lafayette digital marketing forum presentation: how to reach and engage your multi-screen customers

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WELCOME Digital Marketing Forum: How to Reach and Engage Your Multi-screen Customers Presented by Cox Media and LSBDC

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With 90 percent of all daily media interactions being screen-based, there are exciting opportunities for businesses to connect their brands online with new and current multi-screen customers. This presentation provides an overview of the ideas shared by three speakers during the small business forum in May 2014 about "How to Reach and Engage Your Multi-screen Customers." Presented by Cox Media Louisiana and LSBDC, the forum helped Lafayette small businesses answer the question, what is my marketing opportunity in a multi-screen world? Speakers and key takeaways: -Dan Russell, Mixpo director of cable partnerships: Consumers spend an average of nearly 10 hours a day on screen-based media. To reach and engage these multi-screen consumers, remember to be consistent, connected, considered and concise -Jeanne Hurlbert, PhD, CEO and consultant: One of the chief ways your business can achieve growth is by garnering evidence or “social proof” that you are better than your competitors. Use surveys to help gather proof in your organization and differentiate your company. -Stafford Kendall, Covalent Logic owner and Chief Strategist: When marketing your business through social media, use the elements of storytelling. Your brand should remain real, develop a theme, use your employees as characters and approach conflict as an opportunity to personally connect with your customers.


  • 1. WELCOME Digital Marketing Forum: How to Reach and Engage Your Multi-screen Customers Presented by Cox Media and LSBDC

2. #geauxdigital14 SPEAKERS Dan Russell, Mixpo Jeanne Hurlbert, PhD Stafford Kendall, Covalent Logic 3. #geauxdigital14 HOUSEKEEPING ITEMS Index Cards Forum Survey iPad Drawing Todays Presentation Tweet the Event! #geauxdigital14 4. Addressing the Multi-screen Consumer Dan Russell, Director, Cable Partnerships, Mixpo 5. OVER TIME CHOICES MULTIPLIED 6. Its A Multi-screen World Media Consumption Per Day 9:47 2:21 2:19 0:36 4:31 Consumers spend on average each day on screens 7. Its A Multi-screen World Source: Google/Ipsos/Sterling 2012 8. #geauxdigital14 MULTI-SCREEN USAGE Smartphones Dominate 9. 60 Seconds Online? Source: Qmee: July 24, 2013 10. #geauxdigital14 27 BILLION video ad viewed online in January 2014 49 BILLION online videos watched in January 2014 Consumers Are Online and watching video on every device Source: comScore January 2014, Accenture Video Solutions Survey 2013 90% 81% 21% 44% 89% 33% 53% PC/Laptop Tablet Smartphone 2012 of consumers watch video content over the internet Percentage of viewers consumer video by device 11. #geauxdigital14 DEVICE FRAGMENTATION IS A CHALLEGE FOR PUBLISHERS AND MARKETERS: 12. #geauxdigital14 Multi-screen Advertising Audience Receptivity Television continues to dominate in terms of opportunity to engage audience Sensitivity needed in addressing multiscreen audiences Consider the device and utility 13. #geauxdigital14 Video Consumption Across Screens Different habits for different devices High engagement / lean in User-generated content Shorter video clips Personal, on the go device More social with video Full-length TV shows, movies & series Live content Lean Back passive viewing experience Lean back & lean in Longer form content User generated content Workday / office hours TV MobileDesktop Multitasking 14. #geauxdigital14 Increase Engagement And KPIS with interactive features Increase awareness & consideration PowerShare Pin It Button Content Panels Product Survey Long Form Video Product Slideshow Live Countdown Clock Video or Product Gallery Live Twitter & Content Feeds Drive leads, store traffic & sales SMS Alerts Tap to Call Tap to Text Buy Button Lead Capture Search Products View or Print Circulars Print Coupon or Recipes Personalized Map + Directions to Closest Retail Location Best features for local advertisers AWARENESS FAVORABILITY CONSIDERATION PURCHASE INTENT LEADS SALES 15. #geauxdigital14 LOCAL DEMOS 16. #geauxdigital14 Multi-screen Recommendations 17. How To Leverage Big Data, Skyrocket Digital Conversions Jeanne Hurlbert, PhD Consultant, CEO of 18. Sunbury, NC 19. National Science Foundation 20. The Power of Connection 21. Getting Marketing ROI 3 key elements to marketing success 1. Proof of what you accomplish 2. Industry surveys to reveal the 5 core problems of your niche 3. Relate these to your back-end data systems and marketing 22. Method #1: Proof 23. The Little Company That Could Story of a tiny ecommerce business Ramped up revenue with NO extra work Ten days after product ships, automated link to survey 24. The Result? 10-15 testimonials a month Data-- 95% satisfaction Over 90% would recommend Feedback keeps coming 25. The Big Guys Couldnt $100-million company Turnarounds Almost NO proof Why? No system! 26. Suppose You Wanted a Consultant . . . Consultant B 100 testimonials Statistical data: 98% are satisfied, 90% would recommend 30 case studies Consultant A 10 testimonials But. . . Should I Believe? 27. Whom Would YOU Choose? 28. Your Competitors . . . Most of your competitors lack proof: More than 80%, fewer than 10 testimonials 60% have fewer than 5 case studies Almost none have statistical data Opportunitydifferentiate! 29. Surveys Yield Proof Surveys provide the key to getting proof without time and expense 868 testimonials, with permission to use them, with our testimonial generator Accessible to everyone 30. Golden Digital Content! Permeate your marketing appeal to peoples logic AND emotions But also use in CONTENT! 31. Sample Video Script How to Solve the Problem of XXXX One of the big problems I see frequently is that people just dont know how to_______ SOLVING that problem can make all the difference in the world, because it lets you ____ In fact, when I recently surveyed people whom Ive taught to ______, the results were amazing One of those customers now gets HIRED to ____ for other people Several of these people have gotten JOBS, based on their ______ 32. And Then . . . They took whole course, but I want to show you 3 mistakes people make and 3 things you can do, right now, to succeed Top 3 mistakes Top 3 solutions CTA [possibly tell them that 97% of the customers in your course were satisfied; and in a world where most people dont take action, 70%--nearly 3 out of 4actually _____] 33. Method #2: 5 Core Problems 34. Why Dont More Businesses Create Content? They Dont Know What to Create! 35. Good Digital Content Requires . . . Understanding your audience Comes from Outcomes Strategies Tactics Knowing core problems 36. What Motivates Them? What keeps them awake at night? What are their core concerns? What are they focusing on most? What are their core goals, challenges? 37. Useful At Two Levels Understand your customers and prospective customers at a deep level Focus your content, products/services, marketing Hold up the mirror in digital content Position yourself and business Authority, credibility, thought leadership 38. How to Uncover? Industry Surveys 39. Research FoundationCoaching Company Company built on white papers from research Lead generation White papers sold for $50 on Kindle Go-to in the industry 40. Other Benefits Guides content, products, marketing Solidifies thought leadership Guides decision making Garners PR and publicity Attracts JV partners Fuels marketing 41. It Works Anywhere . . . Small coaching firm in design space Survey on a shoestring 70% opt-in rate on e-book Over $400,000 in direct revenue from this campaign 42. #3: Make The Connection 43. Big Data Big buzz about big data Lot of noise Confusion What it is What it means What it canand cantdo for you Can produce overwhelm 44. Front End Strategy 45. Quiz or Assessment Quizwhich core problems do you have? Automate a conversation Quizzes are fun! Diagnose the problem, prescribe YOUR cure 46. For Example . . . Tag prospects, send data into CRM Target follow-up sequences Follow-up specific to each prospects problem(s) 47. Imagine If You Could . . . We do A, B, C, D,E . . . versus You told us THIS is wrong and THIS is how we can help you solve YOUR problem Automate a conversation with EVERY website visitor Show them EXACTLY how you can help maximize their potential 48. Back End Strategy 49. Enriching Data Missing or hard-to-measure information Contextual information Examples: Age, gender, zip code Household income, marital status, kids, home market value, education 50. Predictive Analytics Which customers are most profitable? Which problems do I solve most effectively? Which types of campaigns are generating greatest ROI? How well am I turning Facebook likes into Leads? 51. Power of Connection Automate what my father did, take it to a new level Connections with them depend on information connections within your business Linking next generations tool with last generations insights 52. Get Our White Paper: The Hidden Costs of Social Proof Text Your Name and Email Address to: 225-395-0238 53. Tell Your Story Through Social Media Stafford Kendall Business Ambassador, Covalent Logic 54. 5 Elements of Storytelling 1. Theme 2. Venue 3. Characters 4. Plot 5. Conflict 55. Whats It For? Facebook - Strengthening relationships you already have Twitter - Meeting new customers and vendors Instagram - Document the story of your business Pinterest - Establish Brand Identity YouTube - Slice & Dice video assets to recreate live experiences Digital Advertising - Portal to connect 56. Q&A PANEL