ll  stand  before  Him.  I  always  thought  that  one  day,  on  Judgment  Day,  God  would  look  at  me,  and  you  may  have  heard  preachers  talk  about  that  passage  where  God  will  look  at  us,  and  He  will  say,  “Well  done  good  and  faithful  servant.”      I  always  thought  I  would  just  be  standing  there  by  myself.  But  if  you  are  married,  if  you  merged  your  life  into  one,  don’t  you  think  you’ll  be  standing  there  with  your  spouse?  And  that  God  would  look  at  us  and  He  would  say,  “Aaron  and  Lindsay  Brockett,  well  done  good  and  faithful  servants.  Life  was  hard  and  you  had  your  trials  and  you  had  your  valleys.  But  you  know  what?  You  had  each  other’s  back.”    “You  had  every  reason  to  walk  away,  Lindsay.  You  had  every  reason  to  walk  away,  Aaron.  But  you  stuck  with  it.  You  stayed  with  it  because,  not  because  your  spouse  deserved  it,  but  because  Christ  gave  you  a  gift  you  didn’t  deserve.  It  is  not  about  your  earthly  happiness  but  it  is  about  your  eternal  development  as  a  son  and  a  daughter  of  Jesus  Christ.  And  you  saw  each  other’s  flaws,  and  you  saw  each  other’s  weaknesses,  and  you  saw  each  other’s  offenses,  and  you  decided,  ‘I  am  going  to  help  you  through  that  and  not  walk  away.’  Well  done  good  and  faithful  servants.”    You  see  I  don’t  just  look  at  my  wife  and  say,  “She  is  so  beautiful  and  she  is  such  a  great  partner,  and  she  is  such  a  great  friend.”  I  look  at  my  wife  and  say,  “She  is  a  sister  in  Christ,”  and  part  of  my  duty  as  a  husband  is  to  help  her  get  to  the  finish  line  as  a  sanctified  daughter  of  the  King.  That  and  only  that  will  give  you  a  killer  marriage.  And  it  is  not  easy  but  it  is  rewarding.      Here  is  what  I  want  to  ask  you  to  do  just  in  these  last  moments  that  we  have  together.  Will  you  just  close  your  eyes?  And  if  you  happen  to  be  sitting  next  to  your  spouse,  I  would  just  ask  you  to  reach  over  and  grab  their  hand.  I  know  that  some  of  you  in  this  room  right  now  have  said,  “Aaron  this  has  been  a  great  sermon  but  I  wish  I  would  have  heard  it  a  year  ago.  I  wish  I  would  have  heard  this  five  years  ago,  ten  years  ago.  I  wish  my  spouse  would  have  come  with  me  today.  I  wish  they  could  have  heard  this.  It  is  great  content,  I  agree  with  it,  but  I  just  kind  of  feel  like  it  is  too  late  for  me  because  you  see  I  feel  like  our  marriage  is  too  far  gone.  I  am  already  on  my  third  marriage  and  where  do  I  turn,  what  do  I  get  out  of  this?”    

  • Killer  Marriage  //  Marriage  Killer:  Small  Cracks,  Big  Problems                                                                                January  10/11,  2015  


    Intellectual  materials  are  the  property  of      Traders  Point  Christian  Church.  All  rights  reserved.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            14  

    I  want  you  to  hear  this.  The  message  of  redemption,  the  message  of  the  Cross  is  that  there  is  no  pain,  there  is  no  offense,  past,  present,  or  future  that  has  more  power  than  the  power  of  the  Cross.  So  when  you  say,  “I  don’t  think  there  is  any  hope  for  me,”  you  don’t  really  fully  understand  what  Jesus  did  for  you  on  the  Cross.  What  kept  Him  on  that  tree  was  His  foresight  into  the  future  of  your  redeemed  self.  I  am  going  to  go  to  the  Cross,  not  because  of  who  they  are,  but  because  of  who  they  are  growing  to  become  in  Me.”    So  I  don’t  care  if  you  are  single,  divorced,  happily  married,  unhappily  married,  Jesus  looks  at  you  as  a  precious  child  of  the  King  and  He  says,  “You  don’t  need  to  carry  that  guilt  any  longer.  You  don’t  need  to  carry  that  baggage  any  longer.  Come  empty  handed  to  me.”      Some  of  you  have  received  news  this  last  week  that  dropped  like  a  bomb  on  your  emotions.  Your  spouse,  who  you  thought  was  faithfully  committed  to  you,  told  you  they  didn’t  love  you  anymore,  said  that  they  were  going  to  run  off  with  somebody  else.  Your  marriage  feels  like  it  is  crumbling  beneath  your  feet.  I  just  pray  in  these  moments  here  that  that  Holy  Spirit  would  minister  to  your  soul.  Some  of  you  feel  like  you  are  such  damaged  goods  that  nobody  would  want  you  and  that  is  a  lie  straight  from  the  pits  of  hell.      Lord  God  we  come  to  You  right  now  and  I  know  there  are  precious  souls  in  this  room,  many  of  which  are  hurting,  many  of  which  are  uncertain,  many  of  which  are  lonely.  God  I  pray  that  today  Your  Spirit  would  minister  to  them,  that  You  would  bring  hope  and  fulfillment  into  their  lives.  That  they  would  not  buy  into  the  distorted  things  that  our  culture  tells  us,  the  distorted  things  the  enemy  tells  us  about  our  self-‐worth  and  who  we  are  as  human  beings.      God  as  a  church,  I  don’t  care  how  many  people  show  up  on  Christmas  Eve  or  how  big  the  Christmas  Eve  offering  is,  or  how  much  of  a  difference  we  make  for  the  Great  Commission  if  our  marriages  are  crumbling,  that  will  still  don’t  get  it,  because  that  is  the  primary  vehicle  in  which  You  desire  to  make  us  more  like  Christ.  So  God,  begin  with  our  marriages.  Begin  with  our  characters.  And  bring  hope  and  healing  and  restoration  to  them.      So  in  these  moments  may  we  meet  up  with  You?  As  we  take  Communion  may  we  serve  our  spouse?  Maybe  there  are  some  things  we  need  to  say  to  one  another.  Maybe  there  are  some  things  we  need  to  commit  to  one  another  that  we  failed  to  commit  so  that  you  might  be  glorified  and  our  marriage  might  be  strengthened.  We  ask  this  in  Jesus’  name.  Amen.