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Texthelp has a few features that can help you quickly assemble references and a bibliography for an assignment.


  • 1. Texthelp Using the Study Skills options to create a Bibliography and more
  • 2. Texthelp has a feature that allows you to instantly create a Bibliography from multiple sources that you have highlighted information in. (Works best with Internet Explorer)
  • 3. Texthelp Read Write Gold - can be found on most computers in DIT. Look for this icon on the computers desktop. Where can I find it?
  • 4. First, you have to select the correct Texthelp toolbar. Just click on the dropdown arrow beside the word Texthelp on the toolbar
  • 5. Now go to Current Toolbar and then a new window appears. Click on Study Skills Features and click on it.
  • 6. The key features here are the four colour high lighter pens (yellow, blue, green and pink). And the Collect Highlighter's tool is also needed.
  • 7. Plan your highlights Have a plan with your colours as Texthelp will order them for you in the end. Opening paragraph 2nd paragraph 3rd paragraph Closing paragraph
  • 8. Open up Internet Explorer and begin to explore Websites for quotes and references.
  • 9. When you find some useful text, select it and then click on the Highlight Colour and the selected text changes colour.
  • 10. So just explore websites and documents and highlight the text that is appropriate and keep the colour code in mind. Tip- have the sheet with the colours and the paragraphs they correspond to beside you. This will keep you focused.
  • 11. When you have selected text from multiple sites and they have been coloured, then click on the Collect Highlights feature.
  • 12. This pop up window appears. Take your time to read your options.
  • 13. Try the different options to see their effects. Note the tick box for the Collect highlights from multiple sources. Then note the tickbox to include the bibliography and the format i.e. APA, MLA and Harvard. Select the correct one for your assignment. Then clickOK.
  • 14. Texthelp will automatically open a Word document and insert the text and bibliography.
  • 15. Just a few last details to do but this is a good start with your assignment. Click on this link to see videos about Texthelp.