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Driving Success Through Lean Startup Methodology

2016/11/8By John Sechrest

John Sechrest

Seattle Angel Conference


Local Economic Development by Growing the Startup Ecosystem

Steve Blank

Startup Owners Manual


Customer Development before

Product Development

(Startups are also not the same as small businesses)

Many Moving Pieces

Data Driven Experiments

Rapid Iteration

Ash Maurya

Running Lean

Scaling Lean




Lean Canvas

As a way to frame

A core of the business model

Small Iterations that each make progress

We need to Start with the EARLIEST Adoptors

People Dont Know How To Interview Customers Without Talking About Product

Hypothesis: I believe that 10 Hours and $75 will cause 5 out of 15 pre-qualified coffee shop managers to Sign up to offer a 20% revenue spit on coupons for Leads generated from our App by the end of the week.

Use a tool to manage the experiments

As Assumptions are Invalidated, we can search for ones that work


Build a measurable Sales Funnel Metrics

Search for How to build the 10X company

John Sechrest


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