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At dinga.com.au, today’s feature product offering is the fantastic Elite-5x Fishfinder. This Fishfinder packs together great performance and amazing color into one easy to use device. The new color Elite-5x Fishfinder brings a new level of high performance and high color to serious anglers for an amazing low price.


  • 1. Featured Product http://www.dinga.com.au/mark-4-chartplotter-fishfinder-12757.html

2. http://www.dinga.com.au/mark-4-chartplotter-fishfinder-12757.html Dinga announces feature product of the week Lowrance Elite-5x Fishfinder. The Lowrance Elite-5x Fishfinder packs together great performance and amazing color into one easy to use device. Anglers can get this Fishfinder at the lowest price in Australia. Moreover, these Fishfinders come with the famous Lowrance features; synonymous with unbelievable accuracy and performance, and now with a remarkable new screen that is unrivaled in terms of detail. 3. http://www.dinga.com.au/mark-4-chartplotter-fishfinder-12757.html The Elite-5x Fishfinder contains excellent features like 480x480 pixel SolarMAX 256-color TFT display with incomparable screen brightness. It also is a perfect size at 5 in./12.7 cm, with contrast, high resolution and broader directions. It is very user friendly and works for all anglers from beginners to experts. Its keyboard with backlight technology increases visibility and usability in the day or night with its smooth, adjustable screen. 4. http://www.dinga.com.au/mark-4-chartplotter-fishfinder-12757.html The 500W RMS Fishfinder extends to depths of 1,000'/305 m! Its user interface is simple and easy to use, so you can get on the water and find those fish faster than ever. This fishfinder has amazing operating dual- frequency of 83/200 kHz Skimmer transom -mount transducer with inner temporary sensor, which is capable of 120 extensive sonar coverage. You can also directly scroll back and analyze various pages of fishfinder history by using its exclusive TrackBack feature. 5. http://www.dinga.com.au/mark-4-chartplotter-fishfinder-12757.html Lowrance Elite-5x is packed with technology that is easy to use for all anglers, with its simple, easily accessible menus. 6. http://www.dinga.com.au/mark-4-chartplotter-fishfinder-12757.html Its all new design for easy one-hand tilt vision modification, deletion and reinstallation it even fits same cut-out for previous 5 in. /7 cm models for in-dash installations. Its innovative uniplug 1/4-turn connectors are compatible with earlier Lowrance uniplug installations to simplify upgrades to any new Elite model. All this packaged in easy-to-use menus with Advanced Mode to expand your preferred features.