A2 Music Video By Lauren Sammout & Laura Di Paolo

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A2 Music VideoBy Lauren Sammout & Laura Di Paolo

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We are L&L Productions… We are very creative. We’re good at sticking to deadlines. Continuity is our best friend. We want to entertain.

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“He Loves You” The track for our music video is “He Loves

You” by The Pretty Reckless.

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The track is of the rock/pop genre.

It is upbeat and fast paced with catchy lyrics.

The key audience for the Music Video would be mainly teenagers from both genders.

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So, we propose… We take this song and turn it into a fast

paced music video full of energy and various images.

The editing will be parallel to the beat, keeping the pace of the song.

The genre will be half performance and half narrative/location based.

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In a more detailed explanation… The lyrics in “He Loves You” tell a story of

betrayal within a relationship from a female perspective. Therefore we plan to portray this in our music video.

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Mise-en-scene We plan to use quite traditional ‘rock’ costumes for the

lead singer. The band will be in dark clothing, mainly in black to allow

the lead singer to ‘stand out’. The primary colours will be red and black, which are

traditional in rock.

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Mise-en-scene We want to make our video as conventional as

possible. We will include real instruments to heighten the

impact of the music. The background of the performance location will

be simple and dark, allowing the performers to stand out.

The make-up will be quite natural, with the addition of heavy black eyeliner!

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Mise-en-scene The lighting will be a mix of light and dark,

depending on the lyric. We will also include flashing lights to

enhance the realism of the performance.

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Possible locations include… The Drama Studio. Bedroom. Wandlebury Woods.

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Casting We have acquired a cast for each role within the

video. We have each instrumentalist and an actor. Roles include: Lead singer Guitarist Bassist Drummer.

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The technical bits… We will include an inset frame within a

photo album to show a past memory. We will edit the lighting and saturation in

various shots. We will keep a constant flow with the fast-

paced editing throughout the track.

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Goodwin’s Analysis Visuals to lyrics - such as “on your knees”

she will get on her knees. Visuals to music - the singers/ band will

move to the beat. Voyeurism - In a bedroom or mirror to show

her reflecting on life. Artist Close-ups - we shall use them.

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Continued… Genre - Narrative and performance. Intertextuality - We will include some;

although we have not made a final decision yet.

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CD/DVD Cover… We will be taking photos during the shoot. Possible ideas include: Artist close-up. Artist and band. ‘Artistic’ shots.

The CD, Advert and Music Video will link together through similar images taken from the shoot.

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Key success factors… We have successfully acquired a cast and

crew. Costume, hair and make-up styles have

been planned.

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What could (but won’t) go wrong… The Drama Studio could be in use. Members of our cast could become


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In conclusion… We will make a fast paced music video. It will include many technical elements. The impact of the song will be reflected

through the editing. Overall, we will make an all-round

entertaining video.