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  • Living Things and Non-Living Things

    We see many things in the world around us. They can be divided into two groups:

    living things and non-living.

    Living Things Human beings, plants, animals and birds are living things.

    Non-Living Things Tables, chairs, toys, hills and vehicles are non-living things.

    Living things Living things are different from non-living things in many ways.

    All living things grow.

    An infant grows into an adult (man or woman); a seed grows into a big tree.

    All living things need food to eat and water to drink.

  • All living things breathe.

    All living things feel.

    All living things reproduce (Have babies of their own)

    All living things move.

  • Living things move from one place to another. Human beings and animals move.

    Though plants do not move, they are living things as they grow, breathe and


    Non-living things Non-living things cannot grow, breathe, feel, reproduce or move on their own.

    They do not need food and water. They can be divided into two groups: Natural

    and man-made.

    Natural non-living things: They are found in nature and are not made by man. Examples: Sun, moon, stars, sky, clouds, rocks, mountains and many more.

    Man-made non-living things: They are made by man.

    Examples: Toys, chairs, tables, beds, houses, buildings, trains and many more.

    Do you know? A car moves on the road, but it cannot move on its own. It needs a driver to start

    the engine and move it. So a car is a non-living thing.

    Plants do not move but they are living things as they breathe, reproduce, feel and

    need food and water to grow.

    Key Words – Word Power

    world living non-living human being man-made natural

    breathe reproduce mountain building river clouds

  • Now I Know

     People, plants and animals are living things.

     Living things need food to grow.

     Living things breathe, feel and reproduce.

     Non-living things are natural and man-made.

     Non – living things do not breathe, feel, or reproduce.

    A. Write L for living things and NL for non-living things











    B. Write (N) for Natural non-living things and (M) for Man-made non-living things below each of the pictures







  • Activities C. Identify and sort the living things and non-living things and put them in

    their respective baskets

    D. Colour the picture. Identify and circle all the living things with red and non-living things with blue.

  • Sing the song (Sing to the tune of – Are you sleeping?)

    It is living!

    It is living!

    I know why!

    I know why!

    It eats, breathes and grows.

    It feels, reproduces and moves.

    It is alive! It is alive!

    Review Zone A. Fill in the blanks.

    a. A ____________ needs food and water to live.

    (a) Table (b) parrot (c) bus (d) kite

    b. A _____________ cannot feel and reproduce.

    (a) tree (b) lion (c) train (d) fish

    B. Circle the odd one out. a.


    C. Choose the correct word and complete the sentences. Use the words given in the help box.

    natural air move man-made living

  • a. All living things need _________ to breathe.

    b. Plants are living things but cannot _________ from one place to another.

    c. Non-living things are ______________ or __________________.

    d. All _______________ things feel and grow.

    D. Draw and colour any two in each of the following

    Value Corner

    E. Tick ( ) the correct answer Seema and Ronny are friends. Ronny throws a stone at a bird’s nest. She stops


    Is Seema doing the correct thing? (Yes / No)

    Why do you think so?

    a. Birds are non-living and cannot feel.

    b. Birds are living but cannot move.

    c. Birds are living and can feel.

    Living Things Natural non-living things Manmade non-living things

  • F. Complete the table with a ‘Yes or No’ Does it move

    on its own?

    Does it


    Does it


    Does it need

    food and water?

    Is it living?





    Scrap Book Activity

    Collect pictures of atleast three living things and three non-living things and paste

    them in your scrap book.

    Nature Walk

    Take a walk around your school campus and identify living and non-living things.

    Interesting Facts: Did you know?

    Plants do not move from one place to another. But Sunflowers turn their face

    towards the sun. As the sun moves, the sunflowers also turn in the direction

    of the sun till sunset.

  • Mind Map Map living things and non-living things

    Teacher’s Notes:

    Ask the children the difference between a doll and a child; a bird and an


    Make flash cards of living and non-living things and show each card to the

    students. Ask them whether it is a living or non-living thing. Give reasons.

    Note for Mr. Aashish Aggarwal:

    Interesting facts and Did you know have to be placed in a bubble anywhere in

    between the lesson.````````````````````````````````

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