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Through the creation of our designs we empower women to break the cycle of poverty.


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our story

At kith+kin we recognize that poverty in Africa is disabling; it deprives communities of opportunities to move forward and better their lives. Women are the gateway to changing this issue. kith+kin partners with former prostitutes because we see their value as influencers.

We are committed to empowering them with a safe job that provides a consistent income. This income helps provide them with food,medical care and education for their families, which trickles down to positively impact future generations. kith+kin promotes these at-risk women and their skill sets through the construction of our artisanal handbags. Our handbags are designed in-house; each bag is constructed by hand utilizing the finest materials. This attention to detail permeates all that we do and makes each bag truly one of a kind.

The words “kith” and “kin” come from the root word “kinfolk”, meaning one body of people or family. kith+kin symbolizes two bodies of people coming together to form one vision. Through the creation of our designs we unite with the women of Africa in commitment to creating a lasting impact on poverty.

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Through the C R E A T I O N designs

e m p o w e r women to break the cycle of p o v e r t y.

of our


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