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St. Ignatius of Loyola

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  • 1. St. Ignatius of Loyola

2. It is good to begin at the end. 3. It is good to begin at the end for it will tell ushow to proceed with our lives, with our wayof proceedings. 4. St. Ignatius liked to frame themanagement or government or running ofyour life with the end always in view. And he was convinced that the end and very purpose of our life is to live with God forever. 5. Who is St. Ignatius ofLoyola? 6. Convention of Evil 7. Vanity. Worldly Life. Fame and Power 8. He made use of his weaknesses ofdaydreaming for worldly things and hisvanity to follow God. He made hisweaknesses his strength. 9. Scruples Scruples are an uneasy feeling arising from conscience orprinciple that tends to hinder action. An inordinate doubt asto what is morally right. 10. Discernment 11. Values/Qualities in doing IgnatianDiscernment1. Openness2. Generosity3. Courage4. Interior Freedom5. A habit of prayerful reflection6. Having ones priorities straight7. Not confusion ends with means 12. St. Ignatius would always finished bytelling us that over all we must know ourweaknesses because when evil strikes usit will always attempt to manipulate ourweaknesses to its advantage. 13. For St. Ignatiusof Loyolaeverything canbe used for theapostolate evenhis weaknessesand frailties, forthe mission.