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Gray Wolf Maddie Heizer April 28, 2011 Biology 0 Period

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  • Gray Wolf Maddie Heizer April 28, 2011 Biology 0 Period
  • Statistics
    • Common Name: Gray Wolf
    • Scientific Name: Canis Lupus
    • Size: They can weigh anywhere from 80- 120 pounds, Alaskans wolfs weigh more usually weighed in at about 175
    • Color: Anywhere from white to almost black
    • Speed: 20- 40 miles per hour
  • Habitat
    • Gray wolves live in the U.S, Alaska, Canada, Mexico and Eurasia.
    • There is a small amount living in the Abbruzzi mountains in Italy.
  • Food Source
    • Gray wolfs hunt things such as: elk, deer, and moose. The wolfs hunt these while in packs.
    • While alone wolfs hunt: birds, fish, snowshoe hares, mice, and rabbits.
  • Population
    • There are an estimated number of 5,320 gray wolfs in North America, and about 4,390 in Europe and Asia.
  • Human Interaction with Gray Wolves
    • People used to hate the wolfs and would kill them whenever they could, years later they realized that wolf are important in the food chain.
    • Gray wolfs are eliminated from almost every state, except for Minnesota and Alaska
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