knife knee kneel knob knife knee kneel knob knight

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Slide 2 knife Slide 3 knee Slide 4 kneel Slide 5 knob Slide 6 knife knee kneel knob Slide 7 knight Slide 8 night Slide 9 knead Slide 10 need Slide 11 knight night knead need Slide 12 knuckle Slide 13 prickle Slide 14 purple Slide 15 pickle Slide 16 knuckle prickle purple pickle Slide 17 thought Slide 18 brought Slide 19 sought Slide 20 fought Slide 21 thought brought sought fought Slide 22 giggle Slide 23 wiggle Slide 24 piggle Slide 25 dirtied Slide 26 giggle wiggle piggle Slide 27 1. knife knee kneel knob 2. knight night knead need 3. knuckle prickle purple pickle 4. thought brought sought fought 5. giggle wiggle piggle Slide 28 Homer played a game with bear. Slide 29 I know how to tie a knot with a string. Slide 30 1. Homer played a game with bear. 2.I know how to tie a knot with a string. Slide 31 Nowgo take out your Open Court journal and get ready for Build a Word.