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To obtain a mortgage loan with CGD, the customer must submit to the bank all the required documents and information. Documentation has to be certified in order to be accepted.

The certification process can be held by one of the following competent entities:

A CGD bank official The Portuguese Consulate / Embassy A lawyer or an attorney recognized by CGD


Mortgage Application:

CGD Forms: Mortgage application and Personal details1

Generic Documents: Copy of passport certified by CGD Branch; Birth Certificate or Marriage Certificate; Portuguese Fiscal Card; Latest proof of address (e.g. water, gas, electricity bill, etc.).

Documents required for loan analysis2:

Employed people:

Payslips for the last 3 months and/or proof of other incomes received on a regular basis; Employers letter with current salary, type of employment, bonus entitlement, job title and seniority; Bank statements for the last 6 months (Main Account); Liabilities statements (e.g. Mortgages, Personal Loans, Credit Cards and other Loans); Latest Income Tax Return and evidence of payment; Experian credit check (where available) or statement from another legally certified provider. Self-employed people:

Balance sheet and income statements for the past two years and/or corporate income tax statements for the previous two years with evidence of payment;

Accountants certificate; Statement of Assets and Liabilities (where applicable).

1Forms available in our website. 2Other documents may be required by the Bank, during the application assessment.

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c015463Typewritten TextPlease deliver/send this form and relevant documentation to one of our branches or representation offices. Addresses available on the website (select CGD network Domestic or International).

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Proposta de CrditoHabitao Secundria/Multiopes

1. Proponente N. Cliente/Client N.

Moeda/Currency Euro


atsoporP .NatnoC .NaicngA

2. Proponente N. Cliente/Client N.

Caractersticas do Crdito/ Mortgage Currency (please tick)

Finalidade/Purpose of the Mortgage (please tick) Valor Aquisio/Purchase priceHabitao/Purchase a property

Aquisio/Acquisition Arrendamento/Buy to rent

Obras/Home improvements Construo/Construction

Intercalar para sinal/First instalment/Down payment

Outros crditos/Other reason for mortgage

Transferncia de Outra Instituio de Crdito (preencher o verso)Transfer from another Financial Instituition (PTO)

Outras informaes/Other information

Prazo pretendido/Repayment term anos/Years

Tipo de taxa/Type of mortgage Fixa/Fixed rate anos/Years (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30)

Informao do vendedor/Vendor details or estate agent



Lote/N. Andar/Floor Lado/Flat N. Lugar/Borough Cdigo Postal/Postal Code

Telefone/Telephone Telemvel/Mobil E-mail

Emprstimo Solicitado/Mortgage amount


a G


l d

e D




- Sed

e Soci





63 -


00 L


- Cap



al 2




- C




al L


- M


2900 -



te I


T 5

00 9

60 0


N. Pedido Proposta/

Imvel Objecto de Financiamento/Details of property to be nanced

Garantias/Mortgage security

Hipoteca do imvel objecto de financiamento/Tick if the security is the property mentioned above

Fiana de/Surety of: (os fiadores devero preencher o Template TGCGD94) (If applicable)

1. Fiador/Guarantor N. Cliente/Client N.

2. Fiador/Guarantor N. Cliente/Client N.

Hipoteca do imvel diferente do imvel objecto de financiamento (preencher verso)/Detail of property to be used as security if different from above (PTO)

Outras garantias/Other guaranties (if applicable)

Pessoa encarregada de mostrar o imvel/Contact person to arrange property viewing

Morada/Address Contacto/Contact

Adeso ao Servio de Documentos Habitao/Request for applicant to use the CGD property document service

Tipo de servio/Service request?

Tratamento de documentao com representao na escritura/All of the above and also the signing of the deeds

Morada/Address Lote/N. Andar/floor Lado/Flat N.

oNmiSotnemaeuqrap/megaraG ortuOoidrPocarFaidaroM

lasnem adneR.dnerra ataDmiSoN?odadnerrAetneilC olep odubirta rolaV

Freguesia/Borough Concelho/Council Distrito/District Cdigo

Est hipotecado?/Are there other pledges on the property? No/No Sim/Yes CGD. N. Processo

Outro Banco. Qual?/Other bank? Please name

rea total terreno (se moradia) N. pisos Ano construo N. Reg. Conservatria Tipologia

, ,

, ,




CGD Reference N.

Branch Account N. Proposal N.

, ,, ,

, ,

Indexada a Euribor/Linked to Euribor 3 meses/months

6 meses/months Outras/Others

House Flat Building Other Garage Yes No

Land total area (sqm) N. of floors Year of construction Land registry number N. bedrooms

Estimated Value Is the property rented? No Yes Lease start date Monthly rent

Lugar/Localidade/Town Cdigo Postal/Postal Code

Tratamento de documentao/ Handle all documentation including provisional registration

Clients initials

Mortgage Application FormSecond Home/Complementary Credit

Multiopes/Complementary Credit (others)

Transferncia de Outra Instituio de Crdito/Mortgage transfer from another Bank of Building Society

Informao adicional/additional information

Valor contratado (inicial)/Value initially agreed Saldo a transferir/Amount to be transfered

N. emprstimo anterior/Ref. n. of the previous mortgage

Banco anterior/Previous Bank Nome da Agncia anterior/Name of previous branch

Prazo inicial/Initial term meses/months Data do contrato (inicial) ltima prestao vencida

Nota: A prestao destas informaes no dispensa a apresentao, nos termos legais, de uma declarao emitida pelo Banco de origem do crdito

Initial contract start date

Note: The information above does not exempt the customer from providing a declaration from the bank which originally provides the credit, in accordance with the law.

Last repayment date


Hipoteca do imvel diferente do imvel objecto de financiamento/Detail of property to be used as security if different from above

Moradia Fraco Prdio Outro Garagem/Parqueamento Sim No

Valor atribudo pelo Cliente Arrendado? No Sim Data arrend. Renda mensal

Freguesia/Borough Concelho/Council Distrito/District Cdigo

rea total terreno (se moradia) N. pisos Ano construo N. Reg. Conservatria Tipologia

Lote/N. Andar/Floor Lado/Flat N. Cdigo Postal/Postal Code

House Flat Building Other Garage/Parking space Yes No

Est hipotecado?/Are there other pledges on the property? No/No Sim/Yes CGD. N. Processo/ Process N.

Land total area (sqm) N. of floors Year of construction Land registry number N. bedrooms

Estimated Value Is the property rented? No Yes Lease start date Monthly rent

Outro Banco. Qual?/Other bank? Please name

Subscrio de produtos e servios

Seguro de Vida do Grupo CGD/Group CGD life insurance

Seguro Multi-Riscos do Grupo CGD/CGD Group multi-household insurance

Seguro Pessoal de Sade Multicare/Private health insurance 1. Proponente/Applicant 2. Proponente/Applicant

Opes: Proteco Invalidez Absoluta e Definitiva/Partial disability cover 1. Proponente/Applicant 2. Proponente/Applicant

Proteco Invalidez Total e Permanente/Total and permanent disability cover 1. Proponente/Applicant 2. Proponente/ApplicantOptions

Seguro de Crdito Hipotecrio/Mortgage Insurance Credit Protection 1. Proponente/Applicant 2. Proponente/Applicant

Carto de Crdito/CGD Credit Card Carto de Dbito/CGD debit card

Caixa Directa/Internet banking service Pagamentos Peridicos/Direct debits

Dados Econmicos/Monthly Financial DetailsSalrio mensal lquido/Monthly net salaryRendimento adicional/Addicional incomeGastos hipotecrios/Mortgage outgoingsOutros emprstimos/Other loans outgoingsRendas/Rental ExpensesOutras despesas mensais/Other monthly expenses (utility bills, etc....)

, ,, ,, ,

, ,, ,, ,

Total de bens/Total assets , ,

Declarao de bens/Details of assets and debtsPropriedades/PropertiesVeculos/VehiclesInvestimentos/InvestmentsOutros bens/Other assets

, ,, ,, ,, ,

Outras responsabilidades/Other LiabilitiesCrdito vincendo/Mortgage amount outstandingCartes de crdito e outras responsabilidades/Credit cards and other debtsTotal responsabilidades/Total liabilitiesDiferencial entre bens e responsabilidades/Net assets/Liabilities

, ,, ,, ,, ,

Situao profissional/Employment detailsNome da entidade empregadora/Employment detailsActividade de negcio/Business activityPosio/Job titleData de entrada/Date of employment

Telefone da empresa empregadora/Employers telephone number

1. Proponente/Applicant 2. Proponente/Applicant

Clients initials

Dados bancrios/Bankers detailsNome do Banco/Name of bankAgncia/BranchGerente de conta/Account managerN. de anos que cliente/Years with the bank

1. Proponente/Applicant 2. Proponente/Applicant

Declarao dos Proponentes

Declaramos que as informaes prestadas so completas e exactas e autorizamos a Caixa Geral de Depsitos a obter as informaes consideradasrelevantes para anlise do processo, assim como o dbito na conta DO acima indicada, para pagamento das despesas com o estudo da operao de Crditoe, se assim for o caso, com a avaliao dos bens oferecidos em garantia.

Assinatura dos Proponentes

Autorizao para solicitao ao Banco de Portugal-A Caixa Geral de Depsitos fica autorizada a pedir ao Banco de Portugal as responsabilidades do Cliente no sistema Financeiro.

Autorizao para o tratamento informatizado de dados pessoais-Os dados fornecidos sero processados informaticamente.-Os dados destinam-se ao uso exclusivo dos servios da Caixa, ficando esta autorizada a fornec-los a empresas do Grupo Caixa Geral de Depsitos,sendo assegurada a confidencialidade dos dados e ainda a sua utilizao em funo do objecto social das empresas do Grupo e de modo noincompatvel com as finalidades determinantes da recolha.-Os dados podero ser fornecidos a autoridades judiciais ou administrativas, nos casos em que tal cedncia seja obrigatria.-A Caixa Geral de Depsitos fica autorizada a recolher informao adicional, ainda que por via indirecta, destinada a actualizar ou a complementar osdados.-Sempre que o solicitem, os interessados podero aceder s informaes que Ihes digam respeito, constantes das bases de dados. Os titulares dosdados podem tambm solicitar a correco ou a actualizao dos mesmos, bem como a meno de informaes adicionais, atravs de impressosprprios ou, na falta destes, atravs do preenchimento de nova ficha de assinaturas.-A Caixa fica, ainda, autorizada a fornecer os referidos dados seguradora Genworth Financial Mortgage, no mbito do seguro de crdito hipotecriocom esta celebrado, sendo assegurada, igualmente, a confidencialidade dos dados e a sua utilizao em funo do respectivo objecto social e de modono incompatvel com as finalidades determinantes da recolha.

Signature of the Applicants

Applicants statementThe undersigned hereby declare(s) that all the information provided herein is to the best of my/our knowledge true, complete and correct and understandit will be used by Caixa Geral de Depsitos to determine credit worthiness. The undersigned further consent(s) to Caixa Geral de Depsitos making anyinquiries it deems necessary to reach a decision on this application and instructs Caixa Geral de Depsitos to change all expenses related to the creditanalysis process and to any evaluation of collateral put forward directly to the current account shown above.

Reservado CGD/Reserved to CGD

Data de entrada/Date of entry

Reservado s Imobilirias/SeguradorasReserved to Real Estate Agents and Insurance Companies

Banco de Portugals AuthorizationCaixa Geral de Depsitos is authorized to request from Banco de Portugal all information concerning the customers financial responsabilities.

Authorization for the automatic processing of personal dataThe details provided will be automatically processed. The details will be exclusively used by Caixa for the purpose of conducting its business. Caixa isalso authorized to provide these details to other members of Grupo Caixa Geral de Depsitos. All confidentiality is maintained and its use is limited to thefunction of Grupo Caixas companies.

Caixa will share the details provided with Government and Regulatory authorities as required under law. Before sharing the details, Caixa will take everyendeavour to ensure the all details provided to the autorities have been legally requested and must be provided. Caixa is authorized to gather additionalinformation, even if via a third party, in order to update or complete its records.The details will be made available to their respective customers upon request. A request to amend or update their records can also be made at any timeusing the appropriate forms. A new signature form can be used if the specific forms are not available.

In the ambit of the mortgage Insurance credit protection provided, Caixa will be authorized to supply these details to the insurer, Genworth FinancialMortgage. Full confidenciality will be assured and all the information held will be use only for this purpose.

United Kingdom (London)

Address: The Monument Building , 11 Monument Street , London EC3R 8AF Phone number: +44 207 280 02 50E-mail: [email protected]

Open Monday to Friday: 9h30 - 16h GMT


Enquiries:E-mail: [email protected] center: +351 707 24 24 30 | 217 619 349 (available 24h a day)

Caixa Geral de Depsitos is authorized by the Bank of Portugal.Bank of Portugal also regulates mortgages and associated securities in Portugal.

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Text2: Caixa Geral de Depsitos, SA - Sede Social: Av. Joo XXI, 63 - 1000-300 Lisboa - Capital Social 5 900 000 000 - CRCL e Contribuinte n. 500 960 046 Text1: ICGD0139 - 2012.Set