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Kitchen Canopy Ventilation brochure » Our Kitchen Canopy Ventilation brochure illustrates the products we supply and additional systems we offer, their specifications and applications and a small selection of Case Studies. Areas covered include Lighting, Controls, Fire and Gas Safety and UV Filtration. Kitchen Ventilation We supply a wide range of kitchen canopy systems to meet the demands of the most modern commercial kitchens. Our Canvent Canopy systems can be configured to suit virtually any application, with a range of advanced features such as heat recovery, uv filtration, fire suppression and gas safety detectors can be fitted as necessary. We commonly provide our solutions for the commercial, healthcare, educational and private sectors and our products are increasingly popular in restaurants, schools, hospitals and hotels. Canvent Canopy Solutions Our extensive range of commercial kitchen canopies are designed for use in a wide variety of applications including schools, restaurants, nursing homes and other institutional buildings. Our canopies are manufactured from 304 (En 1.4301) or 316 (En 1.4401) where specified, all products are suitably braced to prevent product distortion and all joints are welded and polished. All of our canopy systems are manufactured to the strict guidelines of DW/172, British Standards and conform to HSE for kitchen ventilation systems. All canopies and associated components are thoroughly tested to ensure high standards to meet with our clients expectations. Our product range extends from simple condense canopies, extract only island or wall mounted canopies, through to our air injection island systems allowing both input and extract. All products can be configured to suit each individual application. If required, the input air can be pre-heated for additional internal comfort within the winter months. Wall mounted or island canopies can be manufactured to meet almost any dimension but typically 1000mm to 8000mm long. The system ductwork is manufactured and installed to incorporate cleaning and maintenance access doors to fully comply with DW/144 ductwork standards.


  • Kitchen Ventilation Systems Island & Wall Mounted Canopies Grease Control Fire Suppression Intelligent Control Solutions Fans & Ancillaries
  • AN INTRODUCTION TO OUR KITCHEN VENTILATION Airtherm Engineering Limited supply a wide range of standard and bespoke kitchen ventilation systems that can be designed and installed to suit virtually any application to meet the demands of the most modern commercial kitchens. We work closely with local authorities, M&E engineers and main contractors, with the aim to ensure full compliance to all current legislations. Our installation engineers are competent in their field and carry all necessary site certification with CSCS cards, IPATH, PASMA and scaffold towers. Our engineers strive towards excellence in each and every project which they undertake. We can also offer many bespoke solutions to clients outside of the scope of ventilation and air conditioning. Our highly skilled work force adapt at all types of light to medium metal fabrication including stainless steel, aluminium and mild steel. If required, the input air can be pre-heated for additional internal staff comfort during the cold winter months. All products can be configured to suit the individual needs of each application. Our own Canvent Canopy systems can be configured to suit virtually any application and a range of advanced features such as heat recovery, UV filtration, gas safety detectors and fire suppression devices can all be fitted as necessary. Manufacture All canopies are manufactured from 304 (En 1.4301) or 316 (En 1.4401) stainless steel (where specified) and are suitably braced to prevent product distortion. All joints are welded and polished. Our Canopies are cut, punched and folded into sub sections and factory assembled by means of computer controlled seam welds, and non-visible mechanical fixings. Systems are manufactured to the strict guidelines of DW/172, British Standards and conform to HSE for commercial kitchen ventilation. Wall mounted or island canopies can be manufactured to meet almost any dimension but typically 1000mm to 8000mm long. The system ductwork is manufactured and installed to incorporate cleaning and maintenance access doors to fully comply with DW/144 & TR/19 standards.
  • DESIGN, INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE Maintenance & Contracts In our pursuit of customer satisfaction we have now introduced our tailored service contracts which offer complete peace of mind, covering unexpected costs from system isolation and dissatisfied customers of your own. All of our maintenance contracts are made to meet the demands set by the client and the specific requirements dictated by the unique design and layout of the ventilation system. Our engineers will visit the clients premises at regular planned intervals to carry out agreed works and report to the client ensuring the system remains efficient and reliable when they need it most. It is crucial to regularly service your ventilation system not only to maintain correct function and avoid lost revenue from unplanned closure of your premises but also to minimise the risk of fire and other health and safety factors. By entering into a maintenance agreement with us, you are fulfilling your obligation ensuring procedures are in place for regular checks. Design Installation Our installation engineers are competent in their field. The all carry the necessary site certification with CSCS cards and hold the relevant safety accreditations. Our engineers strive towards excellence in each and every project they undertake and are carefully vetted to ensure that they are fully trained and have adequate experience in their field of operation. Airtherm strive to keep up with the changing demands of the industry in order to maintain our proud position as a market leader. From design to installation, after sales to maintenance, Airtherm Engineering Ltd have an ongoing commitment to provide the best available service for the customer. By managing projects closely, adhering to strict safety guidelines and demanding the highest quality workmanship, we continue to build our reputation for completing projects on time and within budget using the most efficient solutions We hold CHAS, Construction Online & Safe Contractor accreditations to satisfy clients of our commitment to Health & Safety. System calculations are quickly available by entering the appliance details and the intended kitchen canopy configuration and dimensions into our iCalc sizing system. We work closely with local authorities, M&E Engineers and main contractors to ensure full compliance to current legislation. Airtherms design department, contract engineers and site installation teams have a wide range of knowledge and experience. Projects are carried out to ensure full compliance with all statutory requirements and standards. Whatever the requirements of your project, we guarantee a solution of the highest quality, that has been rigorously tested and offers outstanding performance in its field. AutoCAD drawings are produced by our highly experience team of engineers for approval.
  • GREASE, LIGHT & UV FILTRATION Grease Filters Canopy Lighting The lighting units are designed and manufactured to deal with wide ranging and varied commercial applications and can deal with humidity, condense rich, and hot and greasy environments. These units are normally recessed into the canopy ceiling providing easy cleaning and maintenance of the unit exterior. This also helps to greatly reduce the build-up of grease and other contaminates usually associated with the commercial kitchen environment. All of our lighting units are approved for use in commercial kitchen applications, meet with DW172 & HSE guidelines. Face plates are satin finished, stainless steel to match the hood interior. UV Filtration A UV filtration system can reduce grease build-up and common odours by using UV light to break down organic material that can plague kitchen canopies. UV filtration reduces the need for duct work cleaning and can prove more efficient than conventional filtration methods. The UV Filtration works by using UVC lamps to break down organic material by a combination of photolysis and ozonolysis and destroys odours more efficiently and cost effectively than conventional systems. All filters are manufacture from stainless steel and provided with grips for easy removal and installation. Baffle grease filters collect grease and stop flames from penetrating into the hood exhaust ductwork. They are designed to prevent flames from passing through the baffles and can withstand various temperature levels. The solid baffle construction of each hood filter ensures a reliable flame barrier when you need it. Practising efficient grease removal lowers the risk of incidents such as flare-ups.
  • VOLUME CONTROL DAMPERS Principally designed for our natural ventilation range, our plastic volume control dampers have a shut off level far surpassing that of regular volume control dampers and even some shut off dampers. Independent tests show no leakage below 10Pa; the pressure most likely to be found in natural ventilation installations. With even 10Pa rarely being exceeded in natural ventilation situations, it is clear how uPVC volume control dampers can enhance the efficiency of your new natural ventilation system. Our Volume Control Dampers have numerous features designed to give maximum performance. We use an aerofoil blade, shaped to provide exceptionally low resistance to air travelling over it. The standard out of airstream linkage is also fitted, protecting the precise gears from dust and moisture. This linkage system uses nylon gears and wearing parts, coming together to produce a damper with exceptionally low operating torque. Not only does this make it easier for you to adjust your damper manually, but, if motorised, it means dramatically reduced loading on actuators and therefore an extended working life. Airtherm have a large range of both metal and uPvc dampers in circular, square and rectangular shapes with sizes from 300mm to 1800mm. Volume control dampers need not be overly complicated. The only requirements are that they should have a low leakage when closed, not create too much resistance when open and should be easy to operate. Series VCD Volume Control Dampers satisfy all of these requirements - the 75mm blade pitch with a blade less than 1cm thick at it's widest point, results in very little resistance when open, while the standard blade is shaped perfectly to reduce leakage when closed.
  • GRILLES & DIFFUSERS A consistently popular product, ceiling diffusers are effective supply units suited perfectly to modular ceiling systems. Normally used in commercial installations requiring an air change rate up to about 10 times per hour. Our louvre faced ceiling diffusers are especially suitable where people are working for long periods of time, and draughts need to be avoided. Ceiling diffusers are designed to integrate into lay in T bar ceilings as standard. However should you require it, we can fit your CD into burgess tiles or other tile systems. Our HVC Series DD Double Deflection Grilles are recommended for supply in a huge variety of applications. The two rows of blades are set at 90 degrees to each other, with one row set just behind the front most row. Gaps between the blades are sufficient to allow easy adjustment of blades, enabling custom blow patterns to be created. Whether these be targeted towards one area or fanned out to affect a wide area. Bringing consistent high performance, the standard Egg Crate extract grille has now been joined by the Egg Crate 45 degree grille, giving the same performance. Egg Crate Core is made from thin aluminium strips arranged into a lattice. The square holes in the core are sized 12.5mm x 12.5mm, resulting in a free area of over 90%. This core is held within a one of two available frames. Designed to integrate with the wider range of grille frames, you can be sure of design consistency whatever grille you buy from us.
  • SupportsAttenuationVentilation Ductwork The ventilation system ductwork is manufactured and installed to incorporate cleaning and maintenance access doors to fully comply with DW /144 ductwork standards. Ductwork selection can vary dependant on our clients criteria; the options include for spirally wound, galvanised with or without the required for mezz flanges or even 1mm thick stainless steel. All ductwork can be powder coated internally and externally to any colour within the BS or RAL colour range. For installation within ventilation ductwork systems to reduce airflow noise, these can be fitted with or without a pod and come in a range of sizes from 315 dia to 1250 dia (other sizes available on request). The end faces will have either rivnuts/hank bushes to match the flange details of any associated fan or spigots if connecting onto spiral or flexible ducting. Melinex Lining can be added as an optional extra in kitchen extract or moist laden air. The Big Foot Systems versatile range offers an array of solutions to support a variety of air handling units and ventilation systems. Many larger air-handling units are made up of several sectional components that can be individually crane lifted directly onto rooftops. Frame kits for most major manufacturers VRV/ VRF units are available from stock. With the main plant positioned upon the roof, there is generally a need to install the associated auxiliary services. M&E containment such as ductwork, pipe and cable tray can be supported from a number of auxiliary support products. DUCTWORK & ACCESSORIES
  • INTELLIGENT CONTROLS Kitchen Ventilation Controls Our unique kitchen ventilation controls and intelligent sensors have been developed to deliver optimum control and ease of use of all our ventilation systems. The VGPS-K-CO2 offers a complete single panel package patented by our controls specialist The system is easy to use because an LCD display gives solutions and full status information. The system ensures all fans are running before gas can be used. It also carries out a gas pressure prove on the cook line and continually checks that the incoming gas pressure is sufficient. In addition, it monitors the carbon dioxide level to ensure that HSE set levels are not exceeded. Should the carbon dioxide level rise above 2,300ppm the panel LCD will advise staff to increase the ventilation fan speed at the speed controllers. The maximum allowed level of carbon dioxide is 2,800ppm, as published in HSE catering sheet 23 revision 1. It is a requirement that all new and refurbished commercial kitchens have their ventilation system interlock to the gas supply in order to ensure the air quality in the working environment All products are fully compliant to BS6173: 2009, Gas Safe TB140BB100,BB101, IGEUP11 and IGEUP1A Design and Support Features Designed from listening to our clients requirements, including kitchen staff. Gas pressure measuring, true differential pressure across the solenoid valve. An engineer can see kitchen and valve seat gas leakage on the LCD. An engineer can also see gas pressure and carbon dioxide levels on the LCD. All panels designed built and supported by Medem UK. Compact design: H183mm, W212mm, D97mm
  • INTELLIGENT CONTROLS Pressure Sender The differential gas pressure proving method, as developed and patented by Medem, operates by measuring the pressure differentially across the inlet and the outlet of a gas isolation valve using micro transducers. All other systems can only see the gas pressure when the valve is open. Differential proving enables the supply pressure to be measured before the associated isolation valve is opened. This means that in the event of gas over pressure or under pressure the valve would remain safely shut and reported on the system LCD. Carbon Dioxide Sensor CO2 detection is designed to deal with its production either via cooking or biological processes (namely breathing). CO2 is roughly equal weight and density as air it will therefore naturally diffuse equally within a space. CO2 detectors are for the purpose of monitoring the air quality within an area to ensure adequate ventilation is taking place, as such the detectors should be located with the main body of the room within the breathing zone (4 to 8 feet) but not in such a place they'd likely be exposed to a potential release point (i.e. someone breathing on it). Current Monitoring It is a requirement that any mechanical ventilation within a kitchen environment (both supply and extract) is switched on and running before the use of any gas appliances can take place. With the VGPS-K if the ventilation is not switched on, the LCD display informs the operator that the fans are off and to switch on the fans and restart the panel. With the fans on and running the system will then perform a down- stream integrity check using our patented Differential Pressure Proving method.
  • INTELLIGENT GAS VALVES Gas Solenoid shut-Off Valves Series 2000 Solenoid Valves are Safety Shut-off or Control Valves for use on gases in gas families 1, 2 and 3 and are also suitable for use with air within the valves pressure range (see specification). Two valves may be bolted together in tandem to form a double block valve. Series 2000 is a range of Solenoid Operated Safety Shut-off Valves. Their primary application is the on/off control of low pressure 1st (town gas), 2nd (natural gas) and 3rd (LPG) family gases, although they may also be used as control valves for devices such as automatic burners and for low pressure air applications. The valves are available in screwed connections from up to 2 and have Flow Adjustment as a standard feature. Slow Opening valves are available and CPI Switches are available as an extra. All valves are supplied with plugged Pressure Test Points in both Inlet and Outlet Ports on both sides of the valve. The valve construction is of an aluminium die-cast body with a solenoid actuator and is maintenance free. There are no user serviceable parts to the valve. Upon being energised, the fast opening valve will open instantaneously whilst the slow opening valve will open. Features * CE Certificated * Range from " to 2" * Flow Restrictor as standard * Flow Regulation from 0 to 100% * Full-wave Rectified Coil for quiet operation * Normally Closed operation * 200mbar maximum working pressure * Pressure Test Points on Inlet and Outlet * Approved to EN161 Group 2, Class A * Available as Fast or Slow Opening * Built in filter * Available with Closed Position Indicator Switch * 230V, 110V and 24V AC 50/60Hz Versions * Range of accessories available * Supplied with PG11 Cable Gland
  • ANSUL FIRE SUPPRESSION Safeguarding kitchens with Ansul protection The R102 System conforms to NFPA standards 17, 17a and 96 and is UL300 listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc . The system can be supplied with nozzles, detectors, cartridges, liquid agent, fusible links, pulley tress and elbows as required for the specific commercial kitchen or restaurant application. You can choose from either of the following: Appliance-Specific Design The most efficient fire protection is accomplished when nozzles are selected and aimed at specific hazard areas on each appliance. Overlapping Appliance Protection When flexibility and simplicity are most important, nozzles are placed in a straight line arrangement providing overlapping agent discharge patterns. Ansul have set the standard for kitchen fire suppression, detecting and suppressing fires throughout the industry. A unique low pH liquid fire suppressant is used which is equipment friendly and cleans up fast once discharged. Ansul R102 Suppression System is an invaluable resource for kitchens Ansul Fire Suppression systems, before its too late!
  • CASE STUDIES CANOPY & SUPPRESSION ELMHURST SCHOOL We liaised with both the consultant, Fowler Martin, and the contractor, AC Preou at all times during the installation of this Induction Island Canopy. The system featureed an Ansul R-102 Fire Suppression system, fully recessed grease- proof lights and a Medem Control Interlock system. KITCHEN VENTILATION HALLSVILLE PRIMARY SCHOOL Our track record of successful and efficient projects was demonstrated by this 'Canvent' island kitchen canopy installation for the London Borough Council of Newham. The 4100 x 2200 x 600 deep island kitchen canopy was fitted with grease proof, recessed lights, stainless steel grease filters and a R102 Ansul fire suppression system. WALL MOUTED SYSTEM TIVIDALE SCHOOL We worked closely with Sandwell MBC to complete this installation of a kitchen ventilation system, complete with control solution that featured a thyristor, speed regulators and gas interlock. The existing canopy was removed and a stainless steel wall mounted extraction canopy was designed and installed in it's place, with a provision for make-up air. ISLAND CANOPY SYSTEM EDGBASTON HIGH SCHOOL This project involved the supply and installation of multiple kitchen ventilation canopies at a well-known school in Edgbaston, Birmingham The main island canopy sized at 9.0m x 3.0m, complete with grease baffle filters and lighting. A condense channel with slope was designed complement the existing feature of a 1950's glass construction.