leading by example: kapost creates an abm center of excellence

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Leading by Example: Kapost Creates an ABM Center of Excellence


Todays PromiseProvide insight into Kaposts ABM Journey

Make it not sound so incredibly nebulous

Provide a actionable takeaways for success

About LeadMDDigital Marketing consultancy specializing in making strategy actionableFocused on the Marketo platform7 Years and 2600+ engagements

LeadMD Overview Top tiered Marketo Preferred PartnerWhy we specialize in Marketo2500 + engagementsEarly adopters started out as a marketing automation agency NOT as a digital marketing agency. 30 + Certified experts


Here to Share the Story of a Flipped Funnel

Justin GrayFounder/CEO, [email protected] BerwickSenior Director of Marketing, [email protected]

Why ABM at Kapost?

Enterprise-level account focusSpecific ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)Need to understand the challenges within those accounts:What does it take to get one piece of content done?What ROI could be achieved with efficiency?Once content is created, how is that being immortalized for reps?Conveying this in the traditional demand gen sense is very hardFocusing on a limited amount of accounts allows for reps to understand account better.


Process of Selling ABM InternallyTargeted set of accounts (typically larger accounts)Programs deliver highly personalized experienceCoordination across touches, channels, and experiencesAlways-on until account is removed from target listMarketing, sales development, and sales alignment is crucial

The answer: heavy Kapost usage equates to reduced churn risk

ABM reduces the risk of churn penetrating the entire company makes us sticky

If a customer only has one or two users on the platform, its easily deemed non-essential and replaced.So, the key for success is getting more teams like demand gen, customer success, services involved. It all comes down to: penetrating the entire institution, not just the content or marketing team

How was the ABM idea sold internally?

Whats process did you use to determine the changes that needed to take place?Walk us through: How did you seek and get internal buy-in to switch to ABM? Who did you pull together? What did that process look like?How did you work to achieve sales and marketing alignment?



Set yourself up for success


Lets talk about data structure

Lets talk about data structure under this model

Surrounded by a buying committeesDo you have the entire icp in your database? 55% coverage 100 %

Whats an ideal buyer persona

Whats the differences in Two dimensions, the individual, who they are, what level they are at, what their role is, the distance from purchasing power How much autonomy to make that decision, if they have to bring in that many people. it, the distance in buying power?

Doesnt align to industry

The person and their distance to purchasing power 8

The ABM Account Mix100key accounts50% Tech50% Other+=

The size of the initiative

Kapost wanted to kick off ABM in a controlled way: Focus on 100 key companies 50% limited to tech Other 50% from various industries


ABM Account planning process

Medium Sized Businesses (SMB)

Enterprise Businesses

Account planning process

Everyone else, made up of early-movers with a content marketing play Two reps: Enterprise, Mid MarketMid Market account executive Focus on top 50 Mid Market (high-growth) companies involved in content marketing


Getting Started


Kapost ABM FrameworkMARKET PLANNINGDefine Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and Buyer Personas (BP)Ideal Customer ProfileBuyer PersonasTarget account listSales and marketing signoff

ACCOUNT PLANNINGGather account/contact insights that will inform campaignsAccount teamsQuarterly account reviewsBi-weekly insight scrum2-3 insights for 100% of accounts

LEAD QUALIFICATIONSales development follows-up on leads to set appointments for salesSDR touch patternLive call script CRM updatesSet meeting for sales

SALES CYCLESales works opportunities while marketing provides campaign supportSales processAd retargetingClose net new or expansion deal

SALES QUALIFICATIONSales holds initial call with prospect to determine opportunityShow and tell DiscoverySales creates an opportunity

OFFERSDevelop high value offers (e.g. events, content) to support ABMDigital content (WPs, Webinars)Meetings (Trade/Road Show)Sales offersRepeatable set of offers available

CAMPAIGN PLANNINGDetermine ABM campaign based on accounts current situationPipeline BuildLand and ExpandAd-hocNurtureCampaign type determined

EXECUTIONDistribute offers across multiple, well-coordinated channelsDirect mailOutreach (SDR, Rep, Exec)Targeted adsEmailWeb personalization (future)Create one-to-one engagement

ClosedABM DATABASECreate and maintain database of target accounts and contactsPre-load contactsCleanseAppend90%+ of ICP/BPs in database


Kapost ABM stack

Kaposts current ABM tech stack

SFDCMarketoKapostEngagio (evaluating)LeadSpaceRTP/DemandBase (evaluating) Targeted ads


Using predictive to build ICP500 accounts100 pilot program50 enterprise50 mid-market10 tier 140 tier 210 tier 140 tier 2

Using predictive to build ICP

Using Leadspace, Kapost was able to assemble 500 companies that would fit ICPWithin those 500, they took a tiered approach:100 accounts in a pilot program. Two reps: Enterprise, Mid MarketTop 10 accounts in Tier 1 40 additional accounts in Tier 2


An enterprise focus

Enterprise software org focus

Tell us about the balance between: The focus on enterprise software organizations Bringing in additional company types where content marketing has had slower traction, such as manufacturing, healthcare, insurance


Contents Pivotal Role


Aligning through content marketing

Graphic that shows this

Kapost used their own tool to do this.

Alignment through content marketing

How did you align content to specific buyers?How did you work to understand what type of content those buyers like?What tools of enablement did you use to find and fill gaps?

What Kapost came up with:

A diversified content strategy to support ICPPredictive persona breakdown:Digital marketingField marketersProduct marketersDemand generationMarcom Ops / Tech


Operationalizing personasASSET TYPEDEFINIEDPromotionalWhich promotional assets are needed in order to deliver via selected channelsDestinationWhere will traffic be routed based on promotion assets and channelsContentWho will author, design, and package the offer; along with timelines and actionsPersonalizationHow will the content be personalized based on target account or verticalEnablementHow will Sales be educated on the campaign; where do they access; and how is it tracked

Persona Operationalization

Kapost had to answer: How much content do we have tailored to those individual personas?Content to persona coverage matrix: Covered here, light here.From there, it boils down to the heavy lifting required to create content that resonates and fills the gaps

Getting the team together

Brought on product marketing for insights, to help create more content about Kaposts solution and the problems it solves not content about the virtues of content marketing Bottom line: How does Kaposts solution meet the needs of different roles?

50/50 Content Alignment

Gaps in content provides opportunity to fill them Kaposts biggest gap was: Middle of funnel content While Kapost was doing well preaching evangelism for content marketing & how to use their solution, they had to focus much effort on creating solid middle-of-funnel content


Huge Content Building Exercise

Persona-based engagement tracks

Creating specialized nurture that focuses on covering the entire account, not just individualsAll tracks have a different message that resonates with different members of the buying committee The bases are covered: When youre talking to an account, all individuals will be in a relevant nurture track, and much more informed

Dynamic buying committee

Leverage content to create buyer engagementStill enter in content roles Marketing committee is move involvedContent supports these efforts and moreSounds great, but where are the metrics? Kapost is currently exploring Engagio for this19

From Concepts to Tactics

Moving from concept to tactics

Lets talk timeline:Once you had the plan ironed out, what were the steps you knew you had to take? How long did you give yourself, and your team, to take them?


ABM Next Steps for KapostIntelligent Lead Assignment RoutingPersonalization Based on Buying StageLead to Account Mapping & Visibility


@[email protected]

What Tech stack pivot was necessary. What did you use then vs. what you are using now?What changes & additions were made?What else, down the road, are you looking to adopt?What educational resources did you use? What format did the plan take? A sales kickoff? Playbook? What tangible item did you document the process with?Tell us about how you assembled your tech stackWhat pitfalls along the way?How did you work to not cannibalize existing pre-ABM momentum? How did you balance the urgency with doing things the right way?What is your training plan? How long is it? How much support for reps?How did you fill that big gap that you mentioned in pipeline?Tell us more about