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    Windows Software Installation

    For use by: Students, Employees Version: 1.0 Date: 09-04-2018 Owner: @Hok /SSC ICT

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    Installing Maya 2018 on Windows

    Step 1. Go to the Autodesk Education website at and sign in with your Autodesk Educational account .

    Step 2. In the login window, enter your Autodesk Educational email (TU Delft email address). Press next and enter your password.

    Maya 2018 and Arnold

    Download and installation of Maya 2018

    Step 3. Select Maya in the list of products. Step 4. Select Maya 2018 from the dropdown list, choose Windows 64-bit and English. You will receive an e-mail with the serial-and product key or you can write it down now.

    Before you begin The following instruction is supported by the TU Delft and has been tested to be working. However, we offer this manual to you as an extra service. In case you have a configuration or version of Windows other than the one described here and you have problems installing Maya 2018, neither ICT nor a Servicepoint will be able to help you to install Maya 2018.

    Prerequisites In order to download the Maya 2018 setup files, make sure that you have a working NetID and an Autodesk Educational account.

    This manual consist of 3 parts: 1. Download and install Maya 2018 2. Applying the latest update for maya 2018 3. Download and install Arnold for Maya 2018

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    Step 6. Once download is complete, double-click on the file and click OK to begin extracting the installation files.

    Step 10. Click Launch Now to close the installation screen and start Maya for activation.

    Step 8. Click on Accept and then Next.

    Step 5. DO NOT CLICK on INSTALL NOW! Instead, click on the white icon next to it and choose Browser Download.

    Step 9. Click Install to start the installation of Maya and Arnold. Wait for it to finish.

    Step 7. Once the extraction is complete, the installation window should appear. Click on Install to proceed.

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    Step 12. Click ActivateStep 11. When you first open Maya 2018, the Licensing window will appear, click ‘Enter a serial number‘.

    Step 13. Enter the serial number from step 4. Click Next. Step 14. Wait for the licensing process to complete. Click Finish.

    Step 15. If you have an older version of Maya installed, you will be prompted to copy your old preferences or just use the default one. Either option is fine.

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    Updating Maya Step 2. Click on the Maya icon on the left.

    Step 4. After the download finishes you will be prompted to give permission for the installation to start. After doing so, the installation will start. Once finished the update process is complete.

    Step 1. Open the Autodesk Desktop App. This should be installed along with Maya.

    Step 3. Click Update on the appropriate version of Maya. If you have multiple versions of Maya installed they will appear in the same list.

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    Download and install Arnold for Maya 2018 Step 2. After being redirected to the login page, click on the Login or Create New Account icon.

    Step 4. After logging in, click the download as indicated button below.

    Step 6. In the next screen, leave the boxes checked and click Next.

    Step 1. Open your internet browser and go to the website Click on the download version for Maya 2018.

    Step 3. Login with the credentials you used for downloading Maya on the Autodesk website.

    Step 5. After the download is completed, open the .exe file. Click Next as indicated below, and click I Agree.

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    Step 7. The installer will auto-detect the installation path. Make sure Maya is not running and click Install to continue.

    Step 8. Reboot the system to complete the installation. The newest version of Arnold is now installed for Maya.

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