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  • Lohri Damanveer Bhogal

  • What is Lohri?Lohri is a Punjabi celebration of the end of winter and blossom of spring. In Punjabi culture this is the longest night of the year and the start to shorter nights thus longer days. It is formally the remembrance of Muslim robber Dulha Bhatti, who was a good man. He stole from the rich to give to the poor and was a hero to Punjabis. It also gets it bonfire origin from the sun god and fire.

  • On Lohri all family and friends get together to exchange sweets and have a good time. A large bon fire is lit and Punjabis eat sweets like popcorn and peanuts occasionally throwing some in the fire. Everyone wears their brightest clothes and dances (Bhangra and gidda) around the fire. The celebration is also extremely important for farmers as it marks the beginning of a new financial/harvest year.

    Traditions and Significance to Punjab

  • Interesting Facts

    Those who go abroad still celebrate Lohri the same way

    Lohri isnt only celebrated by punjabis but most Indians instead

  • Reflection

    During Lohri 2014 I had the privilege to be in India, or Punjab for that matter. This allowed me to see the true meaning of Lohri at its origin place. At my cousins house all the neighbours came over as we ate sweets and built a large fire.

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