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  • PRIMA OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE LOOT LISTS AREA MAPS REVISED & EXPANDED Visit us online at This game has received the following rating from the ESRB
  • Expa Con nded Now tent Chr Covers onic le IPRIMA GAMESA Division of Random House, Inc.3000 Lava Ridge CourtRoseville, CA
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  • HOW TO USE THIS BOOKThis is a big book, for a big game. QuestsTheres lots of useful information here,but that means you might have to do a This chapter begins with a table of every questlittle digging to find what you want. in the game, along with where you can get it,Lets see if we can help you get around. and what rewards success will bring. The remainder of the chapter includes a walk-Hints, Tips & Strategies through for each one of the quests.This chapter includes a wide array of sugges-tions and information about various aspects of Beyond Your Villagethe game. It begins with tips for new players, We havent got a map of every location in theand has an extensive chart comparing all fifty- game, but weve got the most popular ones.nine classes of player characters available toyou (pp. 8-9). We start with a large map of the entire world, and then give smaller maps with the teleportThe last three pages of the chapter describe paths and Escape Scroll destinations marked.each character stat, and tells you how the vari-ous weapons, armor and other equipment you After that are completely keyed maps of Aden,find will affect your play. Dion, Floran, Giran, Gludin, Gludio, Hunters Village and Oren, plus an Ivory Tower list.Classes And then we have completely keyed maps for all the other dungeons in the game the AntThe next five chapters (along with the Skills Nest, Cruma Tower, Forgotten Temple, Giantschapter at the back of the book) cover every Cave and Antharas Lair.class in the game. Each chapter describes oneof the races, and includes entries for: Creatures & NPCs The starting village (completely keyed map) The starting dungeon (keyed and annotated) Another chapter of stats, with all the crucial The available quests in the area info on the monsters that you have to fight, The classes plus a list of every NPC in the game, and (roughly) where each can be found.Races and classes are organized the same waythey are in the game: DropsHuman / Elf / Dark Elf / Orc / Dwarf Admit it some of you got this book solelyThere is a page or two for each class, giving for this chapter. Its got a list of what everytips plus its HP and MP progression. Fighters creature drops (with the chance it will drop),are described first, followed by Mystics. and then another list of which creatures drop each item. To top it off, we have the contentsEquipment of every recipe to be found.This chapter lists the stats for every weapon,piece of armor, shield, and other item that you Skillscan find in the lands of Aden and Elmore. It A book in itself, this chapter describes every skillalso includes a list of what every NPC vendor available to every class, organized by class. Thesells, with prices. order here is identic