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Life Hacks: Baby, Youre an Animal.Let Me Domesticate Ya!

Life Hacks:Baby, Youre an Animal.Let Me Domesticate Ya!Things you should know to make life, and your home, much easier to manage!1. Have Scratched Furniture?

2. To clear a clogged drain, pour some baking soda down the drain, followed by vinegar and hot water.

3. Wrap a wide rubber band around doorknobs to soften a slamming door.

4. Genius

5. Use coarse salt to clean any cast iron skillet .

6. Easily clean off your dirty deck with a broom and a hose.

7. Remove a stripped screw by using a rubber band.

8. Did you brush your floors today?

9. Have a baby? Or allergies? Freshen up your home without aerosol spray.

10. Sometimesgenius is born!

11. Use WD-40 to silence squeaky doors, lubricate stuck windows and remove crayon marks from walls.

The EndBeginning of Greatness~!