leaks, mops , & determination

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Leaks, Mops , & Determination. The Ivey Connects Consulting Engagement at TAP Sid Wilson. Project Structure. What is the current situation? Where does TAP want to go? What does TAP need to do? How can TAP get there?. The Current Situation. Charitable Responsibility. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Leaks, Blinds, & Determination

Leaks, Mops, & DeterminationThe Ivey Connects Consulting Engagement at TAP

Sid Wilson

Project StructureWhat is the current situation?Where does TAP want to go?What does TAP need to do?How can TAP get there?

The Current Situation

To educate the public in the arts by providing various artistic presentations to raise the publics appreciation of the artsTo educate artists by the establishment, operation and maintenance of a centre which will provide facilities, equipment, and education for artistsTo encourage development of artists and to act as a resource body to artists

Charitable ResponsibilityFit with London Arts CommunityFit with London Theatre CommunityVirtuousCircleWhere TAP (& the community) want TAP to goHow to expand the circle?Art Rental ProgramArtists Retail IncubatorEnhanced Art ProgramsFront of House StaffLarger outreach campaigns

What do these look like?ARTS Project AlcoveMini-gallery for Art Rental & Artists Retail at the front of the north gallery, modifying the current storage closetSpace monitored by a new front of house staffPieces in the selection can be viewed on the websiteLower South Gallery SeparationOutfitted with either a projector + Screen, or a moveable white boardDesigned as a draw through the space, presenting either films or musical acts.Run for a month at a time, not just a weekEnhanced ProgramsArtist to Artist open nights: more minglingLunch hour or early evening buskersCorporate TeambuildingTeen/Young Adult Art programmingOpen Art sessions, where supplies available, participation for a small fee.

$2,183 Upfront$10,052 Operating60-100 pieces rented/year

If not AR,Maybe Programming?What TAP NeedsLow Risk, Moderate RewardCurrent Activities are sustainable, but stagnantUnsure Art Rental, Art Retail will bring sustainable revenues early enoughExpenditure would eliminate important Emergency FundsWhatever option is chosen, needs to accomplish more than one goal at the same time

What TAP can do to get thereSponsorship Package Designed to bring in funds AND potential new customers for proposed programsTrial period exhibited low interest in Art RentalShifting focus to Creative Teambuilding

GROWINGVirtuousCircleNew MembersSponsorsYoung ArtistsNew PartnersThanks!London LifeIvey ConnectsTAP BoardRobinSandraRichardTAP ArtistsCommunity StakeholdersCorporate Partners