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Page 2: Live tweeting Case Studies

Case #1 - Canadian Tourism Challenge : When Canadians wanted to tell the

Americans over the boarder to come and visit them they didn’t use traditional advertising but instead created an interactive billboard that showed tweets sharing what fun people were having there and placed it right in the middle of New York.

Page 3: Live tweeting Case Studies

What Happened

They Installed Giant interactive screen in New York and Los Angeles

Displaying Live tweets and photos from Travelers in Canada

People passing by could interact with tweeters and ask questions about their experiences

This allowed them to TRULLY experience what was happening in Canada

Page 4: Live tweeting Case Studies

Lessons Learned

People are more responsive when they receive immediate feedback

Through LIVE interaction – people are more willing to take an action ( purchase / donate )

Page 5: Live tweeting Case Studies

Case #2 Tweeting from the Operating Room

Rex Healthcare in North Carolina live tweeted an event from the operating room at Rex Healthcare commemorated the hospital’s 2000th da Vinci Robot procedure. 

Page 6: Live tweeting Case Studies

The Challenge

Privacy Issues Too Extreme Content

Management Ethical Issue

Page 7: Live tweeting Case Studies

The Result

They reached 13,954 people via 47 total tweets (32 tweets, 2 replies, 13 retweets)

31 of the tweets originated from Rex Healthcare or UNC Health Care (Rex’s parent brand)

Total potential exposure of 55,333 impressions

Page 8: Live tweeting Case Studies

The Result

Page 9: Live tweeting Case Studies

Lessons Learned

When tweeting about a sensitive issue make sure you are monitoring/ replying to tweets as soon as possible.

Choose the proper terminology

Manage the aftermath .

Page 10: Live tweeting Case Studies

Case #3 Boston Fashion Week Tweetup

 Boston Fashion week - there was a lot of talk about it both on and offline. The TheSwapaholics team wanted to combine Fashion with Social Media.

Page 11: Live tweeting Case Studies

Their challenge :

“We thought we were “advanced” users when it came to using and tracking social media, but knew that we needed better tools for tracking & measuring the impact, reach, and influence of our events”

Page 12: Live tweeting Case Studies

What They Did

Determine what the event goal is ? Determine how many people spoke about

event Make sure all the sponsors were recognized

with their proper twitter name Quantify the success of the event via social

media Reach as many people as possible Ideally be one of the most talked about

events during Boston Fashion Week

Page 13: Live tweeting Case Studies

The Result

275 stylish Boston ladies produced 385 total tweets using the #BFWSwap hashtag

Sponsors mentioned by correct handles 81 times

The Stylish Boston ladies collectively increased mentions for our sponsors 800% over past events

58, 303 people reached via twitter! Determined that the Top Tweet for all of

#BFW11 on Thursday was from a beauty company in Florida!

Page 14: Live tweeting Case Studies

Best Practices- Live Tweeting

Use a hashtag # Play to your strengths- Tweets only

YOU can create Add photos- give it some life How many Tweets?