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LifeLock provides a plethora of identity theft protection packages, tools and resources. If you're looking to protect yourself from identity fraud, data breaches or system hackings, then LifeLock can provide the best service for you. LifeLock has a perfect rating with the Better Business Bureau. We've found them to be the best protection service in the identity theft industry, and highly recommend their services for you, your family and business for a greater sense of security. You can learn more about them, and other identity theft protection companies, at the link in the slides or by visiting


  • 1. LifeLock
  • 2. Who is LifeLock? It is safe to say that LifeLock is one of the most recognized brands in the identity theft protection industry. Their crazy advertisements with their CEO publicly sharing his Social Security number proves that LifeLock is THAT good at protecting your identity. Their company is always on top of the latest technology, providing the best services to their customers. LifeLocks years of experience has led to prestigious awards including Best in Class Overall, Best in Detection, Excellence in Community Service and American Business Stevie Award in 2012. They also have partnerships with the National Organization for Victim Assistance as well as the FBI Law Enforcement.
  • 3. LifeLock has all the bells and whistles you can image to protect your identity. They have recently added features such as data breach notifications, checking and savings account activity alerts and more. There are even special services put into place to protect children from identity fraud too. I was leery of signing up with LifeLock, but after a friend had his identity stolen I decided that $99 a year was well worth it! I have [recently] joined, but found the customer service to be outstanding, they were patient and helpful So far so good!!! Helen Blowers, LifeLock customer
  • 4. LifeLock has three dierent plans for their customers to choose from: LifeLock ($9/month), LifeLock Ultimate ($22.50/month) and LifeLock Junior. The best protection oered is in their LifeLock Ultimate package, but if thats not what youre wanting to pay, then you have another great, and aordable option. LifeLock has obtained a perfect grade from the Better Business Bureau and in their 9 years of identity theft experience, they have been proficient in perfecting their service. They are one of the only companies to have a top-notch identity recovery services, amd they also provide $1 million ID Theft Insurance to back you up if you are ever a victim to identity theft.
  • 5. Like most big companies, LifeLock has had their legal run-ins in the past which can cause apprehension in potential customers. But with how good LifeLock is, theyve turned their negatives into positives. They have learned from their mistakes and made sure that they wont run into any more of those same problems. Summary of Customer Complaints: Even though LifeLock currently doesnt have very many negative customer reviews on BIDTC, the ones that people have posted say that their alerts seem to come in a day late instead of the same day. Other customers are upset with the pause of the LifeLock Lemon wallet.
  • 6. Every company has some flaw to them or their service and we have found that LifeLock does not oer antivirus software in their plans yet. We find this to be an important feature of protection since consumers use and access the computer and internet all the time. At, we found that the LifeLock basic package is somewhat limited in its membership benefits, and their highest price of $22.50 is slightly more than what the average consumer wants to pay.
  • 7. LifeLock is the only company that will oer you as many benefits as they do for such a reasonable price. Their expertise and resources in the identity theft protection field protects their customers in a way that other companies cant. With a LifeLock membership, you are will get 5-star identity protection and high-quality identity recovery services. Their International Stevie Award in 2010 and #1 Choice Overall Besty Award in 2013 and 2014 shows that they are doing something right, and they continue to blaze the trail for better products for their customers.
  • 8. LifeLock separated themselves from their identity theft competitors by acquiring ID Analytics, a leader in consumer risk management. And their customers have left an average user score of 9.1 out of 10. With a responsive customer service floor and great perks with their packages, we find LifeLock to be the best service for potential customers. You can find more information on their membership benefits, contract details, company data and price breakdowns by reading their company review and profile at You can even receive a 10% o discount when you sign up with them today!