lighting unit. it’s all about the light photography is the art of recording light. light is what...

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Lighting Unit

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Lighting Unit

Its all about The LightPhotography is the art of recording light.Light is what makes photography happen. The word photography comes from Greek- light (photo) drawing (graphy). Working with the existing light often creates the best and most natural photographs.How Light WorksLight travels in straight linesLight can be reflectedLight can be absorbedLight can be refractedLight can be filtered

Light travels in straight lines.

Light can be reflected.The cameras light meter reads the amount of light reflected off of the subject.

Light can be absorbed

Light can be refracted

Light can be filtered

amazing-space.stsci.eduExposure-the amount of light allowed to fall on the sensor.Proper exposure-correct combination of film speed, shutter speed, and aperture.The light meter suggests the combinations.Film speed is the first factor The Histogram can help guide you to the proper exposureBracketing is another method to ensure proper exposure.Obtaining Proper ExposureHistogramDefinition: A graph counting how many pixels are at each level between white and blackBlack=left, white=rightUsed to evaluate exposure

Bracketing ExposuresBracketing taking 3 shots at 3 different aperture settings to ensure proper exposure.

Use Shutter Priority Mode or Manual ModeLighting TechniquesKey Light- main light source (brightest light source)Fill Light- secondary light source (never as bright as key light)Main Lighting PositionsSideSemi-front/semi-overheadBack