lesson 3 day 4 “schools around the world”. question of the day what do you like to do...

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Download Lesson 3 Day 4 “Schools Around the World”. Question of the Day What do you like to do after school? After school, I like to ________. (write at least

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  • Lesson 3 Day 4Schools Around the World

  • Question of the Day

    What do you like to do after school?

    After school, I like to ________.(write at least 2 sentences describing what you like to do most.)T254

  • A New SchoolWhen Tyrone got off the school bus at his home one day, he saw a yellow bulldozer down the street. He wanted to take a look, but he had homework to do. The next day, there was a backhoe next to the bulldozer. Both machines roared. Tyrone thought it looked busy down there. Not long after that, he saw a cement truck. The back was spinning as it unloaded the wet, gray cement. Each day, something new appeared. Steel beams stretched into the sky. Bricks climbed the walls. It was starting to look like a real building.

    When he saw a group of men wearing white hardhats, Tyrone asked his mom if he could take a closer look. The building looked even bigger as he walked toward it.T255

  • A New SchoolWhat are you building? Tyrone asked one of the men.We are building a new school, the man said. In fact, youll probably be going to this school next year. Your are pretty lucky! Tyrone smiled. He could not wait. When he went to that new school, he would not have to take the bus. He could play on the playground all the time, too. Yes, Tyrone said, I am luckier than you know!T255

  • Long Vowel DigraphsThese words have a long vowel sound and a final e.vote home spoke

    Here are some other words. I want you to underline the long o sound.coatmow

    The oa in coat can stand for the long o sound and the ow in mow stands for the long o sound.

  • Long Vowel DigraphsThe oa like o-consonant-e, almost always stands for the long o, and that ow sometimes stands for the long o sound.

    Find the letter pairs that stand for the long o sound in these words.


  • FluencyOpen your books to page 106!

    As I read Keys to the Universe, I am going to read at a rate that will be interesting to listen to. I will make my voice go slower at important lines in the poem to show that they are serious. I am going to listen to myself so I can hear whether I am getting slower or faster when I should not be.

    I want you to track the print as I read.T258

  • Robust VocabularyWhich is proper?Standing on a chairBringing a mouse to schoolSmiling at a new studentSaying please and thank you

  • Robust VocabularyWhich examples would you board at your house?An iguanaAn aunt or uncleA tigerA friend of the family

  • Robust VocabularyWhich one of these is an activity that is related to literacy?Writing a letterTaking out the garbageLearning new wordsSwimming in a pool

  • Robust VocabularyWhich group is diverse?Twelve bananasPizza, an apple, and a tacoA hot dog, grapes and cheese

  • Robust VocabularyWhat can a tutor help you with?Math homeworkBrushing teethEating dinnerReading

  • Robust VocabularyWhich one of these is part of a culture?FoodDanceSpellingMusic

  • Synonyms and AntonymsRemember antonyms are words with opposite meanings and synonyms are words with similar meaningsT261

  • Synonyms and AntonymsIs correct a synonym or antonym for proper?Does different mean the same thing as diverse?Do certain and particular mean about the same thing?noyes


  • Synonyms and Antonyms


  • DOL the school on a hill sat.

    2. did you enjoy school in Kenya.T262sat on a hill.?^TD

  • Complete and Simple Subjects and PredicatesThe red balloon floats through the air.

    Simple subject: balloonComplete subject: The red balloonSimple Predicate: floatsComplete Predicate: floats through the air

  • Complete and Simple Subjects and PredicatesBrand-new pencils sat on the table.

    simple subject: complete subject:simple predicate:complete predicate:pencilsBrand-new pencilssatsat on the tableFind the subject and predicate

  • Paragraph of InformationGives facts about real thingsHas a topic sentenceDiscusses a topic that can be covered in one paragraphIncludes details

    Turn to page 98 and read the first paragraph. What information do you see that goes with the above chart.

  • We are going to use this passage to help us write an informative paragraph about Rosa Parks.

  • Did you know that Rosa Parks made a difference in the world today?Rosa was born and raised in Tuskegee, Alabama.She spent her childhood in Alabama. She was a seamstress in Montgomery.In December of 1955, she refused to give up her seat on a city bus to a white passenger.The bus driver had her arrested. Rosa spend the rest of her life helping make Americans aware of the Civil Rights struggle.Black people were angry and boycotted the bus system. Finally, the supreme court changed to unfair law.Rosa Parks is an example of courage and determination.