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Marketing Automation Basics, an Introduction, and Knowing the Path Michael Ward, Founder & CEO

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A basic primer on marketing automation, lead management and demand generation as presented by Michael Ward, Founder & CEO of Net-Results Marketing Automation.


Page 1: Marketing Automation Basics

M a r k e t i n g A u t o m a t i o n

Basics , an Introduct ion,

and Knowing the Path

M i c h a e l W a r d , F o u n d e r & C E O

Page 2: Marketing Automation Basics

Happy Fishing! | 2

• 60-70% of the qualified leads that engage (live, web,

email) will buy from you or competitor within 12

months (IDC)

• Lead management leads to 10% increase in annual

revenue according to (IDC)

• Marketing automation decreases costs-per-lead by 44%

on avg (IDC)

• 83% of the B2B buying process starts with search

(Sirius Decisions)

• Sirius Decisions expects the adoption of marketing

automation technology to increase to 50% by 2015

Page 3: Marketing Automation Basics

Marketing Has Changed

Prospects research online before buying

Long before buying for B2B

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Page 4: Marketing Automation Basics

Prospects doing research want information.

What do they want to know?

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Page 5: Marketing Automation Basics

• What questions they should be asking

• Guides, Reviews, Overviews

• How-To’s, Tips, “Thought Leadership”

• Case Studies, Product Comparisons

They really just want to know how to succeed.

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Page 6: Marketing Automation Basics

The company that

provides this information

builds a relationship

with the prospect.

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Page 7: Marketing Automation Basics

Be the source.

Give prospects the information they seek

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…in exchange for their contact info

This is called “Offer Content”

Page 8: Marketing Automation Basics

“Inbound Marketing”

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at the Top of

the Funnel

Page 9: Marketing Automation Basics

“Nurture” these captured prospects:

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Give them the information they seek.

Page 10: Marketing Automation Basics

“Lead Management”

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through the


(marketing automation)

Page 11: Marketing Automation Basics

What is “Lead Nurturing”?

Happy Fishing! | 11

Feed your prospects’hunger for information

Page 12: Marketing Automation Basics

• Capture Leads

Happy Fishing! | 12

A Basic Process:

• “Nurture” those prospects with information

relevant to where they are in the process

(send them emails with the information they


• Categorize by who they are (qualifications) & where

they are in the research/buying process (you’ll need

excellent segmenting capabilities to do this well)

Page 13: Marketing Automation Basics

• Lead Capture

• Lead Classification (early/late stage,

well/poorly qualified, etc.)

• Nurturing them with appropriate content

Happy Fishing! | 13

Marketing Automation al lows you to automate…

Page 14: Marketing Automation Basics

Email, track, score, repeat.

Happy Fishing! | 14

(well, that’s putting it very simply but I’ve only got20 minutes to get through this presentation)

Put simply…

Page 15: Marketing Automation Basics

What’s hard?

Happy Fishing! | 15

• Understanding (or developing) your lead management

process – what are you going to automate?

• Feeding the inbound marketing & lead management

machine with content

Page 16: Marketing Automation Basics

What’s easy?

Happy Fishing! | 16

Using Net-ResultsMarketing


(of course)

Page 17: Marketing Automation Basics

Happy Fishing! | 17

Unmatched Segmentati

onCapability.Simple segments

are created in seconds. Complex segments in a few more seconds.

Use your segments to drive Alerts, Reports, Campaigns, Lead Scoring, Auto-CRM import, List Management & More.

Page 18: Marketing Automation Basics

Happy Fishing! | 18

(of course)

Snazzy Analytics!Bui ld any Segment you l ike and analyze instantly! Unl ike anything avai lable from any other marketing automation


Page 19: Marketing Automation Basics

Happy Fishing! | 19

Simple Drip &

Nurturing CampaignsCampaigns can branch based on simple Yes/No questions or complex segment conditions of your creation (that take only moments to create & are impossible with all the marketing automation systems you may be looking at)

Page 20: Marketing Automation Basics

Happy Fishing! | 20

Great Dashboards!Always know exactly where you stand – and communicate

to executives with charts and data that i l lustratethe great results you’re achieving!

Page 21: Marketing Automation Basics

Happy Fishing! | 21

Beautiful Reports Straight

to your InboxSet it and forget

it. Until the awesome stats come in. Then forward them

around the offi ce and

brag about the arse

you’re kicking.

Page 22: Marketing Automation Basics

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