linkedin's middle east audience - 360 infographic

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  1. 1. Industry news & trends Career opportunities New product information Latest tech updates LinkedIn Audience 360 Member Study, Middle East 2013 *LinkedIn Internal Data L I N K E D I N S A U D I E N C E HAVE RECEIVEDA UNIVERSITY DEGREEOR HIGHER HOLD MANAGERPOSITIONS ORABOVE 2 5IN YOUNG 64% ARE AGED BETWEEN 25-44 EDUCATED 73% Companies most represented by Members in the Middle East* LinkedIns users in the Middle East Most sought after content types by LinkedIn users in the Middle East Gadget Ownership Platform Engagement Business Travellers Prefer to be leaders rather than followers Are socially responsible Think it is important to have an international perspective own a smartphone say LinkedIn helps them build relationships and drive new business leads 1in4 LinkedIn users in the Middle East use the platform to make more informed business decisions see LinkedIn as a credible source of information 81% own a tablet 59% of members in the Middle East access LinkedIn via a mobile device* 36% 1in5 have made at least 8 international trips for business in the past 12 months More than 1in4 have spent over 15 nights in a hotel for business purposes More than 1in3 travel business/rst class when travelling for business 75% 92% 72%