launching digital badges to motivate 21st century learners

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1. Launching Digital Badges to Motivate 21st Century Learners November 7, 2013 Kelly Bruce, Dr. April Moore, Briana Hurd, Evita Gonzalez, Dr. Karen Jeffrey Conference Evaluation: #009 2. Overview of Digital Badging 3. Student Site: 4. SITE BADGES 5. Site Badges 6. CNUSD & DIGITAL BADGING 7. Parent Site: Parent language & focus Information about college and career readiness indicators Links for student preparation 8. Parent Website: 9. NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL BADGING MOVEMENT 10. GAMIFICATION OF LEARNING 11. Brainstorming Badges 12. Action ItemPerson ResponsibleTimeline 13. PROCESS, TIMELINE, & ROLES 14. MARKETING/LAUNCH KIT 15. DIGITAL BADGING USER GROUP 16. JOIN THE CONVERSATION CONTACT US Kelly Bruce| [email protected] Dr. April Moore | [email protected] Briana Hurd | [email protected] Evita Gonzalez | [email protected] Dr. Karen Jeffrey| [email protected] Evaluation: #009