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Martin County • December 2011 A monthly publication celebrating the active lifestyle of Florida’s boomers A monthly publication celebrating the active lifestyle of Florida’s boomers Happy ‘Thanksmas’ With family spread out all over the place, one woman explains how she brings everyone together Page 7 ‘Miracle’ of Jewish holiday traditions Page 8 Celebrate at the storied Seminole Inn Page 4 Holiday stress doesn’t have to happen Page 7

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Celebrate at the storied Seminole Inn With family spread out all over the place, one woman explains how she brings everyone together Page 8 Page 4 Page 7 Page 7 Martin County • December 2011 A monthly publication celebrating the active lifestyle of Florida’s boomersAmonthlypublicationcelebratingtheactivelifestyleofFlorida’sboomers 2 MARTIN County December 2011 HOMETOWN NEWS 677620


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Martin County • December 2011

A monthly publication celebrating the active lifestyle of Florida’s boomersA monthly publication celebrating the active lifestyle of Florida’s boomers

Happy ‘Thanksmas’With family spread out all over the place, one

woman explains how she brings everyone together

Page 7

‘Miracle’of Jewish


Page 8

Celebrate atthe storied

Seminole InnPage 4

Holidaystressdoesn’thave to happen

Page 7

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December 2011FOREVER YOUNG

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December 2011 FOREVER YOUNG

ON THE COVERCarolyn Wilsey of Jensen Beach is an advocate andvolunteer for the Guardian Ad Litem program mak-ing sure the holidays are special for the childrenunder their umbrella. "It is the voice for Florida'sabused and neglected children. I have a passion forthis organization."

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A special time of year arrives

Sleighbells ringing and WhiteChristmases are the stuff of memo-ries, but not of life in Florida. Still,while it’s fun to recall holidays past,it’s also fun to make new traditionswith our “Florida families,” as oneexpert described it.

In this issue, there is a seriousstory about coping with the holi-days. For many, far from families,perhaps financially challenged, theholidays are not what they oncewere. If there has been a loss, thistime of year can be very difficult.Experts from area hospitals andcounseling centers have sugges-

tions for making the holiday seasona peaceful time and a time of hope.

“The Nutcracker Ballet” is atradition at this time of year andseveral of the editions of “ForeverYoung” feature stories about areaproductions. At the RiversideTheatre, there is a ‘Nutcracker’featuring the music of Billy Stray-horn and Duke Ellington, for a“Swingtime Nutcracker.”

In Martin County, seniors whoattend the Council on Aging’s daycenter will narrate the story andstudents from Florida Arts andDance will dance excerpts from theballet in an inter-generational

By Shelley KoppelAssociate news editor

See SPECIAL, Page 6

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December 2011FOREVER YOUNG

The Seminole Inn inIndiantown starts decorat-ing for Christmas on Dec.1. Santa has a room atthe Inn that children canvisit when he is not inresidence. Children cansee Santa’s desk coveredwith letters from childrenand his empty blackboots.

Photo courtesy of Chery l Baker

Inn celebrates season in style

INDIANTOWN — When Balti-more banker S. Davies Warfieldcame to Indiantown in the 1920s,he had grand plans for the area. Hehoped to make Indiantown thesouthern headquarters for hisrailroad and he built a city aroundhis plans.

The centerpiece of his town wasthe Seminole Inn, and when itopened, he invited his niece, WallisWarfield, to attend the gala festivi-ties. She would later move toEngland and become the Duchessof Windsor.

Today, Jonnie Frewelling is theinnkeeper and daughter of theowner. Christmas is a very impor-tant holiday there and Ms.Flewelling talked recently aboutholiday plans.

“Each year we have a DickensChristmas,” she said. “Three’s anold-fashioned, traditional Christ-

mas meal, with a standing rib roast,English peas, fruit salad, Yorkshirepudding and mulled cider.”

While the meal is Dickensian,the theme for the year varies. Oneof Ms. Flewelling’s favorites was“Angels Unaware.”

“These are angels you don’tknow are there,” she said. There’s a long tradition in ourfamily of Christmas miracles. AtChristmas time, God hears theprayers of children. Sometimes we,as adults, miss what’s important.”

Ms. Flewelling remembered aChristmas after her divorce, whenshe and her young son were livingwith her parents. Her son desper-ately wanted a dog, but Ms.Flewelling felt her parents didn’tneed a pet as well as the family. OnChristmas morning, her son ranoutside and came back in to thankthem for the dog. A little dog hadcome to the house.

“Lady moved in and stayed for ayear and moved on,” Ms. Flewelling

said. She just filled a need. It got himthrough the first year. We were socaught up that we didn’t hear whathe needed.”

At the Inn, Christmas is a holytime as well as a holiday.

“We have a Nativity and mymother tells the Christmas story,”Ms. Flewelling said. “She’s 82 and she tells it frommemory.”

The decorating for Christmasstarts on Dec. 1. Santa visits everySunday in December and he has aroom at the Inn that children canvisit when he’s not in residence.They’ll see letters on his desk andhis empty boots.

While Christmas is a specialtime for Ms Flewelling, it is also adifficult one. Her son died 10 yearsago.

“He was the biggest fan ofChristmas,” she said. “I’m finally able to celebrate againwithout crying. It’s a time to reflect

and think about the year ahead andtry to remember the less fortunate.”

Ms. Flewelling grew up in BigCyprus in Immokalee in a familythat was very poor.

“We lived in a room 12 feet by 12feet with a dirt floor,” she said.“Christmas has always been aboutfamily. Some years there were moregifts and some not many. It’s alwaysbeen a time for each other, and forwhat you give, not what you get.”

Traditions were important intheir household.

“For 50 years we went to AuntNellie’s for Christmas Eve,” shesaid. “My mom still cooks Christ-mas dinner for 35-40 of us.”

Ms. Flewelling never forgetswhat Christmas is about.

“It’s a time of rememberingChrist was born,” she said. “Thatwas the real joy. I taught Special Edand there was always some childdesperately in need of Christmas.

By Shelley KoppelAssociate news editor

See INN, Page 14

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December 2011 FOREVER YOUNG

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December 2011FOREVER YOUNG


celebration.This time of year is also the

celebration of the Jewish festival ofChanukah, and some of the arearabbis have discussed what theholiday means.

Then there are the fun stories,the heart-warming stories, thestories that make us feel good.

Again, while you receive oneedition of “Forever Young” in yourcounty, all of the editions areavailable online at our Iinvite you, as always, to see what isgoing on with your neighbors.There are different stories in eachedition and you might enjoy read-ing them all.

We love to hear from our read-ers and hope that you are enjoying“Forever Young” as much as we areenjoying putting it together for you.

All of us send holiday greetingsto our readers and hope that youhave a blessed and happy holidayseason.

SpecialFrom page 3Friday, Dec. 2

Fridaze at the Fish House

The Fish House will have an Artfestfeaturing American artists and arti-sans from 5 p.m. – 9 p.m. at 4745 SEDeSoto Avenue, Port Salerno 34997.

Space inside the Fish House ArtCenter is $15 per show, space in theparking lot is $20 per show (tentrequired).

Contact Kym Shepard at (772) 233-8170.

Festival of Trees Gala & Auction

The Festival of Trees and the Art ofHoliday to benefit the Boys and Girlsclubs of Martin County will be held atThe Commons, 8838 Robwyn Street,Hobe Sound on Dec. 2 from 6 p.m. – 9p.m. and Dec. 3 from 2 p.m. – 6 p.m.

The cost is $20 per person. This event features one of a kind

art trees, original art and unique holi-day arts.

For more information, contact Nat

at (772) 545-9829 or visit

Stuart Christmas Parade

The Stuart Christmas parade willstart at 7 p.m. at East Ocean Boule-vard.

For more information, contactStuart Main Street at (772) 286-2848or visit

Saturday, Dec. 3

Martin County Holiday Fun Festival

The first annual Holiday fun festi-val will be held at Sandsprit Park,3443 SE St. Lucie Boulevard, Stuart,from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.

The event will feature holidaycrafts, a visit from Santa, children’sactivities and great food and fun forthe entire family.

The Boat Parade will be passing byat 7 p.m.

For more information, contactMichele Miller at (772) 692-7599 orvisit

Hobe Sound Christmas Parade

The Hobe Sound Chamber willhave its Annual Christmas Paradefrom at 1 p.m. – 6 p.m.

The parade route is along BridgeRoad and Dixie Highway in HobeSound.

This event is free to the public.For more information, contact the

Hobe Sound Chamber at (772) 546-4724.

Martin County Boat Parade

At 6 p.m. the Martin County Boatparade will begin in the St. Lucie Rivenear City Hall in Stuart and proceedsoutheasterly to the end of ManateePocket at Finz Restaurant, ending atTwin Rivers Park at Rocky Point.

There will be a viewing station and




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December 2011 FOREVER YOUNG

Coping with holiday stress takes planning

STUART — For many people, theholiday season brings to mindfamily and friends, the aroma ofbaking, the fun of buying andwrapping presents for the kids. Formany in Florida, families are faraway, money may be tighter and itdoesn’t seem wroth it to preparewhen it’s just for one or two.

Kim Ouellette is an oncologysocial worker at Martin MemorialsHealth Systems and she sees manypeople who are sad because thingsare not the way they used to be atholiday time.

“Create a new tradition or adjustan old one,” she said. “If the familyis all here, let the torch pass and letthe kids host it,” she said. “We see alot of people where the grandpar-ents are here and the kids are upnorth. Schedule a time to phone.Skype is a really good thing to do.”

Many older people are dis-tressed that they don’t have the

resources to spend that they oncehad. Ms. Ouellette said that theyshould realize they are not alone infeeling a financial pinch.

“We’re all embarrassed,” shesaid. “We’re all living in this econo-my. If you plan to buy gifts, don’twait until the last minute. Lay-awayis making a comeback. Set aside $10a week instead of putting it all at onetime.”

Ms. Ouellette also suggested aSecret Santa, where family membersbuy only one gift for a particularperson. Remember, too, that if thedemands are more than you canmeet, it’s all right to say no.

For people who are alone, MsOuellette said that keeping busy isvery important.

“If they live in an active commu-nity, they can do something withtheir ‘Florida family,’” she said.“Take a small trip if they have theresources, or go to a movie.

“It’s important to keep in touch.When we isolate, we open the doorand invite depression to come in. It

creeps up onyou andbefore youknow it,you’re in adark place.”

It’s alsoimportant totake care ofyourself.

“Whenwe’restressed, wedon’t care ofourselves,”she said. When you’reunder stress, the immune system isat risk. Get a good night’s sleep,exercise, eat right, and use modera-tion with alcohol.”

For some, the sense of sadness isheightened by a loss, through deathor divorce.

“If it’s your first year without theperson, you have to reframe theholiday,” she said. It’s OK to reminisce and see there is

still a good and happy time.”Ms. Ouellette stressed the

importance of seeking others.“Reach out,” she said. “We have

support groups and hospice has freegrief counseling.”

If a person feels that sadness hasmoved into depression, help isavailable.

“Talk to your primary care physi-cian,” Ms. Ouelette said. “They canmake referrals as needed. Under-stand that it’s normal to have stress,but get help of it starts to feel liketoo much. You can be sad. Some-times you need to feel anger andsadness. It will help in the long runto come out on the other side.”

The important thing is to have aplan.

“Be proactive,” Ms. Ouellette said. Don’t wait for people to come toyou.

Treasure Coast Hospice offers griefand loss counseling to the communi-ty at the facility at 1201 S.E. IndianSt., Stuart. Call (772) 403-4530.

By Shelley KoppelAssociate news editor

Kim Ouellette

Change is good! (usually)Times change, dress changes, Even

‘THE CHANGE’ has changed.

I know some of us (usually themen-folk) yearn for the ‘Old Days’when things were simpler (For

them!) but I don’t think I would havefared very well at all. I cannot picturemyself in a woolen bathing suitrushing home from taking the kids tothe beach so I can have a home-cooked lunch waiting for my husbandwhen he gets home from the polls…while fighting hot flashes … Duringprohibition….

Families have certainly changed;when I go to my grandson’s highschool football games I find myselfsurrounded by my son, his youngerchildren, his beautiful new wife, herchildren, my ex-daughter-in-law, hernew husband, their new daughterand my son’s ex-mother-in-law. Eachand every one of us is standing,yelling and slapping each other onthe back when our team scores.

Most symptoms of ‘THECHANGE’ are now treatable to acertain extent, shortening the latenight hours spent fanning ourselveswith the freezer door considerably.

Holidays may be one constant inour lives, but the way we celebratehas certainly come a long way.

When my children were young weusually had the big family day at ourhouse. Due in large part to the factthat I was usually absent from thefamily meetings where location wasdecided, my husband’s family wouldconverge in the morning, cousinsusually began running and screamingin all directions just about the timeMacy’s parade began, we would be

finishing the last piece of pie (for themoment) just as the game came on,then coffee and more pie during halftime.

As my family aged and grew withthe addition of “significant others”,the arrival of my grandchildren andnew sets of in-laws, we re-inventedour celebrations as necessary.

I began serving a brunch on theholidays. We all brought somethingfor brunch and my children couldspend half the day with us then befree to enjoy turkey and trimmingswith the other side of their families.Contrary to popular opinion, (usuallyfrom the other side of the families) Idid not arrange things this way tohave the pleasure of my grandchil-dren’s company when they wereawake and bright in the morning, nottired and cranky later in the after-noon. Nor was it my intention to bethe Grammy who loves them themost by filling them with

hand/turkey cookies or gingerbreadmen just to send them to their othergrandparents. (But I have to admitthe words “favoritist Grammy in theworld!” did spread a special kind ofwarmth throughout my sleep-deprived soul, as did the nap that Iwas now able to grab later in theafternoon).

But still we grew. None of us havehomes large enough to accommodate45 plus people and still have room forall the cousins (second and thirdgeneration now) to run and scream,so we once again became harbingersof change.

Our latest change-vention is ahuge gathering in a nearby park. Weare blessed to live in a place that livesup to the title “The Sunshine State,”so renting a pavilion at any of thebeautiful parks in Brevard works outwonderfully.


See ROSE’S, 19

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December 2011FOREVER YOUNG

Jewish holiday celebrates miracles

STUART — When Chanukah beginsat sundown on Dec. 20, it starts eightdays of a holiday thousand of the yearsin the making.

Rabbi Jeffrey Goldwasser is thespiritual leader at Temple Beit Ha Yamin Stuart. He spoke recently about theorigins and meaning of a holiday alsoknown as The Festival of Lights.

“Chanukah is a minor holiday,” therabbi said. The original Chanukah was a celebra-tion of the military victory of the Mac-cabees over the mighty SeleucidEmpire. Israel was no longer a sover-eign state, and a small army defeatedthe mighty empire and won independ-ence.”

The Jews had been forbidden topractice their religion and the Templein Jerusalem had been desecrated.The Temple was cleansed and pre-pared to be reconsecrated for Jewish

worship. In fact, the word “Chanukah”means “dedication.”

When the Jews went to light theTemple light, they found a cruse of oilthat was only enough to last for oneday. It burned for eight.

“The miracle of the first day is thatthey lit it at all,” Rabbi Goldwassersaid. “It was a miracle of faith. Eventhough things are bad, and there is noway that you can get what you want,what you need will be provided.

“As we look upon the world today,living in difficult times, we need thatmessage of hopefulness. If we act withintegrity and faith, doing the rightthing, the right outcomes will hap-pen.”

To commemorate the miracle of thelights, Jews light a nine-branched can-dlestick known as the menorah. Eightcandles stand for each day ofChanukah and the taller one is used tolight the others. On each night ofChanukah, an additional candle is lit,until the entire Menorah glows.

The menorah is place in front of awindow to be visible to all.

“The idea of the menorah is tomake known the miracle,” the rabbisaid.

“We are obliged to send a messageout to the world of miraculousnessand hopefulness.”

Other customs of the holidayinclude the playing of games with aspinning top called a dreidel. Letterson each side of the dreidel symbolizethe Hebrew words, “a great miraclehappened there.” There are manysongs that tell the story of the festivaland gifts are given, although they aretraditionally supposed to be modest.

The food most closely associatedwith Chanukah is potato pancakes, orlatkes.

“The traditional foods are associat-ed with oil and the miracle of the oil,”the rabbi said. “For Eastern Europe, itwas latkes. The Sephardic Jews of West-ern Europe and the Middle East eatjelly doughnuts.”

Rabbi Goldwasser said that there isanother story of Chanukah.

“When I talk to kids, part of what Iemphasize is that the time of year isthe darkest and includes the wintersolstice,” he said.

“We celebrate shifting into a timewhere it is increasingly light, not justliterally, but in recognizing the mira-cles of everyday life and having oureyes open to those miracles.”

The rabbi stressed that Chanukah isnot about spending money on expen-sive presents. Traditionally, gold coins,known as Chanukah gelt, were given.These days, the coins, wrapped in goldpaper, are more likely made of choco-late.

“It’s about small miracles,” he said.“It’s about being with family, the mira-cle of having each other, of being withthe community. All it takes is peoplefor small miracles.”

Temple Beit Ha Yam is located at 951S.E. Monterey Commons, Stuart. Thephone number is (772) 286-1531.

By Shelley KoppelAssociate news editor




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December 2011 FOREVER YOUNG

Generations join for ‘Nutcracker’

STUART — There will be a specialproduction of the “Nutcracker Ballet”on Dec. 15. Dancers from Florida Arts& Dance will perform excerpts fromthe full-length ballet and several sen-iors who attend the Martin CountyCouncil on Aging’s day center willprovide narration.

“We’re very excited,” said LoriHickey, the new artistic and executivedirector for Florida Arts & Dance.“We’re dancing for members of theCouncil on Aging’s Kane Center andtheir caregivers as a Christmas holi-day celebration.”

The special program, which is notopen to the public, is the result ofseveral discussions between the twoorganizations.

“We wanted to start an intergener-ational collaboration with the KaneCenter,” Ms. Hickey said. “There willbe three participants from the center.

There will be an introduction, to edu-cate the audience about the ballet’shistory, an introduction to the firstact and one to the second.

“The culmination will be a ques-tion-and-answer period with thedancer and the seniors. The seniorscan ask the dancers questions andthe dancers can ask the seniors abouttheir interests.”

Thirty dancers will perform dur-ing the program, but the show datewill not be the first time the studentswill be at the Center.

“We are going to have a couple ofexercises at the Kane Center,” Ms.Hickey said. “They will help decorateand meet one another. We take forgranted that the youngsters havegrandparents, but a lot of the youngdancers don’t have grandparents inthe area. It’s best to have activitiesprior to the ‘Nutcracker’ to be famil-iar and comfortable.”

Photo courtesy of Lor i HickeyFrom left to right: Sugar Plum Fairy Tori Baldassari, Remy Peppler as Clara, guest artist(Nutcracker) Micheal Perriot and Sugar Plum Fairy Lauren Allen.

By Shelley KoppelAssociate news editor




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December 2011FOREVER YOUNG

festival held at Sandsprit Park for the duration of theparade.

For more information, contact Michele Miller at(772) 692-7599.

Sunday, Dec. 4

3rd Annual Holiday House Tour

On Dec. 4, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., the Womensclub of Stuart will be having their 3rd annual Holi-day House tour of five homes located in Stuart,Sewall’s point, and Palm city.

In addition to the house tour, there will be a “Fes-tival of Trees” at the clubhouse from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.and ticket holders will have the opportunity to enjoywine and cheese. There will also be a silent auctionfor the table top trees and other holiday decorations.

Tickets for the tour are $25 and may be reservedby calling (772) 288-3227 or available at select Sea-coast Bank locations.

The Tour begins and ends at the GFWC Woman’sclub of Stuart’s clubhouse at 729 SE Ocean Boule-vard, Stuart.

For more information, visit

Friday, Dec. 9

Martin County Opera Fundraiser

The Martin County Special Needs will have afundraising opera at 7 p.m. at the Lighthouse Artcenter, 373 Tequesta Drive, Tequesta.

The opera will feature Andrew Doll. Wine andCheese will be served.

Tickets are $25 per couple or $15 for a single tick-et. Tickets are required.

For more information, contact Jordan Bernsteinat (772) 463-8224.

Saturday, Dec. 10

The Day of Beauty and Relaxation

On Saturday, Dec. 10, Debbie Roberts and thestaff of Massage and Fitness professionals will holdtheir annual client appreciation open house thatwill also feature a food drive for House of Hope. Theevent is from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. at 2215 S. Kanner High-way, Stuart, Fla.

Space is limited by appointment and must beprepaid.

The $59 holiday discount package includes: slip-ping into a comforting white robe and relaxing with

a choice of two: Mini-facial, eyebrow wax, 15 minutehand reflexology treatment or 25 min. stress reduc-ing massage. Mimosas, herbal tea, and light spasnacks included.

Those who purchase the package will receive a 20percent discount for future 30 minute or one hourmassage appointments for bringing in food itemsfor House of Hope.

Call (772) 288-0073 for more information or

Rudolph’s Reindeer Dash 5k

The third annual 5k Reindeer Dash, hosted by theJunior League of Martin County, will take place atSewall’s Point Town Commons Park (SE corner ofEast Ocean Blvd and Sewall’s Point Road) at 7 a.m.

Registration begins at 6 a.m.The road race will be through the neighborhood

of South Sewall’s Point with two water stations. Entry fees are $25 for adults before race day, $30

the day of the race.The first 200 registered will receive a free shirt.For more information, visit

and click the ‘events and more’ tab on the left.Online registration and a registration form are avail-able.

CalendarFrom page 6

See CALENDAR, Page 11






Licensed agency:Anchor Insurance Inc.6181 SE Federal HwyStuart, FL 34997772-600-8020

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December 2011 FOREVER YOUNG

Humane Society Holiday Extravaganza

The Humane Society of the Treasure Coast, 4100SW Leighton Farm Ave, Palm City, will have an inau-gural Holiday Extravaganza complete with a cos-tume contest from 10 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

This is a free event to bring people together andhelp find new, loving, ‘forever homes’ for the sheltersanimals.

During this event, event goers can shop the holi-day of bazaar of arts, crafts, baked goods and otherofferings by local vendors.

There will be photo opportunities for pets andowners with Santa and a Mutt March Crazy CanineCostume Contest. If you wish to be part of this,please arrive at the shelter no later than 1 p.m.

For more information, contact the Humane Soci-ety at (772) 600-3211.

Tuesday, Dec. 13

A Conversation with Robert Wagner

On Dec. 13 and 14 at 7 p.m. and Dec. 15 at 1 p.m.,

Robert Wagner will be at the Lyric Theater, 59 S.W.Flagler Avenue, Stuart.

Mr. Wagner has appeared in movies like “Titanic,”“Fatal Error,” and “Windmills of the Gods.”

For more information, call the Lyric Theater at(772) 286-7827.

Friday, Dec. 16


The MusicFest in Downtown Stuart at GazeboPark, 50 East Ocean Boulevard, Stuart, will be from 6p.m. to 11 p.m.

This free event occurs on the third firday of eachmonth.

Enjoy live entertainment, food, beer, wine, arts,crafts and kids activities (bounce houses, a rock walland face painting).

Lawn chairs are recommended. Coolers are notpermitted. There is no entry with food or drink.

For more information, call (772) 528-0840 or

Saturday, Dec. 17

Jingle Bell Run

The YMCA will hold their annual toy drive and 5k

to help families in the community have a joyousChristmas.

The 5k kicks off at 7:30 am. There is a kids race at8:15 a.m. and awards at 9 a.m.

The pre registration fee is $25 and $30 on the dayof the race. The kids race pre-registration is $10 and$15 the day of the race.

Please bring an unwrapped gift on race day.There will be a bounce house, fire truck and

police car for the kids.For more information, email Rachel Selph at

[email protected] or visit for the registration form.

Holly Jolly Good Time

The Port Salerno Christmas Jamboree will be fromnoon to 6 p.m. on the corner of A1A and Dixie High-way in Stuart.

There will be festive holiday music, a twinkling 60foot Christmas tree, a snow mountain made from 15tons of Cassidy’s Ice, kids activities, a special visitfrom Santa Clause at 3 p.m. and Christmas shop-ping.

This is a free event.Sponsors are also needed to help spread some

holiday joy this Christmas. A variety of sponsorshippackages are available ranging from $100 to $5,000to purchase toys, bikes and other items for the chil-

CalendarFrom page 10

See CALENDAR, Page 12



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December 2011FOREVER YOUNG

Christmas pig roast about family as much as foodFor me Christmas has always

been a time to enjoy family andlots of good food. As I look back

over the years I must say I have fondmemories of each and every one.

But a few standout. One that I treasure happened in the

middle 1980’s when my younger sisterLinda, her husband and two sonsmoved west of DeLand to a little spotcalled Paisley. If you are not familiar, itis a very small rural outpost about fivemiles west of the St. Johns River that iscompletely surrounded by the hugeOcala National Forest. Their newhome was situated on a very large andhilly lot.

At that time, Linda and I had lots ofextended family living around CentralFlorida and we decided to try and getthem all together for a holiday pigroast. As roast master it was my job togo up to Pierson to buy a fully dressedhog of nearly 100 pounds. It was fungoing to the country slaughterhouseto pick out our pig and spend a fewmoments with the man who hadraised it.

At my insistence it was to be themen who would do the cooking. First,I dug a long shallow pit and covered itwith steel bars. Some of the others

went into the forest and brought backtruck after truck of hard wood. Thenight before Christmas Eve, we beganby building a giant bonfire. As thewood burned down we shoveled thehot coals under the pig and readiedourselves for a long night. To do thisjob properly the hog must be slowcooked with lots of love and attention.

The key to the whole thing would bemy secret recipe barbeque sauce ofwhich I concocted about four gallons(you can never have too much sauce).

As the night began, my helpersnumbered about 10 but as Linda’swell-fortified homemade eggnogstarted to take effect, the men beganto look for a spot to curl up and nap.Around midnight the cracklins (pigskin, for you city folk) reached crispyperfection and we all eagerly dippedthem in my delicious sauce and ateour fill. Having regained our sensessomewhat, a TV-VCR set up wasbrought out and we all watched one of

the earliest versions of “A ChristmasCarol.” As we hissed and booedScrooge and cheered for Bob Cratchitand Tiny Tim we poured whiskey allaround, foregoing the eggnog thisround.

Now, for a big time pig roast like thisto be successful the animal must beturned regularly. That task requiredfour men to each grab a leg and makethe flip. Unfortunately, by 2 a.m. therewas only a quarter of that numberawake — me — and I was becomingundependable.

A couple hours later, my first cousinRandy woke up long enough tostagger over and fall onto the picnictable, dumping out the entire fourgallons of prize-winning barbecuesauce. As the sun came up, we were allasleep and the pig was getting cold.Along about 10 a.m. of Christmas Evewe were able to give the pig a couplehours of concentrated attention andthe part that wasn’t burned seemed tobe cooked pretty well.

That afternoon all of the womenfolkbegan to show up with their deliciousside dishes and desserts. That eveningwe all ate outdoors and most agreedthat the hog had turned out OK,considering the cooks’ lapse in

sobriety and hence, attention. No onebut me seemed to mind that therewas no sauce.

Right at the top of the hill on Linda’sproperty grew a Florida cedar treeover 30 feet tall. Each family hadbrought a strand of colored lightsfrom their own tree and we strungthem on the big cedar. When it wascompletely dark we plugged it in amid“oohs” and “aahs.” Later we were toldit could be seen for miles.

Of course, the women began to singChristmas songs and the hungovermen tried to join in as well as theycould. It was certainly a Christmas toremember.

Sadly, my sister Linda, who was atrue baby boomer (born in 1947),passed away in 2003. But memorieslike these of that crazy pig roast keepher in our hearts — especially duringthe holidays.

These days family is still so impor-tant this time of year. My wife Lanaand I center our holidays around ourdaughter Shayla’s beautiful 8-year-old, our granddaughter Delayna.

We would like to wish a merryChristmas to you all. Please enjoy eachother while you can.



dren. The goal is to give away 100bicycles and hundreds of toys. TheSheriff’s Department will also give hel-mets with every bicycle.

For more information, contactLindsay Nickerson at (772) 631-9084or visit


Rockin’ Riverwalk Music Series

Every Sunday, from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m,at the Riverwalk Stage at the end of St.Lucie Avenue in downtown Stuart is afree open air concert.

The concert features jazz, rock,

reggae and blues shows.For easy parking, ride the free Sail-

fish Shuttle from Osceola, Sailfish, orKiwanis Park.

For more information, call (772)288-1010 or visit

Safe Harbor

Safe Harbor is a no-kill non-profitanimal sanctuary that has been sav-ing lives since 1985.

Safe Harbor has an extremelysmall staff working at the ranch and isin need of volunteers to help in day-to-day operations. In addition to vol-unteers helping the animals, theRanch in Palm City is in dire need ofconstruction workers and supplies.

Volunteers can download an appli-

cation by visiting or call(561) 747-5311 ext 2.

Alzheimer’s Support

There is an Alzheimer’s supportgroup held every Wednesday at Princeof Peace Lutheran Church, 2200 NorthFederal Highway, Stuart, from 2 p.m. –4 p.m.

For more information and to callahead, call (772) 223-6351.

Alzheimer’s Support Group

There is a Alzheimer’s supportgroup at the Stuart CongregationalChurch, 3110 Aster Lane, Stuart, ever

Thursday from 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.For more information and to call

ahead, call (772) 220-2773.

Road to Victory Military Museum

Every Saturday from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.the museum, located at 319 StypmannAve, Stuart, has free admission.

Donations are greatly appreciated.For more information, visit

Stuart Green MarketThe Stuart Green Market is held

every Sunday from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. atStuart City hall, 121 SW FlaglerAvenue.

For more information, call (772)528-8900 or visit

CalendarFrom page 11

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December 2011 FOREVER YOUNG

Page 14: Martin-FY-Dec2011 fyx


December 2011FOREVER YOUNG

The process ofgiving to othersmakes it real.”

Ms Flewellinghas recentlywritten a children’sbook, “The LastTree,” about thelast Christmas treechosen from thelot. It seems thatChristmas is neverfar from her heart.

The SeminoleInn is located at15885 S.W.Warfield Blvd.,Indiantown. Call(772) 597-2883 orvisit the

InnFrom page 4

The Seminole Innboasts of “Florida,the way it used to

be.” The inn isaccented with wind-ing staircases, granddouble French doors,

bronze chandeliersand a cypress ceiling

and hardwoodflooring specified byMr. Warfield in the

original plans.

Photo courtesy of Chery l Baker



Catch the eye of over 25,000


VOLUSIA 386-322-5900


772-569-6767 ST. LUCIE/MARTIN


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now! Call your local office for more




Page 15: Martin-FY-Dec2011 fyx

Includes:• Heavy Appetizers all Night• Hats, Party Favors• Live Music & Dancing• Cash Bar• Live Television Countdown• Casino Tables featuring Poker, Black Jack, Roulette,

Craps - also a chance to win a BRAND NEW CAR• One Night Room and Tax in an Ocean View Studio• Admission for 2 to the Party• Late Check Out January 1st• New Year’s Day Brunch

A Portion of the Gambling Proceeds Going to The Womens Abuse Center Inc. of Volusia County

2 Exciting Package Options


1-800-654-62162700 N. Atlantic Blvd.

Daytona Beach, FL www.daytonabeachresort.com68



Includes PartyRoom & Brunch(Price per couple - Plus Tax)

New Years EveParty Only(Price per person)

Celebration Co-Sponsors


December 2011 FOREVER YOUNG

Aftering collecting as muchinformation as possible onyour ancestors by interviewing

relatives, finding pictures, docu-ments, tombstones, etc., it is time toget down to some serious genealogyresearch. One of the first resourcesthat is the most important andeasiest to find, is the federal census.

The U.S. government has con-ducted a household census in everystate, every 10 years since 1790.

The census records from 1790-1930 can be searched by the publicexcept for 1890, which wasdestroyed by fire. They are arrangedby states and then by counties, andthen in, many cases by towns ordistricts. Some states also tooktheir own census in odd years..

The 1850-1880 census recordsinclude a separate mortality censuslisting everyone who had died inthe previous year. There are alsoslave census records for 1850 and1860.

Many researchers ignore theserecords completely, or only look atone or two records for their family,assuming they have learned all thefacts they need. Each family shouldbe followed all the way backthrough the census every 10 years,picking up children, parents,brothers and sisters, in-laws andany other relatives that show up inthe household or neighborhood.

From 1790-1840, the census onlynamed the head of the household,and gave the number of peopleliving in the house. From 1850forward, each member of thehousehold was named, with theirsex, age, and place of birth. Eachcensus became more complex,asking more questions, addingrelationships, occupations, parents’places of birth, number of yearsmarried, number of children givenbirth to, and other pertinent clues.

Starting with the 1930 census, andworking backward, you should lookat your family, taking down all theinformation given and looking atthe neighboring families.

Often, other family members areliving nearby, and these need to benoted, also. If there are otherfamilies with the same surname,

they are possibly parents, brothers,uncles and cousins. John’s fathermay be living next door to him, andin his household is grandma orgrandpa. Viola!! You have threegenerations laid out on one or twopages.

As you work your way througheach census, you will find differ-ences in the spellings of names,family members will come and go,and the family will move aroundthe country. Each census taker hadhis own style. Some used onlyinitials, some used only a firstname regardless of which name ispreferred. Sometimes the correctname is used, the next time it willbe a nickname. Ages also willchange from census to census. Usethis information as a guide and notas absolute fact.

The first order of business iscensus work.Information gathered here willmake the rest of your researchmuch easier.

Brenda Knight SmithTreasure Coast Genealogical [email protected]

Census researchGENEALOGY


As you work your waythrough each census, youwill find differences in thespellings of names, family

members will come and go,and the family will movearound the country. Eachcensus taker had his ownstyle. Some used only ini-tials, some used only a firstname regardless of which

name is preferred.

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December 2011FOREVER YOUNG

Merritt Island anoutdoorsman’s paradise

If you’re in search of the “greatoutdoors” for your next staycation,look no further than Merritt Island.

Situated in central Brevard Coun-ty, Merritt Island is home to morethan 20 county-operated parks, theMerritt Island National WildlifeRefuge and several venues that caterto extreme sports.

The Merritt Island NationalWildlife Refuge, established in 1963as an overlay of NASA’s John F.Kennedy Space Center, consists of140,000 acres of a wide variety ofhabitats for more than 1,500 plantsand animals. Those habitats includecoastal dunes, saltwater estuaries

and marshes, freshwater impound-ments, scrub, pine flatwoods andhardwood hammocks.

Sandee Larsen, office manager forthe Merritt Island Wildlife RefugeAssociation, a “friends” group forthe refuge with more than 1,000members, said the main points ofinterest for the refuge are the Visi-tor’s Center, the Black Point WildlifeDrive and the Haulover Canal Mana-tee Observation Deck.

“Black Point is a 7-mile, self-guid-ed auto tour with 12 stops,” Ms.Larsen said. “Basically, you’ll seewater and wading birds, alligators,otters, turtles and birds of prey. It’sthe one stop you’re sure to see some

Parks, recreational facilities aboundBy Jennifer NessmithFor Forever Young

See PARADISE, Page 20

Andy Stefanek/staff photographerJered Sundin of Titusville does a nifty rail trick at the Paradise Skateparkand Funplex in Merritt Island. The attraction also has an 18-hole putt-puttgolf course and three paintball fields.


The theme for February’s Forever Young is “Mat-ters of the heart.” If you’re single and over 50, youmay have noticed dating has changed since yourteens and 20s. You’ve likely been married,divorced or widowed at this stage in your life, andout of the dating game for a while. And with theadvent of online dating sites and social network-ing, meeting people has become both easier (asclose as your computer) and harder than ever (isthe person really who he or she says they are?). We’d like to hear your experiences.

You can send your thoughts and story ideas [email protected]. Thedeadline is Dec. 15.

We want to hearfrom you

Awareness is keyto protecting your identity

Imagine getting a phone callinforming you that someone has usedyour name and Social Securitynumber to apply for a credit card, orreceiving a collection notice in themail for a delinquent account thatisn’t yours – but is attributed to yourname and home address. Every day,consumers find out someone isillegally using their personal informa-tion to make purchases and open newfinancial accounts, like credit cardsand loans.

Undetected, identity fraud can leadto difficulties in applying for amortgage, loan, new credit card or

bank accounts – even if you’ve hadgreat credit for years. The road torecovery may be a long, aggravatingjourney, especially when you don’tcatch fraud immediately.

Last year, 8.1 million adults were thevictims of identity fraud, according toa recent Javelin Strategy & ResearchIdentity Fraud Survey.

Here are some tips to help protectyourself from an identity nightmare:


When creating passwords, don’t useinformation that easily could be

Proactive protection can help you stay safe

By Hermes AlvarezFor Hometown News

See ID, 18

Page 17: Martin-FY-Dec2011 fyx



Highest PricesPaid...


established 1969







Located in Palm Beach County since 1969Family Owned and Operated ~ Safe Secure Environment ~ Veteran Owned

2275 S. Federal Highway • Suite 340 • Delray Beach, FL 33483561-278-7700 • 561-278-7715 (fax)

850 NW Federal Highway • Suite 162 • Stuart, FL 34997772-233-4280 • 772-233-4281 (fax)


December 2011 FOREVER YOUNG

Page 18: Martin-FY-Dec2011 fyx

linked to you – like your birth date, Social Security number, phone number, or thenames of family and pets. Using a mix of numbers, letters, and characters to createyour password makes it harder for others to guess.

Change your passwords every 30 days, and use unique passwords on each siteyou access.

Whether you’re providing financial information for a loan or placing an orderonline, be sure the site you’re using is secure. Look for a URL that begins with“https://” and has a “closed padlock” symbol in the lower right-hand corner ofyour browser.

Using and regularly updating anti-virus and anti-spyware software on yourcomputer can also help to safeguard your information from identity theft.

Never email personal information, such as account numbers or your socialsecurity number, to anyone, not even to yourself.


It’s a smart practice to review credit card and bank statements as soon as theyarrive to ensure that all activity on your accounts is accurate.

U.S. consumers are entitled to one free credit report a year from the three maincredit bureaus. Regularly reviewing your credit report lets you see if there are anyinteractions with companies you haven’t contacted or accounts you didn’t open.

If a bill or statement you regularly receive doesn’t arrive as scheduled, follow upwith the sender to find out why.

Use a paper shredder to shred any documents with account numbers, your socialsecurity number – even your address. It will help deter “dumpster diver” identitythieves from obtaining your personal information.

Never carry your Social Security card or number in your wallet or purse. When writing checks, avoid listing your Social Security number, telephone or

driver’s license number, if possible. Another way to help safeguard yourself is to subscribe to a program, such as TD

Insurance’s ITAC Sentinel® Plus, that offers to help protect you from identity theftby monitoring your accounts and personal information for you and sending youan alert if there is certain activity that could indicate identity theft.

One last tip:

If you or anyone you know may have fallen victim to identity theft, contact thethree major credit bureaus right away — Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Doingso will let them place a fraud alert on your credit reports and help to ensure that nomore fraudulent activities take place.

Then, close the accounts that you think have been jeopardized. File a policereport and contact the Federal Trade Commission immediately to file a complaint,so they can record the fraudulent activity and work with other agencies to trackdown thieves.

Following these tips may help prevent a dreaded call or piece of mail that tellsyou your information is being used by someone without your permission.

Hermes Alvarez is vice president, Personal Lines, TD Insurance .


December 2011FOREVER YOUNG

IDFrom page 16






Robert H. Fier, M.D.Board Certified


“The Best in Sight”30 years experience in Ophthalmology serving the Treasure Coast

1441 East Ocean Boulevard • Stuart (772) 286-0007514 SW Prima Vista Blvd. • Port St. Lucie (772) 878-3437



772-287-9713 • 4405 SW 72nd Ave., Palm City

Services Include: Personal Care • Meals • Transportation • Laundry & Room Cleaning Activities: Gardening • BBQ’s • Library Trips • Weekly Dine-Out (Lunch or Dinner) • Bingo & Card Games • Movie & Popcorn Night

Lic. # 11039



medical directory



An exciting new publication From

celebrating the active lifestylesof Florida’s boomers!

5 separate localeditions, one for each

county served by

25,000 copies of eachedition will be home

delivered and availablefor single-copy pick-up


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December 2011 FOREVER YOUNG

Our favorite place so far is KarsPark. The pavilions are near theplaygrounds, which is excellent forall the little ones and one Grammywho has to stop playing every once ina while and be a grown-up, butsneaks back the first chance she gets.

Since gathering my large broodinto one place at one time hasbecome akin to herding cats, espe-cially during the holidays, we nowcelebrate THANKSMAS.

Plastic Thanksgiving and Christ-mas tablecloths surround the hand-embroidered linen masterpiece leftto me by my mother. My brother’s oldfashioned biscuit warmer holdsstore-bought dinner rolls; shorts andtennis shoes are better suited to flagfootball games than white shirts andties.

The annual Padrick “Oldsters vs.Youngsters” volleyball game (the

Photo courtesy of Rose PadrickThe Padrick clan at this year’s ‘Thanksmas” celebration. Rose Padrick, author of Rose’s Room, is pictured inthe center in pink.

Rose’sFrom page 7

See ROSE’S, 22

Coffman’s Tobacco ShopCoffman’s Tobacco Shop

Surgeon General Warning: Cigars are not a safe alternative to cigarettes.

Since 1978



Finest Tobacco Shop on the Treasure Coast

Visit our shop at4320 SE Fed Hwy #1 • Stuart, FL 34997

Purchase your 50% Off Gift Certificates online

Walk-In Humidorand Wide Rangeof Accessories

We have everythingyou need to


Happy Holidays - Shop Early for Your Christmas Gift





• Pre Construction pricing for meditation/cremation garden

• New Construction pricing in the mausoleum

• Veteran Discounts with Free Markers

ALL SAINTS CEMETERY2303 NE Seaview Drive, Jensen Beach, FL (772) 334-7833

New SpecialPricing!



Residential &Commercial Movers

Storage Units • Senior SpecialtyMovers & Packers



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December 2011FOREVER YOUNGCarl Hanson of Merritt Island

prepares to skate the half-pipe atParadise Skatepark and Funplexin Merritt Island. The Skatepark

has both indoor and outdoorskating areas for skateboarders

and bikes as well as three paint-ball fields and a putt-putt course.

Andy Stefanekstaff photographer

wildlife.”There are also opportunities for

fishing, hunting, boating and pad-dling.

The Visitor’s Center is located 3-1/2 miles east of State Road 402. Formore information, call (321) 861-0668 or visit

Most county parks are situatedalong bodies of water, including theIndian River, Banana River andSykes Creek. Activities cater to near-ly every type of sport imaginable;from surf fishing and swimming tocanoeing and kayaking to volleyballand horseshoe, the opportunitiesfor physical activity are nearly end-less.

Kelly Park East, located at 2550 N.Banana River Drive, is a 15-acre parkinternationally recognized for itswindsurfing area along the BananaRiver. The park features a naturalcatamaran/sailboard launch areaSeePARADISE, 22

ParadiseFrom page 16



927 NE Jensen Beach Blvd. • 772.334.2151Mon.-Thurs. 10am-5pm • Fri. 10am-6pm • Sat. 10am-5pm

Blossom This Season



Page 21: Martin-FY-Dec2011 fyx


December 2011 FOREVER YOUNG

The dancers will also have a dressrehearsal at the Kane Center, and Ms.Hickey, who recently moved herefrom Connecticut to take the job atFlorida Arts & Dance, is grateful forthe opportunity to use their stage.

The young dancers are not theonly ones who will gain from the col-laboration, Crystal Edmunds, adultday program manager for the Coun-cil on Aging, said.

“Participating in ‘The Nutcracker’benefits our seniors in many ways.It’s such as well-loved holiday storyand will bring back many fond mem-ories for them. It also gives them theopportunity to interact with youngpeople, which is something theyenjoy and don’t always have theopportunity to do.

“Many of them don’t have familynear by. This will be a unique andmemorable way for them to cele-brate the holidays.”

For those whose holiday is not com-plete without “The Nutcracker,” stu-dents from Florida Arts & Dance willperform it at the Lyric Theatre on Dec.9-10. For more information, call thebox office at (772) 286-7827 or visitthe website

A fundraising gala to benefit danceoutreach programs will take place onDec. 8 at the Lyric Theatre for a spe-cial performance of “The Nutcrack-er,” complete with champagne anddessert. Tickets are $75. Call (772)288-4150 for more information.

NutcrackerFrom page 9

Clara is taken on a magi-cal journey as she dreamsof the land of sweets andan abundance of mysticaldancing as Snow queen

and glittery bunny’s guidethis dream. Left to right:Guest artist (Nutcracker)

Micheal Perriot and RemyPeppler as Clara.

Photo courtesy of Lor i Hickey



• Health insurance• Dental coverage• Vision insurance

• Life insurance• Juvenile life insurance• Critical illness coverage

Call Humana today:Steve McKenna or Paul Vincent1-888-488-5670

9a.m. to 5 p.m.Monday-Friday

One Call for your health,life and financial insurance needs.




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MC502430 • ET0000610 • EY12000169

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December 2011FOREVER YOUNG

with a sandy beach, shower, boatramps, dock, pavilion, grills, rest-rooms and drinking fountains.

Kiwanis Island Park, situated ina wildlife sanctuary, caters toactive and passive recreationalpursuits, including boating, row-ing and paddling in Sykes Creek,the Barge Canal and the BananaRiver, as well as fishing, basket-ball, softball, tennis, racquetballand wildlife viewing.

The park contains two lightedadult softball fields, a communitycenter, full indoor and outdoorbasketball courts, a boat launchand two-lane boat ramp, picnicareas and playgrounds.

Kiwanis Island Park is at 951Kiwanis Island Park Road. Call(321) 455-1380.

Ulumay Wildlife Sanctuary,located at 805 Sykes Creek Park-way, Merritt Island, is a 436-acrebird reservation and sanctuarythat offers a “wilderness escape

in an urban environment.” Thepark is known to birdwatchersworldwide as a natural lagoonand bird rookery, linked withcanals created for mosquito con-trol and surrounded by a man-made dike. A trail on the dike pro-vides access to waterways forfisherman, birdwatchers andpaddlers. Be on the lookout fordolphin and birds such as thewood stork, belted kingfisher andwhite or brown pelican.

For the extreme sports enthusi-asts, Merritt Island’s ParadiseSkatepark & Funplex offers one ofthe largest indoor and outdoorparks on the coast, with a 18,000-square-foot outdoor park and a10,000-square-foot indoor parkfeaturing state-of-the-art ramps.

The Funplex also has a BMXcourse and an 18-hole miniaturegolf course.

Paradise Funplex is at 555Fortenberry Road, Merritt Island.For more information, call (321)454-7777 or

ParadiseFrom page 20

youngsters won this year! That’ll teachmy kids not to let me play on theirteam!) has replaced sitting on thecouch, yelling at football players onthe small screen.

There are special challenges tohaving the traditional dinner outside,away from stoves and microwaves, butit’s always a learning experience. Youcan’t blow out Sterno (my eyebrowsshould grow back in a month or so). Ifyou bring canned cranberries, youreally should bring can openers. If amom doesn’t actually see a Grammypass the third piece of chocolate pie tothe child sitting behind a bush, itdidn’t really happen.

Actually there are some things thatnever change in this life, and I wishthem on each and every person

reading this. The warm, sweet smell ofa tired little child who has laughed andplayed so long that he falls into anexhausted slumber in your lap; the feelof cool grass between your toes whenyou shed your shoes to cool off afterrunning a full 10 feet before someonesteals the ball away from you, thelovely peacefulness that permeatesyour whole body when you lookaround and realize there is no place inthe whole world you would rather be.

Happy Holidays to all, whereverand however you celebrate them!!!!!!!!!

Rose Padrick is a Brevard Countyresident who grew up in MerrittIsland. She’s written numerouscolumns and short stories publishedin various area newspapers andmagazines and is currently awaitingpublication of her children’s book,“Sparky’s Adventures.”

Rose’sFrom page 19



Ocean Palms Independent Retirement Center2750 SE Ocean Blvd.Stuart, Florida 34996


Come see for yourself how we celebrate the Holidays!Call to schedule your Tour today!

From the OceanPalms family toyou and yours –may we wish youall the very best ofa joyful Holidayseason



Happy Holiday!


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0920 AutomobilesWanted

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