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  • 8/8/2019 Mariner 91


  • 8/8/2019 Mariner 91


  • 8/8/2019 Mariner 91


  • 8/8/2019 Mariner 91


  • 8/8/2019 Mariner 91


  • 8/8/2019 Mariner 91


  • 8/8/2019 Mariner 91


  • 8/8/2019 Mariner 91


  • 8/8/2019 Mariner 91


  • 8/8/2019 Mariner 91


  • 8/8/2019 Mariner 91


  • 8/8/2019 Mariner 91


  • 8/8/2019 Mariner 91


  • 8/8/2019 Mariner 91


  • 8/8/2019 Mariner 91


  • 8/8/2019 Mariner 91


  • 8/8/2019 Mariner 91


  • 8/8/2019 Mariner 91


  • 8/8/2019 Mariner 91


    2010 The Mariner - Issue 91 19

    Summer seems to have nally arrived.The June, then July overcast skies are

    gone and Im hoping the sun will warmthings up at last. We need a push ofwarm water to bring the tuna and otherpelagic sh into our waters.

    The shing around the bay has beenconsistent with a mixed bag of halibut,barracuda, calico and sandbass alongwith some white seabass. Mostly thesh have been caught around thestructured areas and on both ends ofthe bay around the kelp areas.

    Water temps are in the mid 60s andslowly rising. Over at Catalina andSanta Barbra Island the squid cameback so the bite for white seabass andyellowtail is up and running. You canalso see bonita breezing around nowand then.

    Down south the tuna is still deep butthey should be moving up the lineanytime now.

    On the bait Seine -Inseine Baits Larryand Mike have cured sardines and squidand if you have the time, mackerels arehanging out front. So jig up!

    Now Im waiting for the marlin to show.

    Until thenTight Lines

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  • 8/8/2019 Mariner 91


    20 The Mariner - Issue 91 2010

    R A C I N G S C E N E

    P e a c e

    Tre a t y

    fter a bit of friction within the ranks of the yacht racing community, next years Newport-to-Ensenada International Yacht Race and theBorder Run International Sailing Event to San Diego will be held on different weekends -- and the organizers have vowed to work togetherto build support for both events.

    Newport Ocean Sailing Association (NOSA), organizer of the long-running Newport-to-Ensenada Race; and XS Racing, founder of the Border Run;announced they have reached an agreement for the 2011 events that will allow sailors to participate in both races and eliminate several sources of localcontroversy within the Southern California sailing community.

    Im glad we all found a way to work together, said Randy Reynolds, designer/builder of the R33 catamaran and co-founder of XS Racing and theBorder Run. We look forward to working with NOSA and the Ocean Racing Catamaran Association (ORCA) to help grow both races -- and the overallparticipation of sailboat racing in Southern California -- again.

    With the help of South Shore Yacht Club (the organizing authority of the Border Run) and ORCA, all four parties have helped to create a set of guidelines they believe will serve the greater good for local sailors.

    The multihull organization ORCA was instrumental in moving the process forward by creating a new Extreme class for high-performance multihullsthat will include the Reynolds 33 catamaran, allowing it to sail in the 2011 Newport-to-Ensenada Race. With this new agreement, the two multihull eets will be uni ed to race in one eet under two rating systems.

    As a result of the new agreement, and to allow sailors to participate in both events, South Shore YC and XS Racing have set the start date for the 2011Border Run International Sailing Event: Saturday, April 9 -- the weekend before the Newport-to-Ensenada Race start. This will avoid an overlap withthe 2011 Newport-to-Ensenada Race, which will start on Friday, April 15.

    Photo by Pat Reynolds

    ARandy Reynolds at the helm of his self-designed Reynolds 33 catamaran sailing off the coast of Long Beach.

  • 8/8/2019 Mariner 91


    2010 The Mariner - Issue 91 21

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    22 The Mariner - Issue 91 2010

    cont from page 11

    And it hit you then.Yes. That whole entire boat ride all the way downto Keregulen and all the way back to Reunion it took that whole time for me to grasp what hadhappened.

    And then you get on the boat and yourethinking wow, Im on some shing boat in thesouthern ocean.Yeah, it was a little crazy - I hopped on boardand there was all these shermen there waiting tohelp get the dinghy back on. They moved me upon deck and showing me around and everything

    it was kind of crazy.

    Are you insanely relieved at this point?I dont know. Yes, I was de nitely relieved andreally grateful to these guys who had come outof their way to come get me.

    With hindsight do you think that was a badtime to hit that part of the world?

    I know that if I hadnt been hit by a rogue wave Iwould still out there right now. Ive been throughrough storms - I was expecting to go throughmore storms and I think I would have been ne.I think leaving Cape Town when I did was not abad decision.

    What is next? Anything?Ive been thinking about that a lot lately. Right

    now my plan is to nish high school, get adrivers license and all that, but if a boat doescome up down the line Ill de nitely be leavingthe minute I get the boat.

    So when you say a boat comes up meaninga company comes forward and says hey youwant to do this again?Yeah, I dont have money to go for it again. AndI know mom would prefer I didnt go for it quiteso soon but one day Im going to sail aroundworld solo, non-stop and unassisted - it doesntmatter how old I am.

    What do you do with your days now?Im working on the book and kind of beingdriven mad by the lack of sailing. About a weekat home and I was ready to go again. Im kindof going through the blogs and going into a lotmore detail because in the blogs I had to keepeverything sort of short. Its kind of nice becausenow I can tell the whole story without the mediatwisting it and turning it. It will just be the truth.It will be nice to get that out there.

    Do you have any time expectations for that?Were hoping to get it out before Christmas oraround Christmas.

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  • 8/8/2019 Mariner 91


    Richard Curry has been working in electronicssince 1974, from ham radio through government radio system management positions. Cruisinga Vagabond 47, Pegasus, into Mexicanwaters gave Curry hands-on experience withthe recalcitrant marine electronics of the early


    Having just completed a Masters Degree in Information Technology, and currently enrolled in a Doctorate of Education curriculum he isin electronics sales for West Marine in Marina

    Del Rey, and currently available for personal consultation and discussion of your individual marine electronics situation.

    Whats going on with AIS technology?There was a time, not that long ago, whenrecreational RADAR units were the only

    electronic enhancement to navigation availableto the mariner. Then chart plotters increased inpopularity with the addition of an electronic x generated by either LORAN or GPS anda mariner had some real help with the job of knowing and recording where the vessel was.But today the game has again changed with theadvent of connecting marine electronics togetherand digitally sharing information about the boatwith others through a marine VHF radio. Themaritime Automatic Identi cation System (AIS)is part of the Global Maritime Distress SafetySystem (GMDSS) that brought us the DigitalSelective Calling (DSC) yell for help buttonthat we have on our VHF radios today.

    An AIS transponder will automaticallybroadcast information, such as position, speed,and navigational status, at regular intervals via aVHF transmitter built into the transponder. ThisVHF radio is in addition to the one we use forcommunications now, so there is a degree of redundancy. The information originates from theships navigational sensors, typically from GPSand/or gyrocompass. There is more information,

    such as the vessel name and VHF call sign, whichis programmed into the AIS unit by the retaileron purchase and is also transmitted regularly.The signals are received by AIS transponders tted on other ships or on land based systems,such as VTS systems. The received informationcan be displayed on a screen or chart plotter,showing the other vessels positions in muchthe same manner as a radar display. The AISstandard comprises several sub-standardsTypes which specify individual product types.The speci cation for each product type providesa detailed technical speci cation which ensuresthe overall integrity of the global AIS systemwithin which all the product types must operate.The major product types described in the AISsystem standards are:Class A Vessel mounted AIS transceiver(transmit & receive) which operates using Self

    Organizing Time Division Multiple Access(SOTDMA). Class As must have an integrateddisplay, transmit at 12W, interface capabilitywith multiple ship systems, and offer asophisticated selection of features and functions.Default transmit rate is every few seconds. AISClass A type compliant devices receive all typesof AIS messages.Class B Vessel mounted AIS transceiver(transmit & receive) which operates usingCarrier Sense Time Division Multiple Access(CSTDMA) that listens and will only transmitwhen the channel is clear. Class Bs transmit at

    2W and are not required to have an integrateddisplay: Class Bs can be connected to mostdisplay systems which the received messageswill be displayed in lists or overlaid on charts.Default transmit rate is normally every 30seconds, but this can be varied according tovessel speed or instructions from base stations.This type requires integrated GPS and certainLED indicators. Class B does receive all typesof AIS messages.Base Station Shore based AIS transceiver(transmit & receive) which operates usingSOTDMA. Base stations have a complex set of features and functions which in the AIS standardare able to control the AIS system and alldevices operating therein. Ability to interrogateindividual transponders for status reports and ortransmit frequency changes.Aids to Navigation (AtoN) Shore or buoybased transceiver (transmit & receive) whichoperates using FATDMA. Designed to collectand transmit data related to sea and weatherconditions as well as relay AIS messages toextend network coverage.

    AIS receivers are NOT speci ed in the AISstandards as these units do not transmit. Themain threat to the integrity of any AIS systemare non-compliant AIS transmissions hence thecareful speci cations of all transmitting AISdevices. However it is well to note that AIStransceivers all transmit on multiple channels asrequired by the AIS standards. As such single

    channel or multiplexed receivers will notreceive all AIS messages. Only dual channelreceivers will receive all AIS messages.

    Cruisers, shermen and day-sailors willwelcome the broad acceptance of integratedmarine electronic systems with the ability showcurrent ship data from a broad range of displaydevices that even include wireless display units.All this enhances safety for the coastal or blue-water cruiser with collision course detection,RADAR/VHF interrogation of contacts andwater speed, temperature and depth at the ngertips.

    2010 The Mariner - Issue 91 23


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    24 The Mariner - Issue 91 2010

    Dear Mookie,

    Im taking a bath in this nancial climate.

    My wife doesnt even know how depletedour savings and retirement are. Im sure Ivelost over half a million - I am very afraid anddont know what to do. Ive put my trust inan expert, but I dont know if hes making theright moves. Can you help me?


    Seen better days

    Dear SBD,

    I cant stand baths so I know just how youfeel. You need to understand the vocabularyof the world your involved in. I know about10 wordsbut Im a dog so its okay. Youhave tons of money and youre letting somenincompoop handle your future. Cmon man

    learn the nuts and bolts of the economiclandscape and try to rescue what is yours. Ihave an IQ of about 6 and I know that.

    Hope that helps!

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    2010 The Mariner - Issue 91 25

    One Mans Trash is Another Mans .......

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    13 Boston Whaler w/25 Evinrude $3,900 OBO call 310-823-204013 Boston Whaler With 40 HP Honda - $6,500310-822-8618

    Boa t ing Acc es s Wan tedExperienced sailor looking to buy access to a 30ft.+sailboat preferably with a dodger. I owned a 32 ft Is-lander for nine years. I am a crew member on a 38ft. Catalina for the Wednesday night races and I haveover 25 years of ocean sailing experience. I presentlyhave access to a 38 FT. Benateau for $80.00 for a daysail and $90.00 for overnights to Catalina. Looking fora similar deal, in Marina Del Rey. ContactAlan Rock310-721-2825 or [email protected]

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    Other S tuff Mainsai lFrom Catalina 27. $600. 310-701-5960Anchors140#. CQR Excellent $995.00; 25# navy & 24 feet5/16 chain. $50.00; 3# Danforth & 5 1/4 chain$15.00. 310 986 5681Standard Horizon Spectrum + VHFw i th DSCHailer/fog. Includes wiring & manual. Works great!$125.00 310.650.4046Lincol n Mark V, 19782 door, sunroof, Designer Series. Good everyday car.$6,500. (NADA high retail @$23,610). Parrco@aol.

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    Bimin i topWith stainless bows ts 42 motor yacht bridge $650310-701-5960Winch Convers ionTurn your winches into power winches with this Mil-waukee 28V cordless right angle drill with extra 28Vbattery. bought in 09. Light use. $285.00. 310-739-0303Mainsai lFrom 40 ft. Cal call 310-823-2040Nor the rn L igh t s Genera to r 4.5 KW- $3,000. 310-823-4821Dacron Mainsai l for a Catal ina42 or 47 hoist and 15.5 foot. 2 reefs, Good condition.

    $700- 310.650.4046Catal ina 27 GenoaNorth Sails mylar 150% genoa for a Cat 27. Excellentcondition, hank on luff. $350. Call Bob at 310-306-2657.Used sai ls in stock 310 827-8888LiveaboardMainsh ip 36Liveaboard(legally),36doublecabin,85,$49k,great:engines,view/location,info&pic.:www.yachtworld 310-488-8710

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    w/ experience. Leaving July 25th. (Cal 31 Sloop)Mike (310)-821-4392

    Donate Boat sCash For Your Boat !Power or sail, Yachts to dinghys 310-849-2930Donate Your BoatLA Area Council Boy Scouts of America need yourboat or boat gear as donation to support essential andformative youth programs, please call 310-823-2040or E-mail [email protected] Cash Fast?Ill buy your boat 310-827-7686Donate Your BoatReceive a substantial tax deduction. Support youthboating programs. S.O.S. Please call 888-650-1212

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    26 The Mariner - Issue 91 2010

    Free Classi eds - Under 20words - No pics - 2 Issue Run!


    Free Classi eds!

    Spring Special

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    2010 The Mariner - Issue 91 27

  • 8/8/2019 Mariner 91



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