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Prelims of the 2014 KQA Food Quiz done by Arul Mani and self.


  • Eff Glorious Eff 2014 PRELIMS
  • 1. Gum arabica or gelatin are the usual surrogates called in to mimic a chewy or toasty texture originally associated with a product sourced from a flowering plant that grew in waterlogged areas. What confectionery item is this?
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  • ANSWER Marshmallows
  • 2. This plant bears the name Ilex, which is the genus name used in Europe for Holly. The species name paraguayensis should clue you into which beverage we are talking about. What beverage?
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  • ANSWER Mate Yerba mate
  • 3. Her shorter Latin name survives in English as a word with morning/ritual connotations. Her Greek name might remind you of the story of an abducted daughter . Give the Latin name, the Greek name, and the English word. (3 points)
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  • ANSWER Ceres Demeter Cereal
  • 4. If potatoes are served en chemise, in what manner are they cooked and presented?
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  • ANSWER In/with their skins
  • 5. What word , reminiscent of things that ring, is used for these familiar objects?
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  • ANSWER Cloche, from the French word for bell.
  • 6. This US term is tautological in that the first word is simply the Italian word for bean. It is merely broad abroad, that is, in the rest of the English-speaking world. Its exotic associations received a boost due to the closing moments of a 1991 film. Some people in the Mediterranean and Iran are known to suffer from an allergy to this plant producta condition known as Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency. Also known by a shorter name derived from the common name. This alternative term might remind you of a beastly art movement. So, what is the US term? And what is the alternative name for the allergy?
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  • ANSWER Fava Beans Favism
  • 7. The origins of the common term for this culinary offering go back to the French word for small blade, given on account of its characteristic flat shape. It is apparently one of the English words that are pronounced in four or five different ways across Bangalore, because it is staple fare in Kaka hotels, in continental joints, in booze houses and so on. The City version might suggest that it never arrives in time, but that is neither here nor there. What common term?
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  • ANSWER Omelette
  • 8. This five-letter word is used for the result s obtained by boiling flour in milk, water or vegetable stock. You could apply it to beverages such as Horlicks, but the manufacturers chose not to , perhaps on account of the negative image that the word received after it became the subject of a request in an 1838 novel. What word? Also name the novel. (2 points)
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  • ANSWER Gruel Oliver asks for more of this in Dickens Oliver Twist.
  • 9. Another classic of tautological naming is this superb spiced offering with a crisped rice-flour jacket from places such as Amma Mess and Kumar Mess in Madurai. The Hindi/Urdu word for round travelled with Muslim chefs/conquerors, but since the locals didnt understand it, they added their own word for round after. What?
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  • ANSWER Gola Urundai /Kola Urundai Literally, round round.
  • 10. It bears a name that could be translated as Refresher of the Mind or Spirits Delight, and is sometimes also called the Abilasitartha Chintamani. The first two sections are about how kings may acquire and hold on to kingdoms. The third section , titled Upabhogasya Vimsati, makes this work a valuable culinary and historical record. It features recipes for the iddarika, the purika, and a bizarre fascination for roasting the reproductive organs of large fish. Identify the work, and the Chalukya ruler to whom it is usually attributed. (2 points)
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  • ANSWER Manasollasa Someshwara III /Someshwaradeva III
  • 11. GI # 144 is given to a town in Haveri district on account of its connections with the variety shown below. Which town?
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  • ANSWER Byadagi
  • 12. In Goan Konkani , it is called nachni, which may or may not have anything to do with the poetic Sanskrit name Nrtta-Kondaka, or dancing grain. In Tamizh, works of the Sangam age refer to it as Kezhvaragu or red grain, a name that survives to this day. What grain?
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  • ANSWER Ragi
  • 13. Kundan Lal, a post-Partition refugee, arrived in Delhi and set up a business where he invented a signature dish that works by a near heretical combination of ingredients, to quote food writer Chitrita Das: yoghurt, garlic, ginger, ground spices, tomatoes and large dollops of the dairy item that gives the dish its name. What dish? What was Kundan Lals restaurant called? (2 points)
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  • ANSWER Butter Chicken Moti Mahal
  • 14. A variant of Mishti Doi, called Payodhi, is usually associated with Jalajoga, a Kolkata confectioner. This name is a poetic way of referring to an ocean of milk, and was apparently given in tribute by somebody weve heard of . Who?
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  • ANSWER Tagore (R).
  • 15) This is the original version (test-marketed in Sri Lanka) of a hybrid fast food that prompted large amounts of Twitter derision a few days ago. Name it.
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  • The Pizza Hut Birizza.
  • 16) In its heyday, these confectionery items were made of chocolate or bubblegum (in the US and Europe) and chalky sugar in other countries (including India). Later legislation, however, saw them banned in several countries such as Brazil, Finland, Norway, the Republic of Ireland, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, with legislators citing desensitization of children as a reason. In India, however, they continue to be available, although a decreasing number of stores seem to stock them. What item of confectionery?
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  • Candy cigarettes.
  • 17) This is a single-purpose kitchen utensil designed to make a particular task easier and quicker, and also to eliminate the tedious process of peeling. What task?
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  • Mincing garlic.
  • 18) What brand of chocolate, created by accident in 1920 when a Cadbury employee spilled excess chocolate out of its mould and noticed its improved texture when cooled, is advertised with the slogan Succumb To The Crumb?
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  • Cadbury Flake
  • 19) Jose Andres is a Spanish-America chef, often credited with popularising the concept of tapas in America, and frequent guest on reality shows such as Top Chef and Iron Chef America. In 2013, Andres took another job as culinary consultant on a TV show, tasked with creating dishes that are visually appealing, meticulously prepared, but also a little unsettling, in keeping with the shows title character who is, among other things, an accomplished cook and epicure. Name the show.
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  • Hannibal.
  • 20) This is the commercially-available version of a chocolate bar that was designed to be a component in a particular food package, the quality of which is widely derided amongst its intended consumers but which nevertheless command high prices on eBay and Craigslist. Where are they usually found?
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  • MREs (Meals Ready to Eat), the standard U.S. military ration.
  • 21) This is Rosti, a potato pancake considered the national dish of its country of origin. In fact, it is so popular that the line separating two linguistically distinct parts of the country is known as the Rostigraben (literally the Rosti ditch), on account of one part being much more fond of it than the other. In which country would you find the Rostigraben?
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  • Switzerland
  • 22) Vegan substitutes for this commonly-used baking ingredient (most often used for added visual appeal rather than its negligible flavour or nutritional value) include vegetable oil, non-dairy milk and butter substitutes, and light corn syrup thinned with water. What last- minute ingredient?
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  • Egg wash.
  • 23) The addition of an acidic ingredient (usually Cream of Tartar) and a drying agent (usually starch, such as cornstarch) to common ingredient X produces Y, another common ingredient. Therefore X should be used in dishes with acidic ingredients such as yogurt, buttermilk or honey already present, while Y can be added to any dish to get the desired effect. X and Y are often mistaken for each other, however, usually in poorly-written recipes, resulting in many fallen cakes and inedible cookies (in my experience, at least). Identify X and Y.
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  • X Baking Soda Y Baking Powder
  • 24) In a 2013 article for the Wall Street Journal charting the rise in popularity of a particular ethnic food in America, journalist Tom Gara wrote: These are the kind of debates that are fun to watch if you can ever get an Israeli, a Lebanese, a Syrian and a Turk in the same room. And while these people will likely disagree on much more than just their ______ and their nations claims to it, there will be one thing they will happily agree upon: the kind of flavored, processed and packaged ______ beloved in America is totally, completely wrong. ______ is still largely produced and consumed the old-fashioned way: made in small batches by restaurants, grocers and families, and eaten pretty much the way it always has been. Industrial scale ______ production has become a factor, but not the defining one. And flavored ______: chiopotle, pesto, spinach and artichoke, is considered nothing short of an abomination. Fill in the blanks.
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  • Hummus
  • 25) The name of this cooking implement, originally called a spider, is also used as the nickname of a particular sport , since the playing field of the sport resembles the look of the utensil. Name the utensil, and the sport.
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  • American Football, popularly known as gridiron football.
  • 26) #Kolstylz If cabbage leaves are used, it is called sarma, but if grapevine leaves are used, what is it called?
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  • Dolma or Dolmades.