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    www.MAnASoTATRACkClub.oRG 1

    4 0 YE A R S o F F u n A n D PA R T I C I PAT I o n

    MANASOTA TRACK CLUB Serving Manatee & Sarasota Counties

    V o l u M E 3 3 , n u M b E R 6 J u n E 2 0 1 5

    Renew your membership online at

    The 2015 Summer Beach Runs on Siesta Key Beach start Tuesday, June 9. The kids’ run starts at 6:30pm followed by the adult run at 7pm. Registration for the runs begins at 5:30pm. This year all runners will have to fill out a new waiver, so please arrive early. Our main set up area will be at the Sunset Pavilion (see map above), near the playground.

    Summer Beach Runs are hot, if you think you’ll need water on your run … please bring some as there wIll nOT be water on the course.

    June 9th: Wall Run From the start line to the wall and back, 3.25ish miles.

    June 16th: ChiCk ChaseR 5k women get a few minutes head start on the guys.

    June 23Rd: noRth/south 4 mile Run Hot Dog Cookout & BBR PRIDE NIgHt!

    wear your favorite BBR shirt to the run and stick around after for a cookout! As for the race, it’s a four miler up and down the beach.

    June 30th: 2 mile dash A 2 mile dash, out a mile then back.

    July 7th: 4, 3, 2-peRson Relay Each member on the team will run a lap

    (1 mile) then pass the baton to the next person on the team. Teams can have 4, 3, or 2 people. On a 3-person team, the first runner has to do the first and last lap. If there are only 2 people on the team, you must alternate laps.

    July 14th: paCe & RaCe (2 mIlEs) Post-RuN PB&Js (make your own peanut but- ter and jelly sandwich)

    The pacer leads the pack for the first mile … runners cannot pass the pacer until the 1-mile turnaround point.

    July 21st: adventuRe Run (5k-IsH) It’s BACK! we’ll set up a crazy course that takes you up, down, and all around the beach.

    July 28th: duathlon (RuN & swIm) 1.75 mile run followed by a .25 mile swim.

    august 4th: Wall Run Post-RuN ICE CREam soCIal

    From the start line to the wall and back, 3.5ish miles.

    aug 11th: Beauty & Beast 2+2=4 miles (tImED EvENt)

    Coed teams of 2. Each teammate runs 2 miles. (Age group is determined by the combined age of the team)

    Summer Beach Runs

    Main set up for beach run registration

    Start line area for most races


    NEwSlEttEr INformatIoN neWsletteR ContRiButions All items to be included in the newsletter (articles, comments, race results, photos, etc.) should be submitted to the editor by the 15th of the month for inclusion in the next newsletter. Email submissions are appreciated. Please keep articles to one page – due to the high cost of printing. longer articles will be included in the online newsletter on the track club web site.

    RaCe FlyeRs All race flyers must be approved (Contact Vice Pres.) and prepaid (mail $60 fee to MTC @ P.o. box 5696, Sarasota, Fl 34277). After approval, deliver 350 copies to First Edition Printing by the 15th of the month for inclusion in the next newsletter. Call 941-312-6191 to make arrangements for drop off or schedule a pickup. Please make flyers 8.5” X 11”. To have your flyer included in the online version of the newsletter please email a pdf of the flyer to [email protected]

    neWsletteR assemBly newsletters are assembled each month at the waldemere Fire Station at 6:00 P.M. on the FIRST wEDnESDAY of each month. Contact Candace Yelton – 485-2161 for details.

    neWsletteR adveRtising Cards or inserts must be “camera ready” and must reach the editor by the 15th of the month for inclusion in the next newsletter. Continuing ads will be inserted monthly. to place or update an ad, please contact kimmy Collister-sterns: [email protected]

    ad Rates: size 1 month 6 months 1 Year Business Card $15 $75 $135 (3.675"w x 2.375"d)

    Quarter page $30 $150 $270 (3.675"w x 4.8"d)

    half page $45 $225 $405 (7.5"w x 4.8”d)

    Full page $60 $300 $540 (7.5"w x 9.75"d)

    Race Flyer $60 (8.5" x 11")

    send payments to: mtC

    p.o. Box 5696, saRasota, Fl 34277

    BoarD of DIrECtorS pResident/neWsletteR editoR kimmy Collister-Sterns: 539-3564; [email protected]

    viCe pResident kristy ochsendorf: 757-589-9994; [email protected]

    seCRetaRy Jan Mcnutt: 726-3585; [email protected]

    tReasuReR Jackie Messmer: [email protected]

    BoaRd memBeRs Patti brustad: 650-6828; [email protected] Jan Carpenter: 704-6228; [email protected] Chris Deleonardo: 404-8322; [email protected] Margaret Good: [email protected] Tom Flanagan: 922-2639; [email protected] Mark kowalski: 961-5948; [email protected] Mariale Ryff: 587-0660; [email protected] Michael Shaughnessy: 961-0154; [email protected] Cindi wozniak: [email protected]

    memBeRship ReneWals/addRess Changes Jenna o’Horan: [email protected]

    WeBmasteRs Don Marshall: [email protected] Patti Connors: 780-4913; [email protected]

    eQuipment manageR Tom Flanagan: 922-2639; [email protected]

    out oF toWn RaCe Results Tom Chambers: [email protected] Tom Depenbrock: 966-3383

    mtC/neW BalanCe RaCing seRies CooRdinatoR Charlie Roediger: [email protected]

    Bill’s BeeR Run RaCe diReCtoRs kimmy Collister-Sterns: 539-3564; [email protected] liz Moneymaker: [email protected]

    sCholaRship Committee ChaiR Steve Crane: 379-6790; [email protected]

    summeR BeaCh Run CooRdinatoR Jan Carpenter: 704-6228; [email protected]

    P l E A S E V I S I T o u R w E b S I T E AT:

    ManasoTaTRaCkClub.oRg Webmasters: Don Marshall – [email protected] • Patti Connors – [email protected]

    neW BalanCe saRasota

    1872 Stickney Point Rd. Sarasota 921-3696

    neW BalanCe univeRsity paRk

    8204 Tourist Center Drive off university Pkwy


    Fleet Feet spoRts 711 S. osprey Ave.

    Sarasota 894-3338

    Fit 2 Run univeRsity paRk

    8123 Cooper Creek blvd. university Park


    Fit 2 Run saRasota 1400 Main St.

    Sarasota 364-2600

  • www.manasotatrackclub.orgmanasota track club 3

    Ya know, this running thing keeps you busy all the time! I thought after April, things would slow down. Oh no. This past month we were pretty light on MTC events but that didn’t stop it from being a busy month. There are the weekly fun runs at Fleet Feet, Fit2Run, Daiquiri Deck and Mr. Beery’s. And then Chris DeLeon- ardo with his fun theme runs on occa- sional Saturdays. The last run was a “cake” run and he made a 25 pound carrot cake (yeah, you read that right ... a TWENTY- FIVE POUND CARROT CAKE) to refuel with after the run. He also made a vegan cake (for me) that was delish!

    We did have one MTC event … the Fun Run and Brunch! Nearly 200 people rsvp’d and I’d say we had between 150-170 attend. This year’s prize for finishing the race at 00:00 was an entry to BBR. Nine year old, Jamie Sweiderk was the lucky winner! We also had a comped entry for the winner of the trivia contest. Several were close, but it came down to to a tie breaker, and Connor Wozniak took home the prize. A huge thank you to Cindi

    Wozniak for arranging everything. And thank you to everyone that helped out that day! You guys rock!

    Up next SUMMER BEACH RUNS, check out the schedule on the cover. The beach is still under construction, so look at the map to see where we’ll be set up. Also check out the info below about BBR and on the right about a special SUP and kayak fundraiser.

    See ya at the beach!

    Kimmy [email protected]

    President’s PersPective

    1451 1st street | downtown sarasota | 941-316-4700

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    Sheri Weinstein, MD Call 941-366-4422

    Sarasota Wellness & Internal Medicine 2650 Bahia Vista Suite 102 Sarasota, FL 34239 •

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    and fat reduction treatments.

    Selfie at the fun Run and BRunch.

    Coming up: June 14th, 10am-2pm sup & kayak outing Mote Marine Chickee Hut, City Island

    Come join your MTC family for a SUP/Kayak Fundraiser!

    If you’ve ever wanted to try paddle boarding or kayaking, now is your chance. And, since it’s an informal paddling event, you’ll be able try out both!

    Kim Bassos-Hull, MTC member, own- er of FlOw Paddleboard Adventures and a 2015 Bill’s Beer Run sponsor, has generously donated her boards and kayaks for a fun day of paddling and picnicking at the Chickee Hut at Mote Marine Aquarium.

    the details: we will have a maximum of 50 people for this event. Once it sells out, no additional registrations will be accepted. A light lunch will be catered, but feel free to bring a potluck item to share.