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Open Badges: Technical Overview R. John Robertson, LTDC October 8, 2013

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Introductory high-level overview of Mozilla's OpenBadges technology. Presented at UW LTDC Face to Face meeting at UW Eau Claire October 2013


  • 1.Open Badges: Technical Overview R. John Robertson, LTDC October 8, 2013

2. Technical Context What do you need to know? What questions do you need ask? 3. So what is a badge? A png file With baked in json metadata 4. What can it contain? 5. The Metadata specification 6. Technical Infrastructure 7. Technical Infrastructure Issuing PlatformBackpackIssueAccept and StoreDisplay WidgetDisplay 8. Some Issuing Tools BadgeOS - WordPress plugin Credly - Web service Purdues Passport - Platform/ BB add on D2L - coming soon? There are plenty of other tools and platforms 9. One example of use @ UW Oshkosh 10. Course progress in Passport 11. Bigger picture considerations How do we support users in displaying badges? How does the technical choice fit into a the wider framework? can it support the intended use / purpose? what triggers badge issuing for these activities? How does this fit with the wider technical / standards arena? eg interaction with xApi 12. Links Mozilla Open Badges Metadata Specification https://wiki.mozilla. org/Badges/Onboarding-Issuer#E. _Metadata_Spec