live webinar: 10 ways to drive killer results for your clients with sponsored updates

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Marketing Solutions Phil Han (@mrBriskly) Associate Product Marketing Manager, LinkedIn Ligia Ishida Sr Global Marketing Manager, LinkedIn 10 ways to drive killer ROI for your clients with Sponsored Updates

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  • Marketing Solutions

    Phil Han (@mrBriskly) Associate Product Marketing Manager, LinkedIn

    Ligia Ishida Sr Global Marketing Manager, LinkedIn

    10 ways to drive killer ROI for your clients with Sponsored Updates

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  • Todays Agenda

    ONE TWO THREEContent Management Best Practices

    Campaign Set up Tips & Tricks

    Top Sponsored Updates of 2015 (so far)

  • Content Through the Buyers Journey


  • Source: Zero Moment of Truth Study, Google

    B2B Buyers are consuming an average of 10.4 pieces of content on their way

    to a purchase decision.

  • 6

    Where are they finding it?

  • Marketing Solutions

    Nearly half of B2B buyers start their solution research with a web search, and 72% of buyers will use Google at

    some point in the research stage

    Source: 2014 B2B Buyer Landscape, Demand Gen, Pardot

  • Asked for suggestions/

    recommendations from users

    Connected directly with potential


    Connected with individual thought

    leaders for opinions

    Did not use social Browsed existing discussions

    That same percentage of buyers using search will also use social media

  • How do you take your Sponsored Updates from Great to Outstanding?


    ONEContent Management Best Practices

  • Source: LinkedIn Internal Study May 2015

    Provide a steady stream of content for your followers: best in class marketers post one to three updates per day on their Company or Showcase Pages.


    1. Followers and target audiences want different things

  • Source: LinkedIn Internal Study May 2015

    Sponsor 2 to 4 updates at any time to maximize your reach. Proactively optimize or cycle out the updates that arent achieving your KPIs.


    1. Followers and target audiences want different things

  • You have 10+ opportunities"to publish Sponsored Updates"that effectively introduce your"

    brand, build trust, provide helpful information, and ultimately inform

    a purchase decision. Deliver"relevant content at every step"

    of the buyers journey.


    Infographics, blog posts, industry trends, influencer"content, behind the scenes and exclusive content

    Best practice guides, case studies, product reviews,"analyst reports, webinars, blog posts

    White papers, research briefs, product demos, trials,"product reviews and comparisons, analyst reports

    Newsletters, recommendations, case studies, product"news, tutorials

    Shape Perception Establish Trust

    for Nurturing

    Nurture to Convince

    and Convert

    Earn New Leads

    2. Pick content for the full marketing funnelBUILD TRUST FIRST, THEN ASK FOR CONTACT INFO!

  • 2 2. Pick content for the full marketing funnelPRO TIP:!

    Clear calls to action will maximize clicks and conversions to gated content.This CTA from Hortonworks for a whitepaper download couldnt be more direct:

  • Make the most of a piece of gated content by repurposing it in a variety"of full funnel pieces such as blogs, infographics, webinars"

    and SlideShare presentations.

    3. Boost your content ROI through repurposing

  • 4. Leverage the employee network to scale up reachEMPLOYEES ARE A VALUABLE SECRET WEAPON IN SCALING SPONSORED UPDATES!

    Results: Engagement rates as high as 3.25%

    on their content. Over 28,000 visits to ABN Amro

    Insights site in one month.x

  • The Helpful Advisor The Conversationalist The Cliffhanger

    Start by explaining how"your piece of content will"help your target achieve"professional success.

    Make a bold statement or ask"a question to spark a conversation"

    and get your audience to react.

    Tell your audience just enough"to pique their interest but not so"much that they arent compelled"

    to learn more.

    5. Create content thats helpful, informative and/or entertainingTRY WRITING FROM THESE PERSPECTIVES!

  • 6. Optimize the content for mobile

    For best mobile performance make sure:

    The intro copy is fewer than 150 characters or

    eliminate it all together. The CTA is clear. The landing page is optimized for the small


  • 7. Use images to drive engagement

    Adhere to published specifications at to ensure your image has the proper resolution."

    Use the image to expand on the content"or emphasize the CTA."

    Make sure you choose an image that accurately reflects your content. Consistency between image and story conveys the topic before the member even reads a word.


  • 8. Test and improve performance with Direct Sponsored Content

    At any time, test 2 to 3 versions of the content to continuously improve performance.

    Think simple:Consider testing personalization or variation of the CTA.

  • Never miss an opportunity to reach your target audienceno matter where they are or how and when they choose to consume content.

    9. Adopt an always on mindsetAS PROFESSIONALS CATCH UP ON CONTENT AT HOME!

  • of decision makers use social media to research the solution purchase.

    of B2B purchase decision makers said that winning

    impact on their decision.*

    *The 2014 B2B Buyer Behavior Study, Demand Gen, January 29, 2014

    9. Adopt an always on mindsetPRO TIP:!For content, think always on content strategy.Dont miss out on the opportunity to impact your prospects buying decision.


    Make your content last longer:

    Before retiring a campaign thats

    showing fatigue, consider enabling the Audience Expansion function.

    These audiences havent seen your content, so its new to them.

  • Best Practices Cheat Sheet

    1. Optimizing content

    Always ask, why would the audience read this?

    Use concise and compelling "intros and headlines

    Ask compelling questions to involve the target audience

    Include a clear call to action, regardless of the objective

    Make sure landing pages are

    optimized for mobile traffic

    2. Managing updates

    Plan an editorial calendar, but also react to timely events

    Respond to comments regularly

    Consider keeping updates running through the weekend

    Test to see what works

    with the audience and then refine

    3. Optimizing visuals

    Always include an image, presentation, or video

    Ensure the image is relevant to your content

  • 24

    TWOCampaign SetupTips & Tricks

  • You have 4 levers to optimize your campaigns:







  • Pricing model options:CPM (cost per thousand impressions)CPC (cost per click)

    In both cases, you only pay enough to beat the next highest bidder in the 2nd price auction


    BIDBid only as much as youre willing to pay

  • .


    Shift your budget based on performance

  • Chisel, dont piece-togetherRun-of-professionals (ROP) doesnt mean no targeting it means all targetingPay for your target audience at ROP rate!

    Let the robots work their magicWhile marketers are great at understanding who their audience is, optimization algorithms know who clicks and optimize accordingly

    TARGETINGStart broad, chisel down

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    THREETop Sponsored Updates of Q2 2015

  • 31

    Stands out from the rest of the news feed by using a casual tone and incorporating a meme.

    Uses a short-form article format for easy engagement.

    Uses the intro copy to deliver an upbeat message as a hook.

    Top Updates- Q2 2015

  • 32

    Provides a lot of upfront value with the use of statistics in the intro copy and an infographic for visual engagement.

    These tactics are effective ways to tease out longer content like survey results or a research report.

    Top Updates- Q2 2015

  • 33

    The post optimizes mobile engagement by eliminating the intro copy.

    Taps into a very broad desire to be more successful: the main reason professionals use LinkedIn. The message is appropriate to the platform.

    Top Updates- Q2 2015

  • 34

    Niche content finds a place on LinkedIn with the use of an effective targeting strategy.

    The image adds context to the post.

    Top Updates- Q2 2015

  • 35

    What makes it engaging?

    It keeps content social by using human stories and peer learning.

    The intro copy is concise and clear and adds to the image and title.

    Top Updates- Q2 2015

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