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  1. 1. Everyone,Everyone, Everywhere,Everywhere, LandcareLandcare Ark Strategic CorporateArk Strategic Corporate Communication ConferenceCommunication Conference
  2. 2. WHAT IS LANDCARE? Over 100,000 volunteers in 4,000 groups Doing something practical Landcare is a movement of volunteer community groups working to protect and repair Australias magnificent environment INTRODUCTIONINTRODUCTION Achievements include: Planted over 35 million native seedlings Regenerated over 1 million hectares of remnant vegetation Erected over 25,000 kilometres of protective fencing Involved over half a million volunteers
  3. 3. COASTCARE MOVEMENTCOASTCARE MOVEMENT 60,000 Coastcare volunteers in 2,000 Coastcare groups Tackling problems such as Dune erosion Loss of native plants and animals Storm water pollution Weeds Control of human access to sensitive areas Marking new territory in terms of PR & communications Targeting younger, urban audience
  4. 4. WHO IS LANDCARE AUSTRALIA LIMITED?WHO IS LANDCARE AUSTRALIA LIMITED? Established in 1989, Landcare Australia is the official not-for-profit company responsible for the sponsorship marketing of Landcare COMMUNITY GOVERNMENT - BUSINESS Landcare has initiated an international model for community-based, cooperative land management - spread to Philippines, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, South Africa & USA Offices/representatives in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane
  5. 5. THE ISSUES AT STAKETHE ISSUES AT STAKE The groups all give their time free of charge and tackle some major issues facing the landscape. Landcare Weeds Biodiversity Sustainable agriculture protecting soils from salinity and erosion Wetland and river protection Bring back trees to the landscape Coastcare Dune erosion Loss of native plants and animals Storm water pollution Coastal weeds Control of human access to sensitive areas
  6. 6. Landcare Gardening Gardening with the Australian environment in mind, adopting the right gardening techniques, plants and water usage PRIORITY PROGRAMSPRIORITY PROGRAMS Junior Landcare Encouraging young people to play an active role in ensuring the safe future of their environment CarbonSMART Australias first ongoing carbon pool to support biodiversity Indigenous Landcare Indigenous communities using traditional indigenous values and practices through community activity Landcare Farming Adopting sustainable farming practices for the good of the land and land managers
  7. 7. PURPOSE OF THE PR TEAMPURPOSE OF THE PR TEAM The function of the PR team is six-fold (at least!) Promoting the partnerships with our corporate supporters Promoting the fantastic work undertaken by our on-ground volunteers Promoting our priority programs We have a high level of government support, so promoting Government support and funding opportunities eg Envirofund Keeping logo and organisation awareness high 6. Above all, promoting the Landcare ethic
  8. 8. LEVEL OF LOGO & BRAND RECOGNITIONLEVEL OF LOGO & BRAND RECOGNITION Power of the caring hands logo Awareness of Coastcare is estimated at 38% Awareness of the Coastcare logo was evident among 57% of the Australian population Awareness of Landcare in 2006 was estimated at 72% Awareness of the Landcare Australia logo was evident among 74% of the Australian population
  9. 9. OUR CHALLENGESOUR CHALLENGES Ageing base of volunteers need to widen our demographic Lots of environmental organisations out there differentiation Promoting a positive message always a hard sell Going since 1989 finding new news Stakeholders include: * Government * Community groups * Experts * Corporates Need to satisfy all stakeholders!
  10. 10. ANNUAL CAMPAIGNSANNUAL CAMPAIGNS Landcare Week Held on the first week of Spring every year Coastcare Week Held on the first week of Summer every year World Environment Day 5th June annually And plenty in between aiming for year-round media presence
  11. 11. LANDCARE WEEK 2007 SNEAK PEEKLANDCARE WEEK 2007 SNEAK PEEK Select an issue of importance to the groups and to landcare 2007: Weeds Costing the country over $4 billion every year 8 worst weeds have now taken over 20 million hectares of Australian countryside Weeds are now second only to land clearing as a cause of species extinction in Australia National media campaign roll-out Work to get our celebrity supporters, CEO and groups featuring in as many national media outlets as possible 2007 campaign: 10 TV, 40 radio,300+ newspaper articles
  13. 13. PROMOTING THE GROUP WORKPROMOTING THE GROUP WORK Getting the volunteers stories in the media as theyre amazing stories of dedication AUSTRALIAN SEABIRD RESCUEAUSTRALIAN SEABIRD RESCUE - Rescued over 1000 pelicans & addressed over 25,000 students - Won the 2004 National Coastcare Award - Groups in almost every state (including SAs Project Dolphin Safe) CARPENTARIA GHOST NETS PROGRAMCARPENTARIA GHOST NETS PROGRAM - Involves eleven indigenous community groups from NW Queensland - Remove ghost nets, rescue marine life & record data - Received the 2005 Queensland Coastcare Award This year this program also won the National Banksia Environmental award We promoted it throughout national TV, radio and press as well as great coverage in their local area
  14. 14. CORPORATE PARTNERSHIP CAMPAIGNSCORPORATE PARTNERSHIP CAMPAIGNS Bundaberg Bush fund Legends of League match held in Townsville to help rebuild Far North QLD after Cyclone Larry Partnership between Landcare, Bundaberg, Men of League and others such as the local leagues club Backyard Blitz did a special episode on rebuilding a school grounds using the money raised Huge success next one held on ANZAC day in 2007 to raise funds for drought Another planned for later in the year in Rockhampton
  15. 15. NATIONAL AND STATE AWARDSNATIONAL AND STATE AWARDS Held in every state to recognise local heroes in different categories such as Individual landcarer award, Community Group Award, Nature Conservation Award etc Landcare is all about the grassroots movement so a great way to promote community involvement Winners promoted in local media Winners entries are sent through to the national awards Landcare fly all winners of the state awards to a National Awards Ceremony Over 500 people attend Awards presented by the Prime Minister or his representative Hosted by a celebrity MC Huge amount of publicity and media surround the awards and the winners A great way to thank the Landcare movement
  16. 16. WORKING STRATEGICALLY WITH MEDIAWORKING STRATEGICALLY WITH MEDIA Channel Ten An annual partnership allowing for huge amount of mutual promotion Totally Wild, McLeods Daughters, TTN Working with script writers Providing features and case studies to relevant programmes Outdoor advertising Working with partners such as Adshell who donate vacant bus shelter spots to support our CSAs
  17. 17. OUR COMMUNICATION TOOLSOUR COMMUNICATION TOOLS Important to nurture the movement and their needs Landcare magazine Distribution of 32,500 with readership three times that Focus on practical issues tips and tricks for everything from gardening, farming and land use Entries sent in by landcare groups Website Receives 40,000+ hits per month A great resource for the latest news and many in-depth articles Submissions from landare groups and experts Case studies of corporate funded projects Special offers from our corporates for landcarers Email newsletters Provide current and localised news to the landcare network
  18. 18. WHERE TO NEXT?WHERE TO NEXT? We believe Landcare and Coastcare are a way for everyone to feel like they can play their part in protecting the environment of the future Move forward with more volunteers, more awareness and more corporate support Progress our message through new media and to new demographics Everyone, Everywhere, Landcare Questions?