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A short look at social media and some of Sarah Allen Consulting's fantastic recent clients.


  • 1.Lets Get Social!

2. What is Social Media?Social Media is an umbrella term that defines the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of words, pictures, video and audio.Social Media is people having conversations onlinehttp://www.wikipedia.org 3. Social Media is...Photo credit: http://lisapearlphoto.carbonmade.com/ 4. Whats in it for you? Positioning your brand ahead of your competition Fresh communications stream with your stakeholders New ways for engaging with your staff and building your team A dynamic online presence aligned to your marketing strategy New business opportunities through untapped markets Recognition as an industry leader Improved search engine and social media optimisation 5. Example of Social Media Channels 6. Example of Customised Backgrounds 7. Our Clients 8. School for Social EntrepreneursServices included: Social Media Design Social Media Workshop Social Media Coachingwww.facebook.com/sseaustraliawww.twitter.com/sseaustraliawww.sseaustralia.wordpress.comwww.youtube.com/sseaust 9. Media 140Services included: Social Design & Set up Social Stewardship Social Strategywww.twitter.com/media140www.facebook.com/media140www.media140.com 10. Spinal Cord Injuries AustraliaServices included: Social Media Set up Social Media Workshop Social Media Coachingwww.facebook.com/spinalcordinjuriesaustraliawww.twitter.com/walk__on 11. Operation AngelServices included: Social Coaching Social Stewardship Social Strategy Social Troubleshootingwww.facebook.com/operationangelwww.twitter.com/operation_angel 12. Questions? Say GdayT: 0412 939 [email protected] With thankswww.sarahallenconsulting.com.auwww.twitter.com/sarahallenconsultingwww.facebook.com/sarallenconsultwww.linkedin.com/in/sarahallenconsultingwww.slideshare.net/sarahallenconsultingwww.foursquare.com/sarallenconsultwww.audioboo.fm/sarallenconsult