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  • 8/14/2019 MarketingMonday Masterclass Marketing 2.0


    On toMarketin 2.0Masterclass

    Unique 12-Hour Power Matercla,

    including 2.0 lunch and 2.0 dinner.

    Achieve better marketing reult through

    the ue of the Marketing 2.0 method.

    Dicover The New Marketing Cycle.

    customer insights | product propositions | co-crea-tion | brand experience | cross media | social media| web 2.0 | marketing intelligence | event-driven

    marketing | accountability | marketing IT







    Coure initiator:

    Richard van Hooijdonk

    Director, MarketinMonda

    Former marketing director and author of

    the book On to Marketing 2.0, speaker at

    many national and international conferen-

    ces. He is also a lecturer at SRM/Erasmus

    and a guest lecturer at Nyenrode BusinessUniversity.

  • 8/14/2019 MarketingMonday Masterclass Marketing 2.0


    Marketing and communication are changing drastically! Consumer be-

    haviour is changing as a result of new technological developments. This

    has far-reaching consequences for the (commercial) strategy of com-

    panies, brands, organisations and institutions. The changing consum-

    ers and citizens are more assertive, imposing new requirements onbrands, products, marketing communication, distribution and sales.

    Loyalty and branding are being given new meaning and action-based

    marketing is changing too. New marketing is also dynamic, features a

    combination of old and new media and produces better returns.

    During the 12-hour programme, we will inspire and teach you how to

    integrate all the new developments into your existing strategy. We

    present numerous case studies, examples and step-by-step plans, so

    that you can then take your own rst steps towards a successful mar-

    keting 2.0 approach. During the Masterclass, you will also put theory

    into practice yourself under the guidance of Marketing 2.0 specialists.Our approach is therefore hear it as well as do it.

    The consumers are ready. Are you?

    Marketing 2.0 is creating major


    The most important are as follows:

    1. The new consumer can no longer be placed in a standard pigeon-

    hole. We are developin new sementation criteria and new customerinsihts which help to determine aspects such as product develop-

    ment, brands, cross media and web presence.

    2. The new consumer wants to be signicant. He wants to think alon,

    create, help decide and distribute. New services, products and

    propositions will need to t in far better with customer insihts and

    will be developed in co-creation with customers, prospects and fans.

    3. Brands are being given a branding make-over and are becoming

    personal brands. Social Brandin is crucial. Brands must be honest,

    transparent and low-threshold and work toether with customers,

    prospects, fans and ambassadors. Companies, brands, oranisations

    and institutions can thus establish a valuable connection, a fertilebreedin round for current and future results. Finall, the consumer

    takes centre stae once aain.

    4. New technical possibilities are leading to new media behaviour.

    Consumers and citizens have become adept at using cross media

    and are using social media to display, communicate, evaluate and

    distribute. A good cross and social media strategy is therefore very


    5. The website is the most important landing point for companies,

    institutions and organisations. It is here that consumers gain their

    rst impressions and are able to interact. Web presence 2.0 has

    stickin power and ives customers, prospects, fans and ambassa-

    dors a reason to come (back) and to stick around.

    How do I connect with Consumer 2.0?

    Which customer insihts can I use to conquer the market?

    How do I develop better products and propositions?

    How do I make customers, prospects and fans loyal to my brand? How do I apply cross media and social media?

    What is web presence 2.0 like?

    How do I oranise Marketin 2.0?

    Technolo and social chanes are creatin new

    requirements: Consumer 2.0

    In 12 hours, ou will learn how to interate all the

    new developments within our existin or new


  • 8/14/2019 MarketingMonday Masterclass Marketing 2.0


  • 8/14/2019 MarketingMonday Masterclass Marketing 2.0


  • 8/14/2019 MarketingMonday Masterclass Marketing 2.0


    What will you gain during the inspirational


    Insihts into the core process of the commercial stratey 2.0

    Insihts into new 2.0 developments

    Skills to apply marketin 2.0 in practice

    Knowlede about our special team method

    Who is the programme aimed at?

    This Masterclass is aimed at marketin manaers, product

    manaers and company commercial manaers. This Master-

    class also offers many opportunities for the marketin and

    communication staff of overnment, healthcare and charita-

    ble bodies.

    Who is giving the seminar?

    Richard Van Hooijdonk (1968) has been the marketin direc-

    tor of various oranisations both in the Netherlands and

    abroad and is currently a popular speaker and presenter at in-ternational conferences. He is also a (uest) lecturer at SRM/

    Erasmus and Nyenrode. In recent years, Richard van Hooijdonk

    has rown into one of the leadin Dutch consultants in the eld

    of Marketin 2.0. His inspirational seminars are very popular

    and have been attended by more than 15,000 people. More in-

    formation and videos: and www.mar-

    High quality

    The MarketinMonday prorammes are based on knowlede,

    practice and the many internal and external sources of inspi-

    ration. The hih quality of the prorammes is uaranteed by

    the onoin practical experience ained by the Marketin-

    Monday course lecturers for the various prorammes. Every

    day, our lecturers also ive oranisations practical help with

    the shift to new marketin, new media and new techniques.This knowlede and experience (as well as the case studies)

    therefore create stron, practical and hih-quality founda-

    tions for all the participants.

    MarketinMonday has really succeeded in ettin people to take

    action. The whole roup is 1000% inspired and has ained a lot

    of new knowlede and ideas, some of which are already bein


    Marie-Jose van Den Boomaard, marketin manaer, KPN/Hi

    It's rare to take part in a proramme which so clearly combines

    concrete business oals and the old and new marketin.

    Hedwi Wassin, director, Euro Relais

    For my work, I reularly attend various presentations, seminars

    and workshops. But On to Marketin 2.0 was a real eye-opener

    and the best course I have seen in quite some time. Thank you!

    Ron grevink, marketin director, RES software

    If eneratin enthusiasm is the 2.0 buzzword, you couldn't nd

    anyone better suited to the task than the speakers from Market-

    inMonday. They think bi, wide and outside the box. Enjoy the


    Job Koopman, Stratey Director, marketin aency Etcetera

    MarketinMonday summarises the developments in the mar-

    ketin arena extremely well durin the Marketin 2.0 course,

    teachin you how to respond to these chanes as effectively as

    possible... Hihly practical and inspirational.

    Robert gijsbers, Albert Heijn

    MarketinMonday's Marketin 2.0 course is truly inspirational.

    It's enthusiastic and passionate. The course really rips the par-

    ticipants. I can thorouhly recommend both the course and Mar-


    Liesbeth Janssen, Standaard Uiteverij, Belium


  • 8/14/2019 MarketingMonday Masterclass Marketing 2.0


    you can also call us on +31 (0)20 6541941.To contact us directl, please call

    +31 (0)6 41330000.

    For further information about themarketin 2.0 course, please visit:

    Jut ome of the companie

    who have gone before you:


    Up to date within 12 hours

    100% inspiration uaranteed

    you will learn how to appl marketin 2.0

    Numerous case studies, step-b-step

    plans and examples

    Top lecturers

    The Masterclass is iven all over the world

    you will be able to appl our

    knowlede and skills in practice

    immediatel. get a protable

    head start riht awa!

    Richard van Hooijdonk

    Evert van de Beekstraat 310 1118 CX Schiphol-Centrum T +31(0)20 6541941

    F +31 (0)84 7163822 E [email protected]