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Attached is info on the Shichida Linked Memory system. Books by Harry Lorayne will provide basics-In order to remember any new thing, it must be associated, in some ridiculous way, w of items you would make a ridiculous mental picture or association between or with two item babies these links are created through a storyline linking the images.

Your child's Right Brain has the ability to recall entire elements at a glance. Here's how you can use Linking Memory method For Babies:

Show 2 picture cards, eg. 'apple' and 'car'. Make up a story, eg. 'The apple jumped over the car'. Put the cards down. Once y cards to 3, then 4 ensuring that they are always in the right order. For 2yrs and above:

At this age your child is ready to memorize 50 cards per set in the correct order and something amazing will happen. He/Sh necessary to show 50 individuals cards now. A chart of 50 pictures is fine. Either you or your child will point to the pictures

When my son was about 2 years old, I contemplated quitting Shichida classes. He had been in the program since 3 months o mths, something miraculous happened. He could name all 50 pictures in Linking Memory Set 4 in the correct order without months later. That renewed my confidence in the system and thus I spent more time creating home practice materials.

At 4 yrs old now, he is currently doing LM Set 1C, 2C & 3C. Sensei has begun to time their recital. One of the kids in my son' most of them but when you look at her during the recital, you can see her eyes rolling and that is a sign that she is seeing t

Memory Linking Storyline from 1 to 100 Seq. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Storyline A RABBIT... jumps over a HOUSE... which smells like a STRAWBERRY. But it was actually a FLOWER... watered with HOT CHOCOLATE.... made out of WALKING SOCKS. The smell attracted a BEE... which lives in an APPLE... inside a CLOUD... which drops ACORN from the sky. The acorn drops inside my SHOES which are the colour of GRAPES Picture Rabbit House Strawberry Flower Hot chocolate Walking socks Bee Apple Cloud Acorn Shoes Grapes

13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50.

because an ELEPHANT stepped on them while an AIRPLANE soars overhead. It was as slow as a SNAIL who was eating a CARROT while a SQUIRREL scampered by with a LADYBUG on his tail that jumped onto a MUSHROOM to catch a POSTAGE STAMP that was blown by a PINWHEEL. It blew off my HAT, too... so a ZEBRA chased after it. His nose was as red as CHERRIES when they are scorched by a SUN riding a BOAT. It melted my ICE CREAM so I put it on a SKATEBOARD and ate WATERMELON instead. The seeds were the colour of my mum's new DRESS pop my BALLOON ...which she put on my GOLDFISH ...shaped like a KITE ...which bounched on top of a SNOWMAN ...who was eating a BOOK. Suddently he stopped to see a loud DRUM ...roll under a HORSE ...that had sticky tape on its LEGS. The tape came off a birthday CAKE ...which was teetering on top of a LADDER ...made out of TENNIS RACKETS. A BANANA climb over it, ...then jumped over a FARM ...which was plugged into an ELECTRICAL OUTLET ...right beside a sleeping TEDDY BEAR. He climbed out of his BOX, ...walking like a CRAB ...on top of a DAFFODIL ...that was growling like a DOG ...whose bark was a musical as a BELL

Elephant Airplane Snail Carrot Squirrel Ladybug Mushroom Postage stamp Pinwheel Hat Zebra Cherries Sun Boat Ice cream Skateboard Watermelon Dress Balloon Goldfish Kite Snowman Book Drum Horse Legs Cake Ladder Tennis rackets Banana Farm Electrical outlet Teddy bear Box Crab Daffodil Dog BELL

51 that rings out bubbles into the air 52 which are popped by a bicycle 53 ridden by a bird 54 drinking tea 55 Dont drink that tea! cried a bossy dolphin 56 as he wrote on his clipboard 57 then used it as a hammer 58 to break up his chili pepper sandwich. 59 The chili was so hot it steamed up his glasses 60 and they shattered into diamond 61 The diamonds formed a hoop 62 that hopped into a passing car 63 driven by a gold watch 64 perched atop a tricycle 65 so that he could see a rocking horse 66 wearing red lipstick 67 that was made in a manson. 68 Number 3s were coming out of the chimney 69 so I put them into my umbrella 70 and stirred them with a cassette tape 71 whose song made a nearby cane dance 72 into a tepee 73 where a saw lay 74 on top of a light bulb 75 that was safety pinned 76 to a toothbrush. 77 The toothbrush was decorated with a leaf 78 that dropped out of a bag 79 which floated through the air with a hot air balloon 80 made out of a silk shirt. 81 A camera was stuck in the shrit sleeve 82 until a ballerina pulled it out 83 and put it on her computer. 84 On the computer screen was a slippery trout 85 that flipped when he heard a violin 86 played by a butterfly 87 perched on a Christmas tree 88 decorated with letters. 89 The letters were about a sad little hotdog

Bubbles Bicycle Bird A cup of tea Dolphin Clipboard Hammer Chili Glasses Diamond Circle Car Watch Tricycle Rocking horse Lipstick Mansion A number 3 Umbrella Cassette tape Cane Tepee Saw Light bulb Safety pin Toothbrush Leaf Bag Hot air balloon Shirt Camera Ballerina Computer Trout Violin Butterfly Christmas tree A letter Hotdog bun

90 who jumped into a toaster 91 to escape from a lobster 92 who was talking on a telephone 93 to his friend rhinoceros 94 who was a captain of a nearby ship 95 that sailed in an artists paint palette. 96 The paint splashed into a baby carriage 97 where a guitar was taking a nap 98 before watching a ferris wheel 99 spin a ruler into the air 100 which sneezed and blew a feather to the ground.

Toaster Lobster Telephone Rhinoceros Ship Paint palette Baby carriage Guitar Ferris wheel Ruler Feather

arry Lorayne will provide a good understanding of the Link system of memory. Some in some ridiculous way, with something you already know or remember. To remember a list between or with two items at a time, until all of the items have been linked. In the case of s.

u can use Linking Memory method to stimulate this ability:

car'. Put the cards down. Once your child is able to tell or point to the correct cards when you ask, increase number of

hing amazing will happen. He/She will be able to name the cards at a glance without the help of pictures. It is not ur child will point to the pictures as you read the storyline or while listening to the Linking Memory CD.

in the program since 3 months old and we weren't seeing results. He wasn't even interested in 6 LM pictures but at 2yrs 3 t 4 in the correct order without looking at the them. He went on to recite 150 pictures in LM Sets 4, 5 & 6 continuously 2 ing home practice materials.

ecital. One of the kids in my son's class is super fast and can recite 150 pictures in about a minute. She mispronounces that is a sign that she is seeing the pictures in her mind vividly.