lean continuous improvement. over the next short while … n what is lean? –well, what is it? –5...

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Lean Continuous Improvement

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Lean Continuous Improvement Slide 2 Over the next short while n What is Lean? Well, what is it? 5 Pillars of Lean n Lean at the U niversity of St Andrews How we do Lean (Estates Job Tracking Project) Slide 3 Lean History in a Nutshell n 1910s o Ford and Mass Production: any colour, as long as its black n 1950s onwards o Toyota develops their production system n 1980s o Lean coined to describe the Toyota Production System n 1990s o Service industry discovers that Lean works for other than physical parts Slide 4 What is Lean? n Philosophy of work n Lean is a way of doing more with less less human effort, less equipment, less material, less time and less space n Two Fundamentals Continuous Improvement Respect for People Slide 5 Continuous Improvement: PDCA Plan Act Do Check Evaluate & follow up Define the problem Identify root cause(s) Implement solution Establish temporary fix? Identify solutions Identify solutions Define your objective Examine the consequences Slide 6 Respect for People n Staff are our greatest asset Knowledge and experience What works well and what needs to be improved n Lean Uses cultural change to deliver dramatically improved service and decreased costs Involves people at the right level to develop a sense of ownership for work Develops team working Slide 7 5 Pillars of Lean n Maximise VALUE n Understand work as a PROCESS n Create smooth FLOW n Respond to PULL n Aim for PERFECTION Slide 8 Maximise VALUE n Only do that which adds value n Eliminate waste Transportation Inventory Motion Waiting Over production Over processing Defects Skills Slide 9 Understand work as a PROCESS Something comes in Something different goes out Something happens in here Slide 10 Create smooth FLOW Slide 11 Respond to PULL n Think about the process from the customers perspective n What does the customer need and when? Slide 12 Aim for PERFECTION n University of St Andrews motto: Aien Aristeuein Ever to be the best n Why settle for that will do? n Benchmarking? n Pick up one piece of work and complete it, or pass on perfect Slide 13 Lean at the University of St Andrews n Work with Service Units Customer Service, Quality, Efficiency Schools can focus on Teaching and Research Students can focus on Learning n Embed Lean Lean is how we do things around here Its everyones job to improve everything Staff take responsibility Slide 14 8 Step Process 1.Request 2.Scope 3.Plan 4.Train 5.Redesign 6.Implement 7.Review 8.Feedback Slide 15 Request n An area of potential work is identified By anyone The process concerned will not be broken Evolved to where it is now Slide 16 Scope n Goals, project team and resources agreed Half a day Process owner/s Key stakeholder/s Outcomes Goals defined Deadline set Resourcing identified Project team members identified Slide 17 Plan n Project Team reviews goals etc. Half a day Outcomes Goals finalised Data gathering and stakeholder consultation identified How long? How long! When and Where Slide 18 Training n Similar to this presentation What is Lean? What is the project all about? What is going to happen during the project? and . What does this mean for me? Slide 19 Redesign n What happens? Map how things are done at the moment Generate and analyse ideas about how things could be done Design a new process (Interim and/or Ideal) Create an action plan to ensure the new process is put in place Presentation to peers and management n How do we do it? Working with the right people, the right information, with the authority to act Asking lots of questions - Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Low tech Enjoyment! Slide 20 Slide 21 Slide 22 Implement n New process put in place Ideally, the new world begins immediately All or part may happen during Redesign Usually, takes time: days, weeks or months Perseverance Slide 23 Review n Lean Team maintains a management role n Progress is monitored Regular meetings with Project Team 2 to 3 hours 2 weeks, then monthly until new processes proven Maintain enthusiasm Maintain momentum Deal with issues immediately Slide 24 Project Outcomes n Better service to Students and simpler administration for Staff : Student status letters Library Services Acquisitions, Cataloguing, Re-shelving Student society formation Student self certification of absence Menu planning Finance processes - Cash handling policy, AP, Sales invoicing Estates job tracking n More time to do the important stuff Slide 25 Mark Robinson Lean University of St Andrews Bute Annexe Westburn Lane St Andrews KY16 9TS 01334 461780 [email protected]