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Shannon Ketvertes January 2006 – January 2008 The Chronicle-Telegram, 225 East Avenue, Elyria, Ohio 44035 MARKETING PROGRAMS MANAGER SUMMARY OF MY EXPERIENCE

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2. success in both direct consumer business to business 3. SUMMARY One time of year for the lowest subscription price. We were trying to maximize circulation. GOAL: Get as many subscribers to renew and as many non subscribers to become subscribers. ACTION: Used a variety of printed promotional material and database lists to target each of the two groups differently with mailings. Also advertised the promo in the paper and additional ads ran on the company radio stations. Since all outlets were owned by the company, it kept costs down.Post Card Mailers Fliers to non subscribersCOMMUNICATION: Messaging promoted very clear offer- Limited time offer, 10 day/$37 year/ a $100 annual savings on home delivery. OUTCOME: This was the largest subscriber drive for that time. 4. SUMMARY We landed the McDonalds account at 16 locations in the delivery area. Mc Donalds customers were provide the convenience of being able to get their newspaper at drive thru or inside the restaurant at a reduce rate (25 daily and 65 on Sundays) with a McDonalds purchase. CONCEPT: Take the paper to the people by trying to reach people in the morning at non traditional/new distribution locations.Co-promotional ads with the Chronicle & McDonaldsPROMOTED FOR SUCCESS: Placed signs at McDonalds counters, drive-thru windows, clings on door entrances, radio ads, Full color ad ran in The Chronicle 4Xs/mo the ad changed to reflect McDonalds food specials and promotions. OUTCOME: Created sales of 86,128 papers that were sold during the promotion. Partnership developed with major fast food chain. 5. SUMMARY Multiple retailers such as Walmart, Dollar Tree and Drug Mart participated in 99 Sunday paper promo (normally $1.25) to increase paper sales CONCEPT: Increase Sunday paper visibility (at isle check outs) and decrease price in retail locations. Communicate and share success with other retailers to expand the program to other retailers with success stories. (B to B marketing)Bold attention grabbing signs for newspaper racks placed in store isles helped create salesCommunication sample letter explains promotion to the retailer.PROMOTED FOR SUCCESS: Participating stores received new expanded paper racks and custom signage, door clings, register signs and employee shirt buttons. OUTCOME: Stores that participated in the promotion saw paper sales nearly double. Stores that typically were not high selling stores for the newspaper out sold high volume retail locations. As a result, several new retail accounts were added to the newspaper distribution that wanted to participate in this promotion. 6. Shannon Ketvertes [email protected]