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Marketing Automation Masterclass Your essential roadmap to success Shane Redding @ShaneRddng With top tips provided by Members of the IDM b2b council

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  • Marketing Automation


    Your essential roadmap to success

    Shane Redding


    With top tips provided by

    Members of the IDM b2b council

  • Open

    & insert #2778


  • A little bit about me

    IDM senior tutor and hon. Fellow


    NED of 3 marketing services businesses including

    Love learning!

    Help companies develop effective marketing strategies


  • First what about you?

    1. Are you one of the 25% of marketers* who doesnt yet REALLY know what Marketing Automation is?

    2. Are you looking at MA as an option for your company now?**

    3. Do you already have MA but want to get more from it?

    * is?

    **91 Percent of MA Software Buyers Are Shopping for the First Time, Finds 2014 Study

  • On average 49% of companies are currently using

    Marketing Automation. With more than half of B2B

    companies (55%) adopting the technology.

    Emailmonday The Ultimate Marketing Automation stats. (August 2016)

  • More choice = 3,874 OPTIONS!

  • Gartner's Magic Quadrant for CRM

    lead management 2014

  • 2015 combines CRM and MA

  • Rapid growth and consolidation

    Emergence of new language adds to confusion

    Gartner Jan 2016: Digital Hubs

  • Debunking the hype

    What is Marketing Automation?

    Why the hype?

    Why do it?

    When you SHOULDNT do it!

    Remember Your Customer

    Top mistakes to avoid and Top Tips to succeed

  • Automation

    a feedback control mechanism, which allows adjustment to processes, with minimal or no human intervention

  • Marketing Automation

    Define, schedule, segment, execute (email) and track marketing campaigns

    True MA tech incudes a feedback loop, driven by analytics and scoring that adapts the campaign to different customer journeys.

  • MA key features

    The ability to send email (outbound)

    The ability to host landing pages/forms

    The ability to store campaign assets in a library

    The ability to store customer and prospect records (database)

    Bi directional synch with CRM of data

    The ability to automate a multi-touch (inbound and outbound) marketing campaign and increasingly run always on campaigns

  • Allows Complex Campaign


    Mistake 1: underestimating the HUMAN input required!

  • Top Tip: Invest in People

    Allocate specific resource to make it work and then double it. The automation part of MA will give the greatest results when you invest significant time of real people at the front end to plan each journey and outcome effectively

    Kirsty Dawe, Director ReallyB2B

  • MA key features

    The ability to score customers and prospects based on who they are and their engagement and then MARKET TO THEM DIFFERENTLY

    The ability to talk to other platforms (an API) e.g. CRM or Webinar integration

    The ability to automate tasks and map the organisation workflow

    Increasing social media functionality listen, share, sign on, reporting

    Preference centre (user or end customer managed)

    Reports on marketing RoMI

    (but need to link to CRM to do this to level)

  • So who are the market leaders?

    PLUS Over 20 email software companies now providing marketing automation

  • Why the hype?

    Vendor driven

    Private Equity/VCs

    Economic pressure

    Tech Revolutionists

    Building what Claire Wood, Director at Deloitte calls a wave of excitement

  • Why do it? The Promise

    better ROMI

    Higher lead conversion rates

    Increased AOV

    Shorter sales cycle

    Better pipeline visibility and improved sales forecasting

    Reduced costs (people)


  • Why do it? The Myths

    It will solve all our marketing and sales woes

    There will be too many leads to handle

    Conversions will quadruple within a week

    Sales and marketing teams will work hand-in-hand with each other

  • The Myths continued

    All campaigns will immediately give a return on their investment

    Marketing will be heroes

    Revenue will increase 1,000 percent, or more!

    CEOs will all of the sudden start spending gobs of money in marketing

  • Where do you start?

  • MA Benchmarking report 2015

    Circle Research/ B2B marketing

  • Top Tip: Dont buy off a demo

    This is a Change Management purchase not a technology purchase and about doing things differently.

    so allocate at least 3x the cost of the software on effective coaching, mentoring and enablement. Adam Sharp Founder

    CleverTouch Marketing

  • What I have learnt

    First find the PAIN

    Then look for the GAIN

  • How?

    What are the efficiencies to be made?


    1. First look at your marketing spend

    2. Where are processes manual/broken?

  • How?

    Where could you be more effective?


    1. What is working? (and do more of it through automation = scale)

    2. Joining the digital dots?

    3. What would increasing the speed and VALUE of leads to sales = ?

  • Does it deliver? and Circle Research Benchmarking Report Marketing automation (2015)

  • When you shouldnt do it ..

    If you already have systems CRM, Email, MRM, that are not fully utilised, OR integrated

    Poor quality data

    Low value/low volume of leads

    Existing poor customer experience

    You have poor marketing processes

    Content production is difficult/under resourced

    Poor collaborative working

    Mistake 2 = Failure to address the broken bits as part of implementing MA

  • What do your operations (need to)

    look like?



    Mistake 3. = Failure to understand and plan for change to PROCESSES across the business

  • Top Tip: Work together

    Collaborate aggressively with your IT team or supplier on the business needs

    Andrew Buckley, Senior VP, Core Products Europe

  • Mistake 4 = failure to get buy in

    Doesnt work

    in isolation

    Need board and

    key stakeholder support

    If the business focus is short term, with no appetite to invest in the long term

    Unless you have good people & a training budget

  • TOP TIP: Ask whats in it for US?

    When it works:

    large, complex B2B/b2c environment; with large numbers of customers and high value products and services

    within a hugely competitive landscape where scores of other organisations are all competing with you for the time and attention of your target audience

    where nurturing individual relationships is key to the future growth of your business

    Claire Wood, Deloitte

  • Tech leads the way

    High value

    Long lead times (nurturing)

    Multi layered decision making units (DMU)


    Complex offering requiring clear relevant benefits by segment/personae

    ROMI of 1:45 not uncommon


    Sophos Success

  • Top Tip

    Hire someone who loves data

    Lawrence Mitchell, CMO RBI

  • Campaign touch point analysis

    Using inbound marketing automation (Hubspot)

    allows tracking by all media

  • Mistake 5: Forgetting the


    How will MA benefit them?

    Seamless experience, whatever their touch point, providing them with the 3 Rs

    1. Relevant content

    2. Right time

    3. Responsive Interaction

    Will it help WOW, surprise, delight

  • So Remember the customer!

    Do you really know what they want?

    = have you fully researched personas?

    How are you going to help them? = is your content appropriate?

    What about the WHOLE experience? = is it easy to buy?

    Only then will it create a personalised experience for each client driven by the client and that again is something that simply could not be done by human intervention, particularly not on a volume basis Claire Wood, Deloitte

  • Top Tip: take an agile approach

    "Identify some early wins that you can see ahead of the revenue flowing through (e.g. new insights, integration, deeper engagement, shorter cycle)

    Pete Jacob, Purple Salix

  • Road Map to Success

    Start with clear objective: what will success look like? Do all the stakeholders agree?

    Start small: can you trial a MA approach using existing systems? Or test by outsourcing a campaign to build ROMI case?

    Learn from others (mistakes!): similar businesses, consultants, suppliers

    Invest in people: Think of it as a change management programme

    'Think big, start small and learn quickly'

  • copyright CleverTouch 2015

    The MA Journey

    = Business Transformation

    Have a vision, share it, get buy-in

    Business Planning

    Business Requirements Definition

    Platform Assessment

    State of Readiness Mapping


    Platform configuration

    Business Process Mapping

    Data Preparation

    Initial Campaign execution

    Reporting Dashboards

    User training


    Trigger campaigns based on behaviour / product usage

    Linked campaigns to deliver consistent experience

    Single sales and marketing funnel


    Develop Always-On customer / prospect journeys

    Ongoing intelligence & closed loop reporting

    Marketing Cloud

    Evolve multi-channel capabilities through deployment of App Cloud and other integrated technologies

  • Top Tip: and finally

    If you think marketing automation is about automating marketing, youve missed the point.

    The real value is connecting sales & marketing, gaining transparency into your business' pipeline, understanding the impact of marketing and finally getting a seat at the strategy table alongside sales.

    John Watton, Director Digital Marketing EMEA

    Adobe Systems Europe

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