learn how to play piano, step by-step instructions, tutorials, jam tracks and famous songs

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The easy way to learn piano. Over 85,000 people have learned to play with Rocket Piano. Isn't it time you got the structured learning you've been missing? Brought to you by: Members of: Winners of: Learn how to play piano, step-by-step instructions, tutorials, jam tracks and famous songs!

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  • The easy wayto learn piano.Over 85,000 people have learned to play with Rocket Piano. Isnt it time you got the structured learning youve been missing?Brought to you by: Members of: Winners of: Learn how to play piano, step-by-step instructions, tutorials, jam tracks and famous songs!
  • Over 12 Months of step-by-step lessons Beginner to Advanced Learn to read Sheet Music Classical, Pop, Country, Rock and Blues Step-by-Step Famous Song lessons Great for both keyboard AND acoustic pianos Read on to find out more... January 01, 2012 Dear Pianist, Would you love the ability to sit down at your piano and just play the songs you hear
  • and enjoy. Are there songs you want to play with your church? Perhaps you want towrite and perform your own music?Whatever your reasons are for learning Piano, Rocket Piano WILL work for you, and itsFUN!If you are new to piano and dont know where to begin, you have come to the rightplace. This information will get the results you want and AMAZE you in the process.With Rocket Piano youll discover how to read music, how to improvize, how to playJazz and Gospel, and how to play with the magic and "feel" of a professional. Wedesigned Rocket Piano to be the easiest system to learn to play the piano availableanywhere. Rocket Piano is jam-packed with quality information, including hundreds ofsound files, pictures, diagrams, videos lessons AND step-by-step instructions trainingyou to read music AND play by ear.Thousands of people just like you worldwide have used our unique multimedia courseto fast-track their piano learning, while having fun in the process. Will you be next? Whos behind Rocket Piano?Rock Star Recipes has been providing piano lessons online for 5 years. Our awardwinning team is made up of passionate musicians and music teachers, whose purposein life is to make learning music easier and more accessible.The piano teachers who worked on Rocket Piano have a total of 30 years combinedmusical experience of teaching, playing and performing.As a team we we have taught tens of thousands of students how to achieve their goalswith piano and we understand exactly the frustration and pain you are feeling rightnow at not being able to play. Feel like youre stuck in a rut with your piano playing?
  • learn piano keys, learn piano online, how to ,learn piano, learn piano chords, learn piano notes, learn piano software, learn piano by ear, learn piano basics, learn pianoThere are probably hundreds of songs that you want to learn to play on piano, andyoure probably using outdated methods to learn to play them without even knowingit! Thats why weve created this web page, so you can discover an amazing, newpiano learning method that will teach you how to play virtually any piano song youhear, with the timing, rhythm and magic of a professional.No matter what kind of piano music you want to play (Jazz, Pop, Rock, Classical orBlues), no matter whether you are a beginner, an intermediate player or an advancedpianist, this information applies to you. Rocket Piano is packed full of quality step-by-step lessons, sound files, games and resources to get you results fast! Learning to Play the Piano the Right WayWe wrote Rocket Piano because we were fed up with the quality of learn pianoproducts on the market. Studies show that 97% of all pianists discover that learninghow to play piano isnt as easy as they thought it would be. If you use the same oldboring exercises and drills that other people use, youre even worse off!In Rocket Piano you get three books of step-by-step lessons, video demonstrations andhigh quality sound files. These lessons take you on a journey from beginner to anadvanced skill level by fast-tracking your development, while covering every aspectinvolved in learning to play piano. The lessons are all laid out in an easy to follow,step-by-step method. They are very easy to understand no matter what age you areand weve gone to great lengths to ensure that they are fun!With Rocket Piano you learn how to play the piano from Beginner throughIntermediate to Advanced. Its easy! Thats because we have put the course togetherto give you all the theory and practical knowledge you need to get started on the
  • right track to becoming the pianist youve always wanted to be. Youll learn fasterbecause we have made the process fun!With Rocket Piano you also learn several classic songs as well as original songs thatare exclusive to Rocket Piano. You will learn all the skills you need to be able to playany song you want! This is something you dont get with other piano courses. They justteach you songs in a book and thats about it. Rocket Piano gives you the skills to beable to learn to play the songs YOU want. That is a valuable skill that will be with youfor life!The course doesnt just teach you the practical playing, it also gives you a soundgrounding in music theory and gives you a background in piano, its history and how itworks. This is really great information that a lot of piano players never bother tolearn and subsequently they never achieve an advanced level of ability. Its thisessential knowledge that will take your playing to a new level. And dont worry aboutmusic theory being BORING! We KNOW most people get frustrated with theorycourses. Theyre way too technical! We see this with a lot of students who come to usand know it is simply not good enough! Rocket Piano specifically tackles these issuesand gives you theory in a way thats fun and easy to remember. With our method oflearning the intricacies of music theory and how it works, youll be hooked! Itsactually quite addictive! Become a Complete PianistRocket Piano teaches you not only what to practice but HOW to practice. We showyou how to get more out of 10 minutes of playing than some people will get fromspending hours a day at it. You practice SMARTER, not HARDER, so learning to play isfast and enjoyable.Youll also learn important things like how to play the piano to communicate a feelingor emotion. Composers create a piece of music to express something, and by learningmusic language you will be able to understand the feeling the composer intended andbe able to communicate it exactly! When people hear you play theyll say "that songyou played really touched my heart" or "I can understand what that song is about". Itsmore than the notes themselves that communicate that feeling. Its the way you play
  • and express the music. This course teaches you how to get the most out of yourplaying.Rocket Piano teaches pianists at different levels and abilities and that makes itspecial. It caters for the absolute beginner by teaching the theory of a technique, andthen applying the technique directly to an original piece of music. This way you gethands on experience with each technique as you learn. And dont worry about notknowing how a piece of music should sound or how you should be playing it. Eachpiece has an audio example to show you what it sounds like.Rocket Piano also teaches you how to improvise. You learn about melody, harmony,chords, arpeggios, scales, and how to play chord progressions in any key. Youll beable to play a solo to really impress your friends and fellow musicians.You will learn how to read music from nothing but chord symbols! You will be able tolook at a page of chords and be able to play the song convincingly. Many musicians areintimidated when they have to play something they havent practiced! The trick islearning the theory and techniques to improvise, so that when the time comes, youllfind it easy. Rocket Piano shows you how! You will be the centre of attention andother musicians will be wanting YOU to play with them! learn piano keys, learn piano online, how to ,learn piano, learn piano chords, learn piano notes, learn piano software, learn piano by ear, learn piano basics, learn piano What our customers are saying about Rocket Piano
  • "I have already learned how to play my first Jazz song and Ive only had Rocket Piano fora week! Thanks."- Jeff Tallot"This course would be the best purchase made in my lifetime and you may quote me infuture advertising. Im spreading the word to all my friends."- Cathy Howes"Thanks so much for developing the Rocket Piano course. I am 53 and finally learning toplay the piano. I am in the Beginners course and already can see that it is making adifference in my playing. You have a good system for teaching."- Nick Scott"I have written to you before, but I just wanted to thank you again for a great course. Ijust viewed your recent video lessons, and have really enjoyed them. As usual, theycontain some great information which is quite useful for an aspiring pianist like myself!Although I have been playing "chordal" piano for a number of years and have becomequite proficient at it, I needed to strengthen my knowledge of music theory andnotation, and your ebook courses and exercises have given me exactly what I needed.You present the information in a very simple and understandable way, and in a mannerthat is pleasant to listen to, and occasionally humorous and fun. In short, you have a giftfor teaching music. I have directed many other beginning pianist to your web site, wherethey can get "the most bang for their bucks!"."- Ken Gathercole"I thought I would let you know that I purchased the full package. Nevertheless, I amgoing through the free lessons as well. More importantly, I am legally blind and so farhave been able to follow the lessons reasonably well. The only problem I have had of anyconsequence is one of the games, something to do with keyboarding, I think. It isdesigned in soft pastel colors and therefore, unusable by me. The rest of the games offergood contrast and have proven quite beneficial. All-in-all I am quite pleased thus far. Mylow vision is creating obstacles, especially in reading notes on the staff. Hopefully myvision will allow me to finish the lessons. I waited rather late in life to learn a musicalinstrument, but this is important to me. Thanks for a very good product."- Jerry Wilson
  • Even the critics love Rocket Piano!"Rocket Piano is by far the most informative, most comprehensive learn piano courseavailable online."- LearnPiano.tv"For the price of a single piano lesson... the course is suitable for beginner, intermediateand advanced pianists, and can provide many months of effective training."- ReviewsNest.com"RocketPiano offers an unbelievable deal for your money. With several e-books,hundreds of audio files, great videos and software, this might be the best site for anyoneserious about learning to play the piano."- Reviewica.com"Rocket Piano uses guides, audio, video and software to teach reading music, fingerexercises, audible note recognition, chords etc. It is a complete course that teacheseverything from beginning lessons all the way through to the needs of advancedstudents. The course is first quality and is a very comprehensive package. The lessonsare structured in an easy to follow format and that makes it easy to progress at your ownpace."- Online-piano-lessons-reviewed.com"Of all the downloadable piano courses weve reviewed, we believe Rocket Piano is best.Its not very expensive, gives you way more than your moneys worth, and contains allthe learning material you need to become a very good pianist."- PianoSoftwareReviews.comWeve received thousands of great comments about Rocket Piano from people all overthe world and this has encouraged us to continue developing it to be the mostcomprehensive learn piano course on the market. We have added 248 sound filesand 57 new video lessons that show you how to play many popular piano songs
  • step-by-step. Rocket Piano also comes with three exclusive learning games - JaydeMusica Pro, Chordinator and the Rocket Piano Metronome. By playing Chordinator andJayde Musica you learn how to read music, while having fun trying to get a high scoreand the Rocket Piano Metronome keeps you in perfect time! You Can learn More About this at Their Site by Clicking Here.. What you get with Rocket Piano The Beginners BookThe Beginner book starts from square one, you learn about the history of the pianoand how it is made up, also youll have a look at the keys that make up the piano andthe note names we give each. From there, youll learn where to put your hands, howto use your fingers to play scales, chords and arpeggios.You will learn the basics of melody, harmony and rhythm the three fundamental partsof music. Dont forget the many original songs that you will find in no other course,especially for you to learn to play, and also classic tunes that you will recognize.Whether you have no previous experience learning the piano, or are picking it upagain but want to brush up on your skills and knowledge, the Beginner book is theperfect place to start.
  • The Intermediate BookThe Intermediate book takes you to the next level in your playing and knowledge ofmusic. If you have completed the Beginner book, or if you already consider yourselfan Intermediate pianist (you know the basics) then this book is going to take you onestep further in each of the three aspects of music.Youll learn about key signatures and time signatures so you can read a piece of music.Youll learn dynamics and performance. This is the "icing on top" of the music youplay. You will also learn more complex rhythms and get to know more complex chordsso that you can convincingly play music in a jazz or gospel style.The Intermediate Book works on all areas of your practical knowledge and takes youto the stage where you can handle the advanced series of lessons.
  • The Advanced BookThe Advanced book is the next step in your Rocket Piano journey. This book reallystarts to look carefully at some techniques that are going to help you build yourfuture as a musician. These skills will equip you for: songwriting, sight reading,improvising, transposing (changing the key of a song either for singing, or arrange foranother instrument!) and understanding the relationship that links all chords and keysignatures!Learn to perform the trickiest of piano skills. Thats over fifteen years worth ofexpensive and hard won information in a simple and easy to follow format. Itscomprehensive knowledge at your finger tips!
  • The Rocket Piano Jazz BookThis book is part of the Rocket Piano package. In it youll gain a comprehensivegrounding in Jazz, including its history, distinctive rhythms, underlying qualities,rhythmic movements, common Jazz chords (and how to play them in different Jazzarrangements), how to break Jazz songs down and play them, and much much more!For those of you who are particularly interested in Jazz piano, this book is the bestplace to start!
  • The Rocket Piano Gospel, Spiritual & Hymns BookBegins with the history of how Spiritual music began. It teaches you the fundamentaltheory of Gospel music including the Pentatonic and Blues Scales and gives you theconfidence to play for your Church.Just imagine being able to pick up the current songs in your church, sitting down andlearning them, then asking if you can join them for their next rehearsal practice!
  • Jam Tracks and Quizzes26 Rocket Piano Jam Tracks - With Piano Performances and without.We know you will enjoy playing along with a band. There are a wide range of backingtrack styles through each book. Best of all its really fun to practice with a solidrhythm section.NEW Rocket Piano Quizzes - Quizzes are placed throughout the book to see how faryouve come in your learning. Check your answers to see how high a score you can get!
  • This is just the tip of the iceberg! Theres so much we couldnt possibly list it all here.Were offering you a complete piano learning system. It is jam-packed withinformation, including three books, 133 sound files, 57 video lessons and three funlearning games! And, you can access it all right now, instantly, completely risk-free.Its Rocket Piano - The Ultimate Piano Learning Kit.With this information youll learn to play the piano while saving hundreds of dollars inpiano lessons. Even group piano lessons can cost $30 an hour and more, and PRIVATElessons cost as much as $100 an hour. Imagine if you did not need a piano teacher,how much would you save? If you went to a piano class for just one hour per week forthree months, youd already be spending over $360!With Rocket Piano youll save thousands of dollars in tuition fees!But just as important, youll have the satisfaction of knowing that you can now playthe many popular piano songs youve always wanted to play. And best of all, youll beable to start playing many well known songs in less than a week! (Note: Due to thewide-ranging complexities of various songs, some songs take longer to learn thanothers, however we break even the most complex songs down into their simplest"chunks", teaching you step-by-step how to master each "chunk", and include acomprehensive collection of sound files for you to play along with).
  • For the rest of your life, YOU will be center of attention, whenever you sit down at apiano at a party, at home, at Church or perhaps even with a band. Our combinedpiano experience is yours, risk-free. The Rocket Piano MetronomeThe Rocket Piano Metronome is designed using traditional metronome sound and styleand allows the user to set a click tempo between 40BPM (Beats Per Minute) and 208BPM. Not only is tempo displayed in BPM, we have also added the traditional Latinterms that you often see in musical notation, used to suggest playing speed.Combined with specific Rocket Piano Exercises and lessons this is a potent tool thatenables you to gain the timing, speed and control of a professional."Rocket Piano has fantastic bonus software, I use the metronome alot when practicingmy sight reading drills."- Tracy Williamson (UK) You Can learn More About this at Their Site by Clicking Here..
  • Jayde Musica ProJayde Musica brings enjoyment to the otherwise monotonous task of learning how toread music.Calling this piece of software a game is actually pretty deceptive - you dont have touse it long to see why. In the space of a few hours you can have vivid photographicmemory of the entire music stave and feel like youve hardly had to work at all.Beginner to advanced levels, complete with high scores - Jayde Musica really issomething else!"I just wanted to let you know that Im really enjoying Jayde Musica. After searching forages, I have finally found some music training software that is actually fun to use.Thanks a bunch!"- Janine Soulli
  • ChordinatorChordinator - Teaches you how to read piano chords off the musical staff, whilehaving a lot of fun in the process!Chordinator is the perfect addition to Jayde Musica, with this software youll soon beable to read piano music like you read the newspaper.Youll be very impressed with yourself after just a few short games with Chordinator!
  • Advanced Learning Techniques for PianoUsing advanced learning techniques, you can cut your learning time in half. Here is asample passage from this fantastic e-book:"The interesting thing about mental visualization is that it uses most of the samepathways in your brain as when you perform the activity physically. The only thingmissing is the follow through, where you lob the ball at the hoop or hear the noise ringout of the piano."- Advanced Learning Techniques for PianoThe best thing about mental visualization is that you can do it without your piano. Onthe bus, in the car, or before you go to sleep at night, mental visualization is also afantastic excuse to do at every opportunity!You will not find anything like this book anywhere else. It contains some of the mostvaluable information that you will ever learn about learning the piano. On its own thisbook is normally worth $19.95 - you will receive it free!
  • Perfect Your Pitch ProYouve probably heard from musicians and piano teachers, just how important it is totrain your ear in order to both transcribe songs and play piano better. Its hard tobelieve, but within 2 weeks you could be transcribing songs from the radio withprecision and accuracy, just by playing "Perfect Your Pitch Pro"."Perfect Your Pitch Pro" is a very simple, but very powerful, multiple-choice listeninggame. It ranges from easy to hard. Your friends will be saying that "you have a greatear for music". And youll not only find it far easier to transcribe songs from the radio,
  • youll have a better ear for music and that will in turn pay you big big dividends onyour piano playing progress. What an opportunity!"My song writing and overall piano playing have benefitted greatly from your RocketPiano course. I have especially gained a lot from perfect your pitch pro. Now I canfigure out songs and improvise much much better!"- Michelle Clark 30 day access to SongPondThis is an amazing new bonus that teaches you step-by-step how to play your favoritesongs. With SongPond you use video lessons taught by professional music instructors toguide you to play songs from a big range of artists including:Lionel Riche, Diana Ross, Elton John, Sara Bareilles, Christna Agueilera, CelineDion, Avril Lavigne, Alicia Keys, OneRepublic, Sarah McLachlan, Coldplay, Rufus
  • Wainwright, Chopin, Ottis Redding, The Beatles, The Fray, Kelly Clarkson, Keane,Billy Joel, Joe Cocker, John Lennon, Carole King, And many more...Watch this special SongPond demonstration video to find out more. Look into the future Rocket Piano is available via instant download You Can learn More About this at Their Site by Clicking Here.. learn piano keys, learn piano online, how to ,learn piano, learn piano chords, learn piano notes, learn piano software, learn piano by ear, learn piano basics, learn piano
  • learn piano keys, learn piano online, how to ,learn piano,learn piano chords, learn piano notes, learn piano software, learn piano by ear, learn piano basics, learn piano
  • You Can learn More About this at Their Site by Clicking Here.. learn piano keys, learn piano online, how to ,learn piano,learn piano chords, learn piano notes, learn piano software, learn piano by ear, learn piano basics, learn piano