kylie wattier portfolio art my media includes: * acrylic * chalk * charcoal * colored pencil *...

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Kylie Wattier

Kylie WattierPortfolio Art

My media includes:*Acrylic*Chalk*Charcoal*Colored pencil* Environmental sculptures* Ink*Oil paint*Pastel*Pencil*Tye-Dye*Water color*Clay*wood burning*Marker

My Acrylic Paint Designs

Media: Acrylic PaintSize: 24in. x 30in.Title: HE Has risenNextTitle: Guardian AngelSize: 24in X 34in Media: Acrylic PaintNext

Media: acrylic paintSize: 24in. X 30in.Title: Comic catastropheNext

Title: Graduation HeadSize: 17in X 40in Media: Acrylic PaintBeforeAfterNext

Media: Acrylic paintSize: 12in. x 16in.Title: 50 cents gun Next

Size: 79 in X 92inMedia: Acrylic paintTitle: Checkerboard wallnext

Media: Spray paint and acrylic paintSize: 92in X 190inTitle: Kylienext

Media: Acrylic paintSize: 35 X 79Title: My bedroom DoorNext

Media: Acrylic paintSize: 16in. X 20in.Title: Come out and playNext

Media: acrylic paintSize: 12in. x 16in.Title: warm winter welcomeNext

Media: Acrylic paintSize: 12in. X 16in.Title: Riddance RapperNext

Media: Acrylic paintSize: 12in. X 12in.Title: my familynext

Size: 6in. X 18in.Media: acrylic paintTitle: LanghorstnextSize: 6in. X 18in.Media: acrylic paintTitle: WelcomeNext

Media: acrylic paintTitle: the benevolent roseSize: 12in. X 16in. next

Title: Tiger PawSize: 2in. X 3 1/2in.Media: Acrylic paintnext

Media: Acrylic paintTitle: Behind GlassSize: 24in. X 30in. Next