lgm'15 towards open textile and garment production

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Towards Open Textile and Garment Production Hong Phuc Dang, LGM’15 fashiontec.org

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  • Towards OpenTextile and Garment Production

    Hong Phuc Dang, LGM15fashiontec.org

  • About me

    Hong Phuc, FOSSASIA, [email protected]@[email protected]

    I am from Viet Nam

  • Lets make a digital Revolution for the Textile and Garment Industry?

  • The fashion industry has been slow to adapt to new technologies Hardware Software Production and distribution Material

    What have we learned?


    The Singer Machine, earliest model 1851

  • TEXTILE and GARMENTS just arent digital

    Machinery stuck in the 80s:

    manual labour is cheaper than tech upgrades.

    Embroidery Dharavi, Mumbai, Ekabhishek CC Share Alike

  • Good digital tools don't exist yet Tools are expensive not interoperable, proprietary formats

    Designers choose manufacturers based on tools (CAD software)

  • Where our clothes are produced?

  • Globalisation race to the bottom in consumer prices and prevailing of the worst working conditions - Here Nike Sweatshops in China and Vietnam


    arent local anymore

    Marginal garment production in Europe and the US

    Traditional Knowledge (tk) gone.

  • Clothes dont fit!

    No standard sizes even within the EU but plain CHAOS.Women have issues to find the right clothes for their bust size. Mens shirts never seem to fit the arm length.

  • No room in the current large industry model for made-to-measure clothing in tools and design.

    No way for customers to interact directly with individual designers.

    No just-in-time production Must order large batch size

  • The Fashion Distribution System Need huge distribution

    channels to handle huge production runs

    Small & medium designers get no access to normal garment industry channels

    No space for smaller designers in corporate stores

  • TEXTILE and GARMENTS just arentenvironmentally friendly.

  • What do we want to do?

  • To Solve the Challenges of the Industry by adapting new technologies: Free Open Source Tools (Software + Hardware) Open Data Formats Open Garment Marketplaces Environmentally Friendly Fabrics

  • To build a community around fashion and technology Connect all the existing projects around the world Create central network Bring developers, designers, clothes makers together Look into eco-fashion (academic research)

  • What is happeningin our fashiontec community?

  • Open Source Patternmaking

    Tau Meta TauProcessingProject Valentina

  • Open Source Patternmaking Prototypes by Susan Spencer

  • Patternmaking Project ValentinaA Qt5 free software app available for Linux, Windows, MacDev: Roman Telezhinskybitbucket.org/dismine/valentina

  • 3D Body Measurements Prototype Showcase: freelayers.orgFree Software - Code: github.com/fashiontec/

  • Body-Apps International Contributors

    Prashant Kiran (India) Ayantha Randika (Sri Lanka)

    Vishv Brahmbhatt (India)

    Mario Behling (Germany)

    Joerg Henning (Germany)

  • Open Formats - HDF Human Definition Format Container format, similar to ODF Structured data (XML) + binary

    (images) MIME: application/vnd.org.

    valentina.hdf github.com/fashiontec/hdf

  • Open Source Knitting

    Open Knit: Gerard RubioVideo: vimeo.com/90035643 Hardware: github.com/g3rard/OpenKnitKnitic Software: Mar Canet github.com/mcanet/knitic

  • Open Source Knitting Video: vimeo.com/90035643

  • AYAB Knitting

    Live Demo: Christian and Andz (Munich) | ayab-knitting.com

  • Circular Knitic by Varvara Guljajeva & Mar Canet

  • EmbroidermodderCreate your own embroidery designs in the CAD program.Then generate embroidery files for home or commercial machines.github.com/Embroidermodder/

    Josh Varga Jonathan Greig

  • Open Source Embroidery

    [1] www.openbuilds.com/builds/embroidery-machine-with-xy-belt-and-pinion-drive.691/[2] hackaday.com/2014/06/10/diy-embroidery-machine-sews-your-name-in-your-undies/[3] youtu.be/u6JFxtSsWpw

  • Gisela Schulz, Knitting Enthusiast for 40 years

  • What are the next steps: We needmore machines to hack and liberate fashiontec maker spaces software developers & designersmore cool projectscompanies that support usmakers to start their own businesses and Open Fashion Stores

  • Join our movement towards Open Textile and Garment Production - How can you help? Hacking machines - sewing, stitching,

    crocheting, embroidery machines 3D printing experts to build our own

    machines Join our OpenXLab network of makers Your idea

    Addi Knitting Machine

  • Where to meet #FashionTec in 2015/16

    OpenTechSummit, Berlin, May 14 (Open Hardware Track)

    MeshCon FashionTec Week, Berlin, Oct. 6-12

    FOSDEM, Brussels, Jan/Feb 2016 (Room Internet of Things)

    FOSSASIA, 16-18 March 2016 (Open Hardware Track)

    Libre Graphics Meeting, London, 2016

  • Thank youHong Phuc Dang

    [email protected]@hpdang