making apache kafka elastic with apache mesos

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1. Kafka on Mesos 2. Joe Stein CEO of Elodina, Inc. Elodina is a startup focusing on the support & maintenance of third party open source software (like Mesos frameworks) as well as its own open source products & SaaS solutions. Joe Stein is also the Founder and Principal Consultant of Big Data Open Source Security and has been working for the last couple of years on implementing and assisting organizations with their Kafka, Mesos, Hadoop, Cassandra, Accumulo, Storm, Spark, etc, Big Data systems. Prior to this, Joe Stein was responsible for building out a platform that ingested and processed the analytics for 6 billion unique mobile devices. 3. Quick intro to Mesos Quick intro to Kafka Making Kafka elastic with Mesos Overview 4. Quick intro to Mesos 5. Static partitioning 6. Static partitioning 7. Static partitioning 8. Static partitioning 9. Better option 10. Data Center Operating System 11. Mesos 12. Quick intro to Kafka 13. Not Streaming Data 14. Kafka decouples data pipelines 15. Making Kafka elastic with Mesos 16. Goals we set out with smart assignment. preservation of broker placement (through constraints and/or new features). ability to-do configuration changes. rolling restarts (for things like configuration changes). scaling the cluster up and down with automatic, programmatic and manual options. smart partition assignment via constraints visa vi roles, resources and attributes. 17. mesos/kafka 18. Scheduler Provides the operational automation for a Kafka Cluster. Manages the changes to the broker's configuration. Exposes a REST API for the CLI to use or any other client. Runs on Marathon for high availability. Executor The executor interacts with the kafka broker as an intermediary to the scheduler Scheduler & Executor 19. CLI & REST API scheduler - starts the scheduler. add - adds one more more brokers to the cluster. update - changes resources, constraints or broker properties one or more brokers. remove - take a broker out of the cluster. start - starts a broker up. stop - this can either a graceful shutdown or will force kill it (./ help stop) rebalance - allows you to rebalance a cluster either by selecting the brokers or topics to rebalance. Manual assignment is still possible using the Apache Kafka project tools. Rebalance can also change the replication factor on a topic. help - ./ help || ./ help {command} 20. Launch 20 brokers in seconds ./ add 1000..1019 --cpus 0.01 --heap 128 --mem 256 --options ./ start 1000..1019 21. Kafka is available on DCOS dcos install kafka dcos kafka help Mesosphere DCOS 22. Questions? Joe Stein