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Learn Django Python by Building Projects

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Learn Django Course online and get trained from Eduonix Learning Solutions which aims to impart knowledge and skills in becoming successful Django Programmer. Enroll for our Django Programming online course today, Django Programming Tutorial and Certification Course Online. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Learn Django Python by

    Building Projects

  • Python is a programming language that allows programmers to express concepts in fewer lines of code in languages like C++ or Java

    Django is a free and open source web application framework, written in Python

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  • Where Can I learn Django Python

  • Learn Django and Python by building projects from Eduonix

    o Eduonix learning Solutions is the premier training and skill development organization which provide easy to understand online courses for everyday people.

    o They provide online courses on topics ranging from Software development, Web, Mobile, Marketing to Graphic Designers courses

    o All their video courses are specially designed and created by industry professionals of related fields

    o This extensive course from Eduonix will not only help you master Python and Django concepts but will add real world practical expertise to your knowledge.

    o Django and Python together form a deadly combination which helps you to build smart web applications quickly and elegantly.

    o You will learn the mechanism and tricks to get your ideas to life while working on diverse projects to build web apps and sites.

  • Projects you will learn in this course

    In this course you will learn the mechanism and tricks to get your ideas to life while working on following projects

    1. E commerce sites

    2. Message Boards

    3. Image Sharing Site

    4. Survey Site

    5. Blogging Site

  • What will you get from this course

    Over 28 lectures and 6.5 hours of content!

    Master Python Syntax and Concepts

    Master DJango and web programming concepts

    Create Web Applications using Python and Django

  • Target Audience

    Students who want to learn both Python and Django will find the course extremely useful

    Python developers who want to gets started on Web Programming Web Developers who want to use python in their projects

    System Requirements

    Basic Python Syntax Should know HTML Basic knowledge of Web Programming

  • What's more?..

    Learn at your own pace

    You can access the course through the Course Dashboard which allows you to view the video tutorials, ask questions, download reading materials, source code and presentations.

    If you don't like the course then get your money back with in one month. No questions will be asked.

    Dont believe me then check out Eduonixs Projects in Django Python course and start building your next generation web apps from today.

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    Website - http://www.eduonix.com/

    Email [email protected]

    Tel - +91 22-60504040