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    The Wellspring

    Fuquay-Varina United Methodist ChurchMarch 2015

    Practice Makes Perfect: Lenten Readings

    Every week during Lent, we are offering an email that encourages you and your family to engage in a different spiritual practice for that week.

    The email provides information about that spiritual practice and provides three different ways that you could engage in that practice as a family.

    Our hope is that everyone in our church body does one of these three things each week to engage in a different spiritual practice.

    If you have not received the Practice Makes Perfect emails being sent on Fridays, please subscribe at or read them online at

    Noonday Lenten Worship Each Wednesday in Lent

    Come and worship each Wednesday in Lent at a prayer and communion service held at noon in the Centrum.

    This is an opportunity to be drawn closer into Gods presence during our 40-day Lenten journey. We hope this will be a true respite in your week.

    Come any Wednesday that you are able, and bring a friend or co-worker.

    Services continue on March 4, March 11, March 18, March 25. Worship is followed with a light lunch at 12:30pm.

    As they were walking along the road, a man said to Jesus,

    I will follow you wherever you go.

    Jesus said to another man, Follow me.

    Still another said, I will follow you, Lord.

    Follow Jesus Pastor Gene Tyson

    As I write this article, it is snowing again for the second week in a row, the temperature has been below freezing for days, schools are canceled once again, parents and kids are going stir crazy, church activities are canceled, and the weather folks are predicting more on the way.

    It seems Disneys Frozen has invaded our communities and we are all residents of Arendelle! However, as we are reminded in the Scriptures, this too shall pass. Hopefully, this will pass sooner rather than later! Let the church say amen!

    Nevertheless, we have entered the season of Lent which is the highest and holiest season for followers of Jesus Christ. It is our March Madness in the Christian community as we refocus on what it means to follow Jesus.

    We live in an distraction-filled culture that pulls us away from living a life with Christ. You might say it is a 40-day trial run in changing our lifestyles and letting God change our hearts.

    How would you summarize the Christian faith in two words? I believe Christianity is best encapsulated with these: Follow Jesus.

    Throughout the Gospels, Jesus extends the invitation time and time again to whomever he met regardless of who they were, what they looked like, how they were living, or where they had been.

    Jesus said Follow me throughout those three short years as he made his way to Jerusalem to die on a cross so that all humanity could receive the gift of Gods marvelous Grace and

  • Why Do We Skip Around So Much Between the Old and New Testaments in Covenant? Pastor Kevin Johnson

    As we continue in our 24-week study, my prayer is that through Covenant Bible Study you are encountering God in all of Scripture: Old Testament and New Testament, stories and letters and laws. As you study, however, you might be wondering why the Covenant Study skips around so often.

    Variety is the spice of life.

    Have you ever tried to read the Bible straight through? If you have ever succeeded in doing so, you likely got stalled on many different occasions somewhere in the Old Testament. It probably got hard to get through all of the priestly laws in Leviticus, the kings all started sounding the same in 1 Kings, and somewhere in Isaiah you might have thought, This book is really long.

    So, I think we skip around a lot in Covenant partially to mix it up. When you read one of the

    gospels after reading 1 & 2 Kings, its kind of like a treat. And when you mix Pauls letters

    in amidst other readings, we are able to see the different nuances and thoughts in Paul.

    The Themes: Creating, Living, Trusting.

    Unlike some Bible studies, Covenant is a thematic study of the whole of Scripture. As a study, it is tracing this idea of covenant all throughout Scripture. At times in the Bible, these covenants are literal covenants (like Noah, Abraham, and David). At other times, the covenant is implied.

    At all times, Covenant Bible Study is trying to show us this central theme of the Bible: God has made a real and lasting covenant with humanity that began with the people of Israel, and through Jesus Christ welcomes us into this covenant relationship.

    This covenant is not an equal partner deal. God is always constant and faithful, and Gods steadfast love remains in spite of humanitys faults and sins.

    Covenant is ordered around these three 8-week

    Spiritual Disciplines Produce Fruit Pastor Valerie Tyson

    While reading my Bible this morning, the words forty days jumped out at me.

    No, I wasnt reading about Jesus being tempted by the devil for forty days in the wilderness nor was I reading about Noah and his family afloat on the ark for forty days while it snowed...(oops, I mean RAINED)!

    I was reading about that Philistine Goliath who, for forty days, challenged the Israelites to send forth an opponent that the two might engage in battle. There were no takers until David stepped up to the plate. We all remember how THAT went down!

    As I reflected on the story, it seemed most appropriate that I should stumble upon that particular passage as we are currently engaged in our forty day Lenten journey.

    Its interesting that David felt well-equipped to take on Goliath when no one else volunteered for the

    job. David defended his readiness before Saul who questioned Davids abilities since David was a youth. David, the youngest of Jesses eight sons, did bring up a good point. While he was indeed a shepherd and not a warrior, David had plenty of experience going head to head with the enemy.

    While trusting in God for deliverance, David had battled lions and bears to protect his flock. David had practiced being a warrior in the wilderness and had been successful! Therefore, when Israel was being threatened by a giant, David was confident. He was well-practiced and skilled.

    Practice Makes Perfect is the theme of our Lenten journey this year. Pastor Kevin has been sending out weekly emails to challenge us to practice a spiritual discipline together with family and church. Do you know what I like about spiritual disciplines? Spiritual disciplines produce fruit.

    From OurPastors

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  • From OurPastors Due Diligence and Discernment

    Your Building Committee has been assigned the task of determining the best way to address the pressing space needs we have here at FVUMC particularly in the areas of children and youth ministries and worship space.

    This is no easy job, and I commend them on their willingness to work together to find viable solutions which can

    be presented to the congregation.

    Hopefully you have heard that the Building Committee recently voted to perform a 60-day due diligence and analysis on the possibility of purchasing the New Hope Presbyterian Church property at 2317 NC 42 Hwy, which is available because that congregation unfortunately had to close its doors.

    This is just one option the Building Team is considering as a practical way to expand our existing facilities.

    In everything, our foremost question is, Where is God leading us as a congregation?

    The Building Committee will continue to explore other ways to address our space needs on the Judd Parkway campus and any other properties should they come available and appear viable for our ministries.

    When they determine options for the church as a whole to consider, more details will be made available.

    We also plan to have information sessions and/or open houses will be scheduled so that everyone can learn more about their recommendation and have the opportunity to view any proposed property or construction.

    Please pray for your sisters and brothers on this team as they take on this task and seek to discern the best way to address our space needs and remain faithful to our calling of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

    Pastor Gene Tyson [email protected]

    Yea and Nay - Share Your InputThe Building Committee recently approved a 60-day analysis of the possibility of purchasing the New Hope Presbyterian Church property at 2317 NC 42 Hwy.

    For the 60-day evaluation period, our Building Committee has formed three teams which will investigate how FVUMC could use the property, the cost of purchasing the property, and the need for and cost of any repairs or modifications.

    I have already had people to express their opinion from, I think that is a great idea! to I think that is the silliest idea I have ever heard.

    But when I am asked what my opinion is, my answer is I dont have one yet other than we need to look at this opportunity.

    Performing this due diligence process is much like serving on a grand jury. Our responsibility is to investigate and obtain enough information to make a decision as to whether we should or should not move forward with the property.

    Just as in a jury, we must enter

    this with a clear and open mind otherwise we would only be looking for positions to support our own opinion.

    Once this data is gathered, I expect there to be an open and objective dialogue by the members of the committee to determine if they will bring this forward to the Church in the same manner as if it were a new building project.

    That means the same steps